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Full tang tanto survival knife BOKER MAGNUM Survivor (02RY7085); 440A stainless steel; Romana

Full tang tanto survival knife BOKER MAGNUM Survivor (02RY7085); 440A stainless steel; Romana

From Boker family, more precisely from MAGNUM, a Boker division, I’m showing you today a fixed blade knife called “Survivor”. It’s a full tang tanto knife. So, it’s more like a fighting knife. From Boker Magnum…. Boker Magnum is… how to call it… the cheaper/entry level Boker division. There is Boker Magnum, there is Boker, there is Boker Plus which is the premium series. Magnum is the cheaper series. The box is pretty nice and it contains a brochure from Boker. They congratulate you for buying a Boker knife and they ask you to complete the form and send it out to register it. I didn’t do it so far and I will probably not do it at all. The knife I’m presenting you is this one. It has a leather sheath, a simple one, it doesn’t have anything special except a loop for pants belt. It doesn’t even have a small strap to fix the knife inside it. It only has this option to hang it to a belt. It’s ok. It’s pretty well manufactured, they pay some attention to it but it doesn’t have anything special, there is nothing stamped on it. And this is the knife. As I told you, it’s a tanto knife, it’s quite small. What I like the most about this knife is its shape. It looks nice. Practically, the blade goes all over the handle , it’s a full tang knife, of course. The handle is made of a simple piece of leather tied with a string at the bottom. It’s made of a stainless steel, not the best in the world, 440A. I don’t know if you can see it here, it says “440A” stainless steel. Its hardness is up to 57 – 58 HRC depending on how it’s heat treated. Here it says the name of steel, 440A” and “Magnum by Boker” on reverse side. I forgot to mention Boker is one of the most famous knives producers in Germany. Even if it’s made of stainless steel, it is a little bit coated. It’s not fully painted but it’s not totally shiny neither. It’s a little coated, it looks kind of rusty and yet it’s made of stainless steel and it doesn’t rust. It has a nice shape, tanto, flatted here, on top. The handle, as I was saying, is made of brown leather. The leather simply covers the steel. The knife’s weight is almost 200 grams, The overall length is 23 centimeters. The blade is 12 centimeters long. I’m impressed by its thickness, it is 6 millimeters thick. …almost 6 millimeters… The leather is caught with a strip made of leather too,, there are also one, two, three, four strings near blade and here, at the back end, about five more strings. All these contribute to a very good grip. Practically it stays fixed on your hand. it doesn’t move on your hand unless the leather moves completely out. I didn’t remove the leather to check what’s underneath, I don’t know what’s underneath this neither. It’s a nice knife, a knife that attracted me. I had no chance to take it outdoor and put it at hard work. It looks to be a robust knife with all its 6 millimeters thick. It cuts pretty well and it’s kind of easy to sharp it. Once again: it’s a 440A stainless steel, it’s not the best steel in the world but it’s a good knife. A knife is a tool not a weapon!

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