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How Blacksmiths make Swords & Survival Knives in Thailand

How Blacksmiths make Swords & Survival Knives in Thailand

(upbeat music)
(bellows huffing) (metal clanging) – He works with his cat. (cat chirps) – Oh this one, this go to Japan. – [Woman] Ooh, samurai. – [Woman In Gray] Made to order. (woman in gray speaks Thai) (Blacksmith chuckles) – [Woman In Gray] Next one– – No no, no no no. – [Woman] Be careful. – Only handle, huh. Aah! (laughs nervously) – [Woman] Oh, no no no. – No no, no no. – [Woman] It’s very sharp. Oh my god. Why Japan is, like, samurai? (Blacksmith laughs) (woman laughs) – [Woman In Gray] It looks like the– (Blacksmith speaks Thai) Very expensive. – How much is that one sir? – 57,000. – Whoa.
– [Woman] Oh, whoa. (Blacksmith laughs) Wow. – It’s a Thai sword. – [Woman] Is that samurai also? – [Man In Plaid] That one’s there– – [Woman] Samurai, no? – No, that’s the Thai. – [Woman] Thai? Ah, Thais. (Blacksmith speaks Thai) – This one 3,000 and 500. – [Man In Plaid] Too big for a suitcase. – [Woman] Oh, oh my god.
(man in plaid laughs) (group laughs) – [Man In Plaid] Looks
good on you, sir. (woman in gray speaks Thai) (Blacksmith replies in Thai) – This one is usable now. The samurai one is not
usable; just for show only. He said it’s too expensive to chop things, but this one isn’t. (woman in gray speaks Thai) (Blacksmith replies in Thai) It’s when they’re doing
performance, things like that, that’s gonna be–
– [Woman] Careful. (grinders shrilling) (machines humming) (gouge clicks on wood) (engines humming) (grinder shrilling) (tools tapping) (sander rumbles) (sander rasps) (hammer taps on metal) (grinders shrilling) (tools hammering) (hammer taps hollowly) (hammer taps)
(grinder rumbling) (saw rasps)
(grinders shrilling) (hammer taps) (sawing) (hammer bangs) (hammer taps) (hammer taps) (faint music) (file scratching metal) – Oh now, he just try to
make the pad smooth, so he gonna leave that one with the pad. Now the pad, there’s like, not equal; so now, from here, repair it. Then he gonna like, put that
one back in the machine, then rub with the big sword. So you can see like, the
different colors of the pad. So it’s not equal; they’re gonna rub until it’s all the same color. (grinder whirs) (grinder buzzes) (shovel scrapes at charcoal) (charcoal rustles through sieve) (bellows huff) (fire crackles) (mallet clangs) (blade clinks) (mallet clangs) (blade clinks) (bellows huffing) (grinders buzzing) (bellows huff) (blade hisses in water) (tongs clank on grip) (bellows huff) (blades clink) (blade hisses in water) [Man in plaid] Actually it makes the steel stronger. That’s why they do it. (blade hisses in water) – [Woman In Gray] Yeah, they’re like, hot is stronger than the dark one. (bellows huffing) (blade clanks) (mallet taps on metal) (saw blade buzzes) (tools tapping) (blade chips on wood) (blade chops on wood) (blade chips on wood) (grinders buzzing) (tools tapping) (sander buzzes) (mallet taps) (faint music) (grinders buzzing) (vise crank scrapes) (vehicle motor puttering) (tools tapping) (grinders shrilling) (hammer taps on metal) (motorcycle engine puttering) (vise crank clinks) (woman singing on radio)
(tools tapping) (grinders shrilling) (metal clicks onto handle) (hammer taps) (aerosol spray hisses) – [Man In Plaid] Beautiful. Fantastic man! Beautiful. (man singing on radio) (hammer taps) (blade chips at wood) (tool shrills) (file rasps) (man singing on radio) (hammer tapping on sheath) (grinder buzzing) (filing) (hammer taps at sheath) (grinder buzzes) (sawing through wood) (tools tapping) (Blacksmith speaks Thai) (woman exclaims) (Blacksmith speaks Thai) (gouge into wood) (dagger clatters quietly in case) – So many nice knives to choose from, it’s difficult to make
a decision. (chuckles) (woman speaks Thai) (blade into sheath) I think I like this one. – This one. (man in plaid chuckles) – [Man In Plaid] The boss,
branding his masterpiece. (hammer taps) – [Man In Plaid] So what does it say? In Thai? (woman translating into Thai) – My name, Boon-tang. – Oh, Boon-tang. – Boon-tang.
– His name, Boon-tang. – For everybody out there wondering how much this machete is, or this survival knife, 2,200 baht. Bear in mind, many many hours of work goes into making these machetes, and one man alone spends an entire day finishing off the handle
and the brass work. There’s the boss wrapping
up our new blade. (woman speaking Thai) (upbeat music) (tongs squeak and rattle) (blade scrapes on wet stone) (blade chops on wood) – [Man In Plaid] Beautiful.

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