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Importance of Survival Skills

Game of survival.

Game of survival.

You work right next to one of the worst man on Chicago. What do you want? Your eyes. You ears. Is there anything else do you want me to know? I want to be the one to bring him in, Hank. I got a hit. Let me do my job. Over here. Do you find that funny? I thought he was dead. That’s enough. He is using me to get under your skin and it’s working. Police. ¡Don’t move! Are you alright? Yes. Sean! GO! Go get them. How’s Sean? Please, talk to me. I still care about you. We may never know. You did the right thing. You listen to me! Who did this to her? I need the truth so I can fix this. Voight got him. I’m not the enemy here. We solve the cases that need to be solved.

6 thoughts on “Game of survival.

    I really like this song and god, i’m totally in love of this show !
    Really good job !

    I also started making a video for this song, but I don't know if I finish it for another show: D

    And you really did

    Super scenes

  • this is SO GOOD i absolutely love it!! i’ve made a pd video to the same song on my channel, just goes to show what a perfect song it is for this show. love what you did & the editing is insane ?

  • Omg! I'm so sorry for being late.?♥️❤ Such a WONDERFUL video. And a good song choice.??❤ I would be very happy if you watch my latest video because I found the song a week ago and I think that you will like it too.?❤❤??

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