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How do I stay on track?

How do I stay on track?

Hi Jo Devin here from Positive Living
Skills bringing you another PLS Tuesday tip. I’ve been working on some additional
resources for our Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing Extension
program which is another set of resources that helps Year 3 to 6 students
and their educators and families navigate that tricky time at the end of
Primary school and as they move toward High School and adolescence, and as I’m
working on Leadership and Potential, extending some of those resources, it’s
just reminding me of the importance that we all, the importance for all of us in
building and maintaining our growth mindset. So one of the keys of the growth
mindset – there’s a lot to it -but one of the keys is getting back on track
when you deviate off course. So you know the only way – these brains that we have,
have plasticity, and we learn by experience and they’re designed to keep
learning and changing and that’s the essence of a growth mindset, to believe that
you have the capacity to keep learning, and so if we make a decision to do
something, we take action to move toward, it then we’ve got to practice and
repeat to reach our potential in that area, and so what a lot of us do and we
all do this, is we can self sabotage, so say we’ve set ourselves out to change
something about our health, we can do it you know we do it for a week or
whatever and then we fall off, inevitably something will happen to get in
the way, and then we decide, ‘oh look we’ll forget about that, that wasn’t for
me, I’m obviously not meant to do that or I’m not made for that, or I don’t have
the innate ability to do that, and that’s the sign of a fixed mindset. Rather, if we
get back on, just regroup, and the main thing is don’t get stuck in beating yourself
up, you know ‘how could I have done that?’ ‘why did I let myself down?’, the main thing
is let that go because that story isn’t going to help, so get back on the
horse you know wagon whatever the metaphor or analogy
is and keep going, and that’s the difference, and that really helps us all,
so I think it’s just something that I like to remember and hopefully that
helps you too, so have a great day and thanks for watching.

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