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GETTING BALLSY | Subsistence Gameplay Part 4

GETTING BALLSY | Subsistence Gameplay Part 4

Hey guys! Welcome back to Subsistence! And our beautiful non-judgment worthy home! I’m Wade LordMinion777 In this one I think it’s time we start huntin some more animals… Actually before I run away Lets go take a look at what we got in our box. We need… We have feathers so I think we need more cloth So I think we need to do some rabbit huntin Uhh… It’d also be nice to kinda produce a shotgun If.. we could but I’m not sure we can afford one just yet? Umm… What else was it? Shotgun… Scrap Metal Well yeah we could… if we just get some wooden planks. Which isn’t to bad. Actually I’m just gonna leave those in there for the campfire. I wanna have some backup wood for the campfire So Let’s go get some wood and make our shotgun And maybe we will do some animal hunting this time around I think that seems like a good plan So We need a decent amount of wood At least ten Which I have four so off to a good start Uh okay. I.. If I remember how to use a keyboard If I remember how to use a keyboard we will be in good shape. But I don’t know how we are gonna get enough stuff. I don’t see a good way to make the items needed for bullets. Only these random crates that are lying around. And we don’t really know why they are lying around. Why are we getting random crates of useful objects? And Are Any of those things craft-able or farm-able in another way other than running around and Ya know Getting them. Gun powder for instance. It’d be really nice if we could craft our own bullets Without having to worry about the luck of finding the stuff to make them Right? I mean… I would assume everything should be eventually farm-able in that manner but I don’t know that for a fact Uhh… Okay that should be enough for the shotgun I think Yeah So for clothing were going to need… Well were gonna need more feathers to I guess We have twenty two feathers. We need six… I know we can’t afford the heavy duty stuff because we don’t have any cotton. Well we could maybe eventually do that.. Well yeah we don’t have cotton so we can’t make the padded cloth. Uhh.. twelve Okay so just twelve So we got enough feathers. Cordage’s we’re gonna need more of I think Leather boots we need five cloth. Eleven Twenty one cloth We’re down to five I think So we need to kill a lot of rabbits Unless bears or wolves give them So maybe we could try… I don’t want to risk losing that stuff though Hmm. Guess we’ll just wait here until it’s done. Then drop off some of this stuff just in case we do die. We’re in trouble if we do we can’t really afford to do that. That would leave us with nil. Is there like a bed spawn that you can build to. I think there was Anyway for now. We’re crafting ourselves a shotgun. Was there a bed? Yes! What’s the bed do? Charge up re-spawns within your base Ten feathers, seventy mass, five hundred power. Umm… So we’re charging up power right now. Mass I guess we’re charging up too? So we’re actually not to far away from being able to craft a bed. We just need to… Man there is so much stuff here. We can craft lock-picks now too okay. Hammer… Repairs damaged base items Man I don’t know what to prioritize here still. Hmm… Man I feel like if we get food going that would probably be the number one priority. So perhaps we should worry about food Eight cordage’s. Do we have any cordage’s? We have one ’bout fibers? I don’t see any fibers. Well we have three fibers okay. Alright Seven shotgun shells Drop off the cloth. Drop off that Keep the boards on us just in case Bullets we’ll keep over here. Really hope we don’t need more stuff later Oh Forgot Alright well we got a shotgun now Holds five shots Perhaps we should try this bad boy out. Oh a box! Never mind! I was distracted by this box. Game saved That was important getting some more food K Definitely need more cloth. Lets go try this out on this wolf. We’re right next to home. We don’t have a… Re spawn though. Level two wolf I don’t know if we can do this Kinda scared Lets try it (low growling) Hello wolf. (gun shot) Oh! (gun shot) Oh man! Okay well it hurt us, but we did kill it. Oh Bandage bandage we have bandages Uhh Bandage yourself Yeah! K What does it take to craft a bandage? Just cloth Uhh… Boost your stamina You can make bio-fuel okay There more options here than there were? No I don’t think so. I think I just overlooked the health… department. Okay so we can craft those with cloth. That’s interesting but none the less We managed to kill a wolf here Wasn’t quite as easy as I’d hoped. C is crouch Wade. What are you doing? Where was the indicator? Come on. Let me harvest you! There! Brutal So we got cloth out of this. Nice! Actually I might have to go cook that meat soon. The last time… The first time I killed a wolf with the pistol Oh we need to kill you too. We need that cloth The first time I killed a wolf with a pistol The food went bad. Which was not good So I don’t want to leave that food on me for to long. Which means fridges are… I mean every item that we saw is important. Let’s be honest they are all important. Also I guess that indicator there leads us to where the house is? Where’d that rabbit go? There he is. K (gun shot) Alright One hit I see the crate. I will come back for it. Oh rabbit don’t you dare. Where’d the rabbit go? There it is (gun shot) There. Got it! Okay Grab you Another crate up there by that bear but lets go get this one first Hmm…. Okay Another cordage nice. Nice Nice Nice! Okay bear. What level are you? I don’t want to risk a bear But I kinda want to kill it To see what bears give you Perhaps I should try starting with a level one bear I don’t think I can kill a