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Freestyle workout #6 improve your speed endurance

Freestyle workout #6 improve your speed endurance

This workout is going to be a little more
challenging than the others in terms of the main set, but it will help you develop certain endurance to speed. Remember that you can download this workout on a pdf format through the link in the description If you like our workouts make sure to get
our newsletter because we have a 10 workout plan coming soon. Check the link in the description for more
info. For warm up we will begin doing 2 x 100s alternating
swim – kick for every 25. So you go down swimming and come back kicking. To work on technique let’s do two sets of
10 x 25s. We will focus on this drill for the first
set of 25s. Do a normal freestyle stroke but pause when
the arm is gliding, then reverse that shoulder rotation and do it again before the next stroke. For the second set of 25s we will do slow
arms fast feet. Focus on gliding well with your arms while
kicking really fast. Now for the main set we will do 6 x 100s at
a medium to fast pace. The point here is to maintain the fastest
pace that you can hold for the 6 x 100s resting 30 seconds after each 100. Make sure you don’t go very fast on the
first ones if you don’t have very good endurance. It is better to do the last one a little faster
than to get tired and slow down in the first ones. But do push yourself. Now to relax the body a little bit do a 50
easy kick. To change things a little bit we will do 4
x 25s breaststroke at a moderate fast pace. Then do another set like that but this time
backstroke. Finally to warm down do 200 easy choice. and don’t forget to stretch and come back
to comment on what you thought of this workout. shout out to the comment of the week! I swim every day but i disagree that swimming
is not boring its extremely boring what do you think? do you think swimming is boring? If you want one of our swim caps, check them
out here. Thanks for watching skillers! See you next time! Swim fast!

46 thoughts on “Freestyle workout #6 improve your speed endurance

  • I live in Vietnam, and I absolutely love your swimming instructions for its simplicity .And I've been improving my freestyle a lot thanks to your techniques. If I can win a hat, how can you send it to me ?

  • You need people with a certain amount of mental strength to do competitive swimming. If you don’t have that, then don’t start. It will be a waste of your time.

  • Love this! In your last video where you showed vertical kick, I tried it yesterday and it’s probably my favorite workout! Thank you for this content!

  • I have beem looking for videos about free style techniques and i found a lot of videos from your channel. I love them all, but I have one little request, could you make separate videos about long distance freestyles like 500 and a mile?

  • I don’t think swimming is boring. I just don’t acknowledge boredom in the water. It helps me focus and swim fast!

  • I think that swimming can not be boring if you love it.
    There is something much more than the swimming itself.
    The feeling in the water, the relief, the silence.
    I swim for many years – still get excited everytime.

  • Can you make a video with a warm up and stretch Workout, before and after swimming??
    whem i go to swim, I feel like a have some pain in my back, neck our knees and I don’t know how to stretch. I’m a beginner (lose weight) but im starting to love swimming even tho is kinda boring ????

  • I swim 8 times a week depending on my schedule, just working with my endurance, for me I find swimming as my new sports and hobby, and it helps me loose some weights.

  • Ir a nadar es lo que más espero en el día, en la semana! Para mí, son momentos de entera paz, tu y pensamientos, tu y tus movimientos. ¿Aburrido? En absoluto, es lo mejor, no lo cambiaría por nada 🙂

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    이제 주 훈련 세트로, 중간 페이스에서 빠른 페이스로, 6 x 100을 하겠습니다. 여기에서의 중점 사항은 각 100 사이에 30초씩 쉬면서 6 x 100을 하는 동안 자신이 버틸 수 있는 가장 빠른 페이스를 유지하는 것입니다. 지구력이 아주 좋지 않다면 처음에는 너무 빠르게 하지 마십시오. 처음에 지쳐 느려지는 것보다는 마지막 부분에 약간 더 빠르게 하는 것이 더 좋습니다. 그렇지만 자신을 몰아붙이십시오.

    이제 50 편한 차기를 하면서 몸을 약간 이완시키십시오.

    기분을 약간 전환하기 위해 적당한 속도로 4 x 25 평영을 하겠습니다. 그런 다음 이번에는 배영으로 아까와 같은 세트를 하나 더 하십시오.

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    빠르게 헤엄치세요!

  • Great work out guys thanks so much. I bought 4 swim caps and they are the best cap I have had, my swim pal agrees too!!

  • I've started swimming lessons about a year ago. First 6 months with 3 practices/week and then upgraded to 5 times/week. I find your channel very useful, the drills and exercises are calmly and very well explained, so big thanks from me! Keep up the good work! Do you ship to Romania? P.S. I promised myself that I'll never stop swimming.

  • I started swimming at a very young age, then I stopped for at least 4 years and I'm very glad to cameback and practice the greatest sport (for me), it's such an amazing feeling when you are in the water and do all these workouts.
    thank you guys for take the time and share with us this vids. Glad I found you! Greetings from Colombia.

  • When i'm not swimming with my club, and i'm by myself lane swimming, it's very boring, started to do a bit of boxing as a contrast of training. It's helping quite a bit tbh

  • We have a 10 workout program available now. It is focused on short freestyle training. It will help you gain speed and also put in practice a good freestyle technique. Click here to learn more about it:

  • At my swim practice once I did 10×100 and once I also did 7×200 it was very hard lol and we were on an interval with almost no rest time

  • If you want to get a new workout everyday join our online swim team!

  • swimmng is the only thing that, keeps me sane, and keeps my not going crazy and killing my self (yes, i'm kind of depressed)

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