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How far is ok before you start dating?[Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.10]

How far is ok before you start dating?[Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.10]

(Second preference matching) (The preference this time is on physical touch) (A while ago) (The 4 female participants wrote) (How much physical contact they’d prefer before dating) (Which one will the males choose?) This time, we’ll be choosing how far can you go before you actually date someone. – For me… / – Yes. – There are eye contact… / – Yes. – And linking arms. / – Linking arms. Linking arms while meeting eyes. What about you, P.O? I have hand and shoulder touch. – Like this. / – Touching the hand and shoulder? For me, I like hugging which is natural. – Before you start dating? / – Why? – What do you have? / – I can do everything. – You’re too conservative. / – No, I can do anything. This means, “If you’re uncomfortable, go.” – Really? / – I’m going to touch you… So if you’re uncomfortable, you’re free to go. – Go, if you’re uncomfortable. / – Anything’s possible. We’ll see which one… – The males choose. / – Yes. (The first participant is…) (Kang Kyunsung) – Kyung Sung. / – Yes. You can’t do it. – You can’t do it. / – Not before you start dating. – I can never even touch? / – Never. – This one is hugging. / – Kyungsung. – Hugging? / – Like this. It’s like this. Thank you for today. I’ll see you tomorrow. That’s when you’re dating. Seriously? I’m very conservative. – I can never touch? / – Never. I think this one is for me. You could be touching by accident. I’ll choose this one. Come on. – Ryan. / – Yes. I know you. – Yes. / – This one is for you. – You can never even touch. / – No. – What type of hugging is it? / – It’s like this. – It’s like this. / – Okay. – It’s been fun. / – Your pants have to touch. – Go home now. / – No, your pants aren’t touching. What do you think you’re doing? (Your pants have to touch) (Hilarious) – Your pants have to touch. / – You startled me. We’re not living in the Joseon Dynasty. – This much would be fine. / – Right. – I’ll choose this one. / – This much is fine. Next member, please enter. Sing a high note! Sing a high note! (I’ll do it if you want) (That’s awesome) (That’s hilarious) It’s an alert! (A real-life acting) Take a look here once. (The human alarm turns around) (Hello) You can’t do any touching with this one. What? That’s why I said goodbye. – You can’t even touch. / – I didn’t touch it. (Which one should I choose?) (He’s interested in touching the hand and shoulder) (No, don’t come here) (Which one will he choose?) I choose this one. (He chooses the hand and shoulder touch) I choose this one. Shouldn’t you be over there? Why should I? – Isn’t it? / – It’s before we date. Here comes Geunji. (No touching?) You can’t touch. But when you start dating, it’ll be great. Stop putting in details. It’ll be great if you date. I just have to look at these three. You need to hurry up. In 5, 4… Go away! Don’t add more competitors. (Which one will he choose?) – Time’s up. / – Why are you coming here? No! (We’re finished) – We have 3 people here. / – It’s going to be tough. (There are two stalls with no people) (Who won’t be having Mart Date?) Females, please enter. (Miss Korea Kim Hyeseon enters) She’s here. – Let’s see. / – They all chose one. We like touching involuntarily. It’s because they’re wicked. We’re wicked? – That’s quite true. / – You’re wicked. (Which one will be hers?) (Her degree of physical contact is…) (hugging) See? Why did you just hug Heechul? He was here. You’re fine with hugging before you date, right? People give out free hugs, what’s wrong with a hug? – That’s what I mean! / – Right. They even give out free hugs. (She has a point) You have no one. – What happened? / – Right. They’re acting nice. What do you people do when you’re hugging? I know, right? Laughter Park Suya is entering. (It’s Laughter Park Suya) (Nervous) She’s coming here. No touching. – Please choose one. / – Can you do the dance? (Which one will be hers?) (Where is she going to?) Touching the hand and shoulder. (The three men’s gaze follow her) (She returns a regretful gaze to one of them) (Please come here) (She moves on to…) Right. – This is yours? / – Yes. (This is great) (It’s good to see you) Right. (He feels sad) Two females are entering together. Are you two a couple already? (Lawyer Heo and Innocent Juyeon walk in) (Play the music!) Yes! (It’s a party!) (They’re all excited) No touching whatsoever! Why would you even touch when you’re not dating? This is Innocent Kang Juyeon’s. This is scorched rice soup. (She chose scorched rice soup on the first round) This is scorched rice soup. (Which one will be theirs?) (Lawyer Heo Juyeon slowly steps forward) (Anticipating) (Lawyer Heo goes to hand and shoulder touch) (All happy and pleased) ♪ Congratulations ♪ (I can’t wait to go on Mart Date) I recommended them strongly. You’re not even dating. – You’re right. / – Right? – Why would you… / – Right. Those who have been matched up may go on a date comfortably. Kim Hyeseon and Kang Juyeon can each go shopping.

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