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Importance of Survival Skills

Gürtel für / Belt for Prepping, Outdoor, Survival, EDC, Urban, DIY, Bicycle Tube, Fahrradschlauch

Gürtel für / Belt for Prepping, Outdoor, Survival, EDC, Urban, DIY, Bicycle Tube, Fahrradschlauch

Hello and welcome to the Chaos-Werkbank (Chaos-Workbench) Today it’s about this. A simple bicycle tube… …or maybe not ?! If you are interested in how this bicycle tube becomes an everyday item, that covers the themes of Prepping, Outdoor, Survival… but also EDC and Urban, then stay tuned. I’m back again. It’s a belt made of a bicycle tube. First of all, nothing special. But these simple made belt has inner values. And I will demonstrate this to you now. Before I start, I would like to say a few words about the production process. The end of the bicycle tube has been sewn with a sturdy yarn. For two reasons; it goes better through the belt buckle and nothing can fall out The rest is done by the back of the belt buckle with this folding mechanism. It’s a normal belt buckle. You can open it here. Here is some paracord for easy opening. Attention please! Everything I show you now is for… …inspiration and demonstration of the versatility of the belt. Otherwise it would be a little over the top. As you can guess, you can store and hide items in this belt. The more you put in, the heavier the belt gets. But now he is still flexible and wearable. Let’s start. First we have a condom for water transport or other things. To reassure my girlfriend; the condom already expired in 1990. [old german postal codes with four digits (now five digits)] Let’s continue. Here is a plastic bag. The plastic bag is also useful to carry things for example. Here are disposable gloves, a scalpel blade, a gauze bandage, a plaster. A Gerber Dime multitool, paracord (2.80 meters), duct tape (60 – 70 cm), then a very useful magnetic flashlight. You can put it for example on the belt buckle. …that was accessory of a cheap knife; the only useful thing about this knife. Here a Swiss army knife by Wenger without handles. The handles was old and ugly. So it’s really slim. It would also fit in a purse in this condition. It’s still a useful knife. Here is a tiny container… …with three needles [one of them fell on the floor shortly before], a small saw blade, a cotton swab, a pen and a toothpick, a firesteel, two cable ties, a lighter, a small pencil, Slowly we come to the end. Here this typical survival stuff… …matches, safety pin, paper clip and so on. This is a small multitool for the key chain. That fits everything in this belt. The best way to focus on one topic area. Otherwise it will be a bit much. I just wanted to show what theoretic fit in the belt. Thank you for your attention. I wish you all the best. Until next time, your Chaos-Werkbank (Chaos-Workbench) [All these items can be easily put into the belt.]

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