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Hermès | Tutti Frutti

Hermès | Tutti Frutti

We’re in the heart of the tropical forest. We’re hoping to witness live the imminent blooming of the Tutti Frutti. The crew has been waiting for this moment for days. It’s happening! Right before our eyes, the Tutti Frutti are finally appearing. Let’s move in for a closer look. Fortunately, we’ve all got binoculars. We mustn’t make too much noise. The Tutti Frutti are shy. There’s a beautiful specimen. A bit too high, unfortunately. Some people have trained wild wild birds to pluck them from the trees and fly back with them. Others have tried their luck with ant colonies. To date, none of these attempts have proven fruitful. What an extraordinary phenomenon! They’re growing on trees. Some blend in with the bark, while others opt for contrast, displaying vibrant colours. This is a historic blooming! You have to see it to believe it. Tropical flowers pale in comparison. We’re trying to sneak in for a closer look. They’re quite wild. They say picking one brings luck. Legend has it they can also be found at Hermès, where they can be admired up close with no need to climb rocks or trees. We’ll look into that.

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