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Fresh Out Of Prison: Life On Tag

Normally, I would wear it like that. I don’t really want everyone
to see it, do I? I’d rather be a prisoner in my own
home, around my own possessions, than a prisoner in a HMP. Every year, up to 11,000 offenders
are ordered to wear electronic tags. Around 500 of those are in
Nottingham. This needs to come off. I’ve been in the building
from seven o’clock and they’re trying
to tell me I breached. It’s an alternative
to prison and the objective is to reduce reoffending. I’m ready to be positive, so the world just needs
to let me get on now. Fucking had enough of it. It’s a controversial approach. Tag increases are planned,
but there’s still no proof it works. Sam is fresh out of prison. He’s been approved
for early release on tag, midway through a 45 month sentence. The first thing I did is,
I went to a petrol station and ate some different food. Which wasn’t all that great cos it
was petrol station food, but it was fucking better than
prison food, I’ll tell you that. You enjoying it?
Yeah, massively, man. Fucking beautiful, isn’t it?
It’s not jail. Sam is staying with his mum
and sister in Nottingham. Somewhere he’s never lived before. You can’t have tag 20 where you’ve
been arrested to, for one thing. This is where I’ve moved up to,
round here. It’s a safe environment for me.
And I don’t want to get back on, I don’t want to go back to drugs
I don’t want to go back to alcohol. I want to try to do clean living. I want to try and get
on the right path, so… What did you go down for?
I broke a guy’s jaw and ankle. It was an emotional day, really.
He caught me at a very bad time. And I just stuck one in his jaw. He folded, his ankle snapped. He’s twisted, he’s hit a pebbledash
wall, his jaw broke, his cheekbone, I think,
he’s got a… Yeah, it wasn’t good, man.
It really weren’t good. Did you feel bad? Well, the next day,
it sort of hit home. Yeah. Not good, man. Not good, at all. Do you lot, you sell Viagra,
don’t you? I’ve got a chick coming to see me
next week and it’s been a while. You can only buy it if
you’ve got health issues. None of them expected me
to ask them that, though. They were all like,
“Eh? You want Viagra? “You can’t buy Viagra.” Wicked. So, you didn’t get any? No. That’s all right, it’s no bother.
Not as if I need it, it would just have been fun,
wouldn’t it? Tag wearers must have
an approved address. Those without family or friends
rely on hostels to take them in. Naskam is one of the few
in Nottingham to allow tags. This box will monitor the perimeter
of the building, um, linked to the tag
on the offender’s feet. If the offender
breached the perimeter, this box will send a signal
to the tagging team, to inform them that there has been a breach. So, this is quite a sensitive box,
you know. And if you breach it even by a
metre, you know, it will alert the tagging team.
So, it’s quite important that they don’t breach
those perimeters. Christian must wear a tag
while on bail for a burglary charge. He’s a regular face at the hostel. You look really good, man. Good to see you, Mr Mustapha. Oh, please, man. I’m pleased to see you,
pleased, man. Proud of you. Son? Yeah. Are you implying
you’ve fucked my mum? This is the boudoir. The hum… The humble abode. So, like, once a week,
it’ll always look like this. I’ve got OCD. It’s not OCD with
cleaning, it’s OCD when I know I’ve got to do something and it’ll stay in my head
until I’ve done it. So… ..cos I can’t lie down, I’ve got
to sort my clothes out. Hm, mindfulness. This is what helps me
stay off drugs. Sit here and read this and
envision your mind as a calm lake. I think of the drugs and I think
of what would happen if I continue to, where I’ll be in a week,
then a month, then a year. And it always ends up
in prison, so… Yeah, that’s when I’ve got to go
to court, on the second of October. And that I’ve been put on tag. You will stay indoors in your home
address between 8pm and 8am, daily. Yeah. So, it’s the starting point. So, in a year I won’t be here. I can tell you that much,
I won’t be here. Um…I’ll have my own
accommodation. Uh… ..possibly employment. Christian isn’t the only
tag user at Naskam. 24-year-old Reece is due
in court tomorrow. I’m holding a picture of my son
or daughter, which, obviously, is just, only, at the minute,
a tiny, little pea. I actually broke down crying as soon
as I seen the little thing on the ultrasound scan. I don’t want it to be brought up
in my background, my background history. Because I don’t want it to be
turning out like me. Ending up on drugs
and getting into crime. So, hopefully, in the next four
or five months, maybe six, I could be in a better place. And… ..I’ll have everything
to support my child. BEEPING My tag box is going off,
my tag box, my tag box. Your tag box is going off? Yeah. My tag box has just gone off,
I’m in the building. It’s never went off in
the living room. All right, cheers, mate. Thank you. All right, bye-bye. I’ve been out for seven minutes? I’m sure I’ve been sitting
in the living room with you. This is the point where you hate
being on tag, because you get stupid phone calls saying
you’re breaching your tag. I’ve been in the building
from seven o’clock and they’re trying
to tell me I’ve breached. This needs to come off. Hopefully, tomorrow things go
to plan and I’ll be off it and I don’t need to stick to it. By the way, that’s the one
that’s pregnant, the one that’s having a baby. That’s your son? Yeah, that’s my little boy,
he’s now three. Reece was 20 when he had his first
child with a different partner. If it comes out a boy,
I feel sorry for my partner, because she’s just going
to get terrorised. It’s going to be a boy. You don’t know what it’s going
to be. It’s going to be a boy. You don’t know what it’s going to
be. It’s a he-she, there you go. Yes, it is because it’s not even got
a willy yet. It ain’t even got a vagina yet.