level two bear We couldn’t even kill a level two wolf without having to hit it a few or a couple of times K bear this isn’t ideally where I wanted you Rather you go down that way toward the house Or walk into a tree like an idiot I don’t think we can kill that bear No no no no no no! You need to go! You need to go! Oh not toward me! Stop it bear! You are a thorn in my side. I’m pretty sure I can out run this… bear Come on keep going… NO! Not what we wanted. Uh oh Not what we wanted at all Open open open! Hmmm Lets run around this rock. For luring the bear away Then perhaps we can go loop back around for that box. Which should Be right here I don’t see the bear Let’s get it Oh there’s the bear Bear left us alone Another bandage. Nice! Replaces the one we lost Any harvestable’s up here? No. Not seeing any. Level two wolf The wolf only gave us one cloth I mean it feels like it more worth to just go kill a rabbit than to kill a wolf. Well no the animal fat will eventually come in really handy I’m sure Umm… How we doing? Yeah lets go cook that food real quick. I know its the middle of the day but I don’t want that food to spoil. It’s way to valuable To sit there and let stuff spoil and we wasted a bullet on it Still some fuel aw that’s right we’ll have to waste a match though Split one Cook you Butcher you Ignite the fuel in there to cook that It’s worth it Are foods low enough now where it’s worth it I’m telling myself that it’s worth it Let’s get this back up to the green There we go I think getting a plant garden would be good. I think we should do that soon. I think cooking some tomatoes With those tomato seeds Come on cook already Your slightly cooked I know but that’s not cooked enough. Let’s eat up! That was pretty good Oh yeah Eat that up and that should get us in real good shape Almost in the dark green Not to shabby Okay so we came from that way. So let’s go this way now Look at what’s going on over here I know there was a chicken but we don’t want no chicken right now We want rabbits and cloth Hmm… Also being able to see that uh.. Uh… Command unit I guess is really handy What level are you? If your level one I might Try it Worst case scenario we run away I want to try killing a bear It’s stupid I know But I want to try it (low growl) [gun shot] [gun shot] [gun shot] Ow! Okay we did it! We did it! Gotta bandage Come on bandage Nice! Nice! Nice! Please have been worth this We used three shots We used three shots don’t know if I needed to use three, but I did Look at all that meat So your really good for meat Which we don’t need all that meat right now So that was kinda a waste on my part. I was hoping you gave a crap ton of cloth in all honesty but one cloth from a rabbit versus one cloth from a bear Kinda makes it feel like I should just go rabbit hunting. I’d rather use two pistol bullets on a rabbit. I think pistol bullets are a lot cheaper to make. I mean logically right it makes more sense to use two pistol rounds on a rabbit than two or three shots on a bear or a wolf. Bear wolf combo gives a lot of meat but… (sigh) I don’t know Don’t know if that was worth it or not Lets grab you and you I hate to waste another match Hmm… Let’s hold off. Let’s hold onto those for a little bit We’ll come back and we’ll cook in a little while. I’m not going to hold onto them forever. But I also don’t wanna just I’d rather lite that fire and use it over night than lite it right now So let’s just hope that meat doesn’t spoil right away It’d be very unfortunate if it did Also can probably reload this I don’t know how many We don’t have anything left to reload it. Never mind I lied We’re Almost. Almost… we’re almost Elmo And we’re almost out of shotgun shells Worth it? Debatable But We proved we can kill the bad boys on this game. At least the level one’s. However they were still getting a shot off on me. So I guess I will have to develop better strategies for hunting and attacking (sigh) Alright You know we still see that indicator no matter how far away we seem to go (sigh) I wonder when people.. When we are going to see people I’m in no rush I am curious Now that we’ve managed to conquer some of our Fears Not many left I wanna see if we can actually catch.. Nope never mind Your going to go love that bear That’s cool That bear can love you back I’m not about to go after anymore bears right now Appreciate the offer though Thank you No thank you Oh okay We’ll go this way I’m sorry Wolfenstine A lot of games with wolves that I’m playin Through the woods.. This one Wolves everywhere Dark Souls III even the DLC was wolf packed Wolf packed Wolf packed.. Get it? Alright back to my droll boring commentary. As i stroll though the.. through the woods Through the woods… Tough crowd You laughed I appreciate that But why didn’t you? Why weren’t you laughing? It was funny right? I’m a funny guy We’re aloud to have some comedy in this Weird world of loot boxes and Bears and wolves No rabbit I need you Okay rabbit when behind the tree over here Just need that [gun shots] Aw missed the second shot Was really hoping to do a quick shot and just get em right then and there There he goes up towards the house that’s convenient Dang! Okay let’s Should have gone for the rabbit and just came back for the box This was uh.. not smart on my part, but the rabbit luckily didn’t run away anymore Now [gun shot] He dead Can be domesticated to yield much better quality resources Butchering will yield one meat one cloth Okay that’s not to shabby Let’s do it Let’s throw you on there Let’s lite this up Go ahead and get that cookin I know I said I was going to wait but… We’re here so… might as well Some more wood Some cloth here. Okay what do we need for the… shirt Six feathers and four cordage’s I