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Hiking and Wild Camping Alone in the Dolomites | Lago Sorapis

Hiking and Wild Camping Alone in the Dolomites | Lago Sorapis

I have packed everything and unlike the last hike I packed only the stuff I need It wasn’t easy during the last hike Tonight I will be doing Wild camping so I packed only the stuff I need and rest is in the car hopefully, the car will be ok when I come back the expensive stuff I put it in the trunk so no one can see from outside This is the start of the trek and and It will take 3 hours The fog is moving up slowly It was all clear only a few minutes ago and as soon I took out the camera, it is all covered again The rain has stopped and I met a couple from Singapore I was busy talking to them and it all covered in the fog again hopefully, it will get better again I will continue the hike I’ve arrived at the lake it’s absolutely beautiful with stunning colours Beautiful! After 3 hours of the hike you will get such views and no one is around only me here! and here I will do solo wild camping it’s so quiet here! no one around I can hear only myself! It’s raining again I stayed here and flew the drone and due to rain I have to find a place where I can pitch my tent I saw a french couple here they are also camping here they have gone in this direction there is no place in that direction there in front I see few flat places I try to find some place there where I can pitch my tent before my stuff get wet I have to find a way there is the way I need another 20 to 25mins This is the only flat space I can find here my tent is pitched and I put my stuff inside my tent was already wet from last hike I can’t see the mountains now I prepare some food it’s quite spacious where is the water This water is from the lake I’m not sure about the quality of the water It looks fine but I will boil it anyway maybe some extra minerals inside let’s prepare some food some spaghetti-like always it’s a very small stove but perfect for camping water is enough for cooking it’s perfect to fill the stomach that’s why I mostly eat it while camping it won’t take much to cook mostly 10-15mins I have some pesto and my favourite Tuna! it has olive oil inside so it’s even better more calories my dinner is ready and I will close the tent everything is getting wet it might be difficult to sleep with everything wet Good morning, It’s 6:30am it is still raining but my tent stayed dry I slept very well I woke up a couple of times during the night There is one problem though I left my backpack rain cover on top of my shoes I can’t find it anymore There are some foxes here so they might have taken it so I have to look for it without it, my backpack will get wet in this rain I hope I will find it I have packed my stuff and my hands are frozen weather is terrible I can’t see anything around and I will pack my camera inside so it won’t get wet some of my stuff is wet so hopefully, today weather gets better so I can dry it here is my car Not many people here today due to weather and some are still waiting in their cars

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