It’s not even a he-she, it’s a pea. It’s a little small hole,
look at the picture. It’s not going to be the size
of a pea! Yes, it is. It’s tiny. Stop. Leave it, man. Sam is now one week
into his tag sentence. I miss my friends and that, man.
I miss being at home. I don’t know anyone, at all. Not one single person do I know,
in Nottingham. So, it’s like…’s just, actually it’s more
alone than in prison, really. You know, my mum is at work,
my sister’s away all the time. She works all the time, so it’s
just, I am literally just on my own with my dog, every single day. Like… ..yeah. Come on, get your ball. Come on. We’re locked in now. That is a tag box, right there. It just does nothing, at all. It hasn’t rang once. It’s pointless, really. Obviously, you can’t touch it, cos it’s got a security seal
on it, so… Talk me through what happens.
What, when they come first day? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Basically, you
have to walk around the house, so you have to walk here, walk here. You’ve to go right round there,
go all the way around the house. Yeah, to the corner of
every single room. The tag box picks you up, so it
knows you haven’t gone out and this, that and the other. So the furthest I can go,
is to the porch, basically. I’m not allowed out in the garden
after seven o’clock, nothing. It’s just rubbish. It is what it is, man.
In for the night. So, what are you going to do? Watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I reckon they probably know where
you are at all times with these. They say it’s not a GPS thing,
but I’m guessing it must, there must be, like, a control
centre somewhere and I’m probably, like, a little red light
on the wall or something. And I’ll probably
start flashing if I go out. This is where I live, man. This is my room. That’s me on the floor. The bed’s fucked my back up. I’ve been used to, the prison
mattresses are rock hard. They’re, like, this solid bit
of foam. These are foam mattresses,
but they, like…, it’s just, it’s too soft,
it’s horrible. Just like, it’s… Look how much
I’m sinking in, man. I can’t deal with it,
so I’m on the floor. Don’t worry about that,
I’ll move it out of the way. Was that…? That’s a hammer. That is in case anyone
comes in this house. At least, I know
I’ve got it up here. My mum and my sister, if you think
I’m ever letting anyone touch them, I’ll go down and smash them
right up. Is that seriously? That’s why it’s there. In case anyone comes in the house, just I feel safer
with that being here. Where I’ve been to jail,
I know what people are like. See people, there are savage
people in this world. At least I know if I turn up
downstairs with that, someone might go, “All right,
listen, mate, I’m going to leave.” And if they don’t they’re getting
clubbed with that round the head,
aren’t they? Simple. Come in my house, man,
that’s what’s happening. But… Seems like quite
a nice neighbourhood. I know, man. I don’t, maybe it’s
just because I’ve been in there and it’s just, it’s just shown me
what people can be like. In my head, that there could be the
difference between my mum and sister being OK and my mum and sister
not being OK. I know I’d rather have it. It’s not cos I’m a nasty person, just, I just feel safer
with that here. You’re going to give me
a bath, later. Unlike Sam, Christian is
from Nottingham and has plenty of friends locally. So, you’re on bail, but also on tag. On bail, tag and licence. So, does that mean that you’ve got
a trial coming up? Yeah, on the second of August. Can you just tell me about that? I’ve just got to go and stand there
and tell him that I didn’t do it, basically. Uh… Do what? What? I don’t know really what else
I can say. I’ve just got to tell them
about the evidence and explain how my fingerprints
came to be there and hopefully walk out. And until then,
you’re on tag? Yeah. What happens if they find
you guilty? Prison, probably. But cos I’ve complied with tag
and everything, uh… ..might just give me community
order, but who knows? Who knows? It’s…again… can overthink everything,
can’t you? And think “what ifs” and all that. But you don’t want to go
back to prison? Oh, yeah. I can’t wait. Of course I don’t want
to go back to prison! I thought that was what this
was all about. I definitely don’t want to go
back to prison. Yo! My main man. Mate, I’m a celebrity, bro. Christian has a few hours
before his curfew and heads to the pub for a drink. It’s Reece, come in. Reese is back from his
court hearing. You all right? They’re keeping me on tag
for another four weeks. OK. And then I’m off tag. My tag time’s changed. Six till eight. Six till eight now. So, obviously, I’m allowed out till
eight o’clock. Well… No, it’s not six till eight,
it’s eight. Eight till six. Eight to six in the morning. Yeah. DOORBELL RINGS Wow. That’s getting serious. No, it’s not serious.