didn’t mean to put that in there but that’s fine There’s are feathers Nice I don’t think we need all that wood. I don’t know why I grabbed it all out. I think I thought I was putting it away So we’ll keep an eye out on how this stuff is cookin Lets go ahead and craft Craft another cordage first I guess Then will get a medium weight t-shirt I could just keep the pants for now, and then go with.. shoes Oh we’ll need more cordage’s and we’ll need more cloth too But for now let’s get a shirt See what kind of protection that gives us Hmm… Let’s go ahead and toss more fuel on there Got some extra wood back That’s good Tear into rags? We don’t want to do that Let’s equip you That means if we craft new pants we can tear those pants into rags Alright cordage’s and cloth we are out of… All of those Let’s eat this steak cause steak sounds good Then we’re not least wasting all the meat Probably go ahead and eat this too but gonna hold off a little bit on that Woods easy to farm. Easier than the matches so… We’ll just leave that cookin for a little bit What’s it take to build a fridge? I’m sure lots of power and mass and stuff. Which seem to be automatically building up Oh we have five hundred of all that stuff okay What’s a fridge take? Twelve Hundred and two hundred so we can’t build a fridge We could build a mass fabricator which converts power into mass Umm… Recycler Recycle any item into mass Don’t need this stuff yet. Power storage and mass storage are probably important Wood planks Scrap metal and parts. We could do those two things I think we have enough stuff other than the planks, but that’s easy enough This is probably the most important thing though we need lots of cordage’s So I think it’s time to save up cordage’s and planks For a plant bed so we can start getting some vegetable production Cause I think having a tomato garden would be very nice Let’s go harvest some more wood for the fire for tonight Some copper up there let’s get that first Copper is the most important (low growl) Is there a bear? Did I just run right into a bear? I hear something Oh there’s a level three bear charging at me That’s good. Okay well I guess screw that copper even though copper seems to be hard to find. I would have liked to have gotten it What can ya do? We’ve already harvested all this wood. There we go this one Woah! Uh oh! Game crash! Sorry about that guys we’re back we have a little bit of a… Roll back here Umm… The game crashed on me But We’re here we’re still in one piece. There’s a level three bear still down there so we’re not going to screw with that Let us Go get some wood I guess As night is almost here Umm… I also don’t know how far into this game I’m gonna go Single player. I’d really like to play a multiplayer variant of this which would be really cool, but I mean I’ve not seen any people Any if my only threat is Bears and wolves and people aren’t going To load in yet or if maybe if they aren’t in this version Then… I don’t know how exciting it will be to watch me with just you know Build up Materials from this point Maybe it maybe it will be really enjoyable I don’t know But I would personally prefer To have more people here with me to uh… Uh.. Make it more interesting. Make it a more interesting series Uh.. but I don’t know we’ll see Just figured I’d throw that out there Um.. The nights aren’t that exciting so I might just go ahead Well It’s not quite pitch black out yet. We’ll go gather a bit more wood Cause if there’s one thing more exciting than seeing.. watching me by a camp fire during the night It’s watching me gather wood Yeah! Also afraid this game is gonna crash again. My computer been doing some weird things today Had some issues when I was trying to do a Through the Woods recording earlier too But alas Here we are Things seem okay LordMinion777’s Base It even says that. That’s cool. Umm.. But yeah multiplayer would be an awesome addition I feel like Just cause it takes so much to gather. Having multiple Multiple people gathering different things would be fantastic So game saved again that’s good. The wood burner Then we could sit inside the house which would be nice. We could craft over night Oh the animal… thing would be really cool too Can we? What does it take to craft that animal housing? It’s not that expensive. It really isn’t We need uh.. a few more planks If I could ever find planks again Like four more of those How does this work though? How do you catch animals to put in here? I don’t know I feel like there’s things we should build before that like… Getting a water source would be nice (sigh) Water source and plant. I still feel like a water source and a plant bed are probably our two best ways to start out with Produces power for your base because right now we’re wasting power we’ve go nothing going A base light Well For now lets just Chill here put some extra fuel on the fire We’re not hungry enough for that yet, but I don’t want this to spoil either Go ahead and eat those blueberries Alright guys well We will figure out what to record or what to record.. What to build in the next one. I’ll keep working on it. I think getting some Clothing. We started the clothing thing I just need to finish on this track. At least get some boots I don’t see a way to produce like head gear at all but that’s an option it looks like But I think for now we’ll try and get some boots Umm.. Cordage’s are going to be very important so we need to go on a fiber run So I think it will be an exploration Day the next time. Just more gathering and exploring but that seems like all we can really do for now But thank you all so much for watching stay tuned for whatever comes next until next time See ya guys!

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