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Hedgehog Survival System

Hedgehog Survival System

My name is Verena Lugbauer. I live in Ybbsitz and attend the 5th class of the IT-HTL in Ybbs/Donau. My name is Nicole Auer. I live in Purgstall and I also attend the 5th class of the IT-HTL in Ybbs/Donau. We realized the project as part of our diploma thesis. With this system we monitor the hibernation of a hedgehog. Due to climate change, it is becoming increasingly common for large temperature fluctuations to occur during the winter. If the temperature changes too quickly, the hedgehog may wake up too early from hibernation and leave the nest. If the hedgehog leaves it too early, it will not find any food and the hedgehog will die. The Hedgehog Survival System consist of a microcontroller, a sensor board, a voltage converter and a level shifter. Everything together is packed in a 3D case and is put into the hedgehog pile of leaves. The system is powered by a rechargeable battery. The sensors measure the parameters temperature, CO2 and humidity and transmit the values to the microcontroller. The microcontroller sends the data to the cloud server every 15 minutes. If a limit value is exceeded, the data is immediately sent to the server and the user receives an alarm by e-mail.

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