It’s just, you know. Right, I’ll come back in,
like, whenever. So, another four weeks on tag,
which I think is a good thing. Give him some boundaries to stick
to, for a little while longer. He’s very young and to be going
round the system at this point, it could take him through his whole
life like that, so, this is a chance for him to jump off and now it’s up
to him what he does with that. I got a scan of the baby, you know. Yeah, actually, Mum,
it’s fuck, oh, wow. Like… ..I don’t want to go back
into doing stupid shit like crime. You know what? I’m better than that. ON THE PHONE:
Of course you are. All right, speak to you in a bit,
Mum. Love you, bye. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. What’s your relationship
with your mum like? Mm…it’s not great and it’s not
on, like, good terms. But… Why, what’s,
what’s she done wrong? That’s something I don’t
really want to get into. Like, cos obviously
it just upsets me. Reece wants his family life
to be very different. I want to be with Leesha. I just want to settle down
and just live a happy life and get myself a job
and just be happier, instead of committing a crime, going back to jail for months
and months, not seeing my kids. Cos that’s what hurt me the most
and, like, killed me. On the other side of Nottingham,
Sam’s curfew is about to start. So, that’s it now.
That’s in for the night. Nothing to do. I mean, I can go and sit
on the porch if I want to. But it’s not even, it’s not even
that, is it? It’s just dead. I was going to go to the flipping
Co-op and get some crisps and that. I’ll have to ask my mum
and I’ll have to give her the money,
when she gets here. What would happen if you left
the house during curfew with that tag on and
went to buy some crisps? I don’t know, shall we find out? I’m guessing that thing
would start ringing. HE SIGHS I’ve got five minutes yet. I’m going to go outside and have
a bit of fresh air for five minutes. Such a nice evening, as well. Bollocks, innit? I’m going to be stuck indoors
in that. My dog’s got more freedom than me. Fuck it. In for the night. Christian’s trip to the pub
has taken an unexpected turn. May have just taken someone’s car. Christian has driven a car
from outside the pub, after being asked to move it
a few blocks away by a friend. Where did you take it to? I’m not going to, I’m not going
to say that just in… know what I mean?
Then I could be at risk. But it didn’t seem,
it didn’t seem right? Nah, nah. If he stole it, then technically
he’s the one who’s done it. I’m just… an accessory.
You know what I mean? So, so why did you take it? I don’t really know, it was more
impulse, more spur of the moment. Fuck. Yeah, I want to go inside. I’m
a bit paranoid about being out now. I get myself into trouble
and I’m always regretting it after. How many times
have you been in prison? 17. That’s from the age of 16. Yeah, 22. That’s not counting the last
three times I’ve been. Why doesn’t my brain work in the
same way that everyone else’s does? Why do I still keep making the same
mistakes now, that I was making when I was 14? Everyone says, “It’s all down
to yourself.” But, like I said, I’m not
going to sit here and blame… ..ADHD, schizophrenia,
stuff like that. It’s just… ..there’s part of my brain
that’s different. It’s not part of me
that I like, in truth, cos sometimes they were right and good things happen
and funny things happen. Other times, dangerous things
happen, things that injure me or harm me, or end up hurting
the people that I love or care about. Or I end up in these places
or in prison. I don’t know, I think I’m a bit
of a child still inside. Can’t help myself, but keep fucking
up for some reason. Deep down, I’m pissed right off
that I’ve got to work in a pork pie factory
doing 12 hour shifts. It’s a load of shit. That’s how I feel. Who are you going to meet? The mother of my child. But you know if someone blows, like,
one kiss to you, it’s a friendly thing, two kisses,
three kisses, all that crap. Yeah, well, she’s still
sending me two kisses, so… Aw, it’s taking the piss, man. When the police came,
they looked really pissed off, cos they’ve got this information about Reece wanting to strangle
the girlfriend.

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