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How to Make a Fire with a Tinder Bundle | Survival Skills

How to Make a Fire with a Tinder Bundle | Survival Skills

Now that we have our house, we’re going to
make a fire to keep it warm. There are several woods that we could use
and several things that we can use for tinder. We collected grass, so we have a lot of grass
like this, which is great. And instead of river grass, this is the grass
that was growing in that field. So I’ve got several grasses that we can make
into a tinder bundle. And rough this stuff up. Make it as fluffy as possible so we’ve got
a nice really fluffy tinder bundle started here. I’ve got some cedar shavings that will give
us a little bit more heat when we get going. And now I’m just kind of shaving off really,
really fine cedar bark. This tinder bundle will work if we use a flint
and steel. It’ll work if we use a bow drill. It’ll work if we use a hand drill. All those are possibilities. Here’s another piece of grass that grows down
by the river. It’s really, really nice fluffy stuff. Break that up. And it’ll take a spark or it’ll take a coal
and once it does, it’ll give us the ability to ignite the rest of our fire. So we’re just making a beautiful little bird’s
nest of fluff right here. And what I’m doing with this, you can see
the really fine pieces of cedar coming off there. This stuff will burn really, really well and
cedar is the material that we also made our fire board and bow from, so the bow drill
is made out of this same material. In my kit that I have, which is kind of a
little emergency kit that I usually carry around, I also have a flint and steel. And I think for tonight’s fire we’re just
going to throw a spark into it and get this to burst into flames to build our fire. So in here I have a lot of good stuff. I also have a lighter which would get this
lighted as well. Now, this particular piece of flint has magnesium
on one side, flint on the other side. And it has on the back of it a fire stick
that I make and put on all my material that I use in any of my emergency kits and on the
backs of my lighters. So if I have a lighter, I have a fire stick
on the back of it. This fire stick is a straw stuffed with a
cotton ball that’s been treated with Vaseline. And it works great if it’s wet. It works pretty much in any condition. Tonight, it’s nice and dry, and we should
be able to get a nice fire started just with the sticks that we have.

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