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How to Keep Food Cold | Camping

How to Keep Food Cold | Camping

If you’re going primitive camping, which means
that you’re going to be hiking in to your campsite a couple of miles from where you’ve
parked your car, then you’re probably not going to have a way to keep your food cold
by refrigeration, or a cooler, or ice. The only trick I know, aside from just preparing
to bring food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and the cool thing is that there’s food that
you think that needs to be refrigerated, but really doesn’t. It’s just modern convenience that makes us
refrigerate everything. Things like cheese and butter are things that
you can get away with, out refrigerating. The only really trick I know for getting food
cold or cool when you’re camping and primitive camping is if you happen to be near a river. What you can do is put the food inside a plastic
bag. Make sure it’s completely sealed up. Tie a rope to it, and put the food in the
running water. The river is probably cool enough that it’ll
get your food cool. It’s not going to make anything cold, but
it’ll work for some stuff. If you brought beer, it’ll get your beer pretty
cool. It’ll taste a little better.

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