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Four Trash Bags to Survive/HD Bushcraft Survival Video

Four Trash Bags to Survive/HD Bushcraft Survival Video

Hi, and welcome to Taromovies. This time, I would like to show you some of my favorite outdoor equipment. Thanks for joining me. I carry mostly four of 110 liter rubbish bags with me. They’re quite small, easy to carry and don’t take much space in your backpack and they are quite cheap. The most common application for it is to use it as a rain cover. This will protect you quite well. And, with a second rubbish bag, you can also protect your head and your backpack. If you want to camp on rainy days, and very bad conditions, it’s quite easy to cover your hole equipment with one of this rubbish bags. If you put two rubbish bags together
and connect them, feed them up with leaves, you can also use that as a sleeping bag. But please remember that plastic material doesn’t breath so it’s going to be quite wet, inside. And, with some luck, you can make a raft out of them and cross the water. Four rubbish bags, and you can make a quick shelter out of them. This is my idea about a quick shelter in an emergency situation. It looks not very nice, but it will do the job. My friend Felix, from the YouTube channel “Felix Immler”, is using a plastic bag as a bellows, for forging a surviving knife. And on a bad snowy day, I was making a roof out of it, to have a nice fire and a good time out there… And at the end, you can use the rubbish bag to clean up your camp, take the rubbish with you, and take care to nature. I hope you like my videos, and you will join our movies next time again. Tschüss, ciao… und bye, bye !

100 thoughts on “Four Trash Bags to Survive/HD Bushcraft Survival Video

  • Fantastic usage of garbage bags brother 🙂 great video, and the best tip was at the end 🙂 people need to clean up more after them in the nature.

  • Thank you for your ideas. There is many uses for this very versatile piece of equipment. I always carry at least one big heavy duty bag with me when I am going overnight. I like to fill a bag with leafs, and use it as a mattress. Take care Taro. M.S.T.

  • Put 4 rubbish bags on my shopping list – check! 😀 Hi Taro, thanks for showing this great idea. All the best for you my friend, Mike

  • Great video Taro. Some really great ideas. I may have to try the 4 bag boat idea when the weather gets better. Take care sir.

  • Yep, I've carried garbage bags for years. I seem to always find a use for them. At the very least to cover the backpack in rain or snow, and at night to protect it from dew or frost. Also great to use to hoist food and food package waste up a tree when in bear country, helps minimize the scent.

    I also keep my extra clothes in one inside my pack just in case I fall in a river crossing. Plus then there is one more bag if I really need it.

    Thanks for the vid.

  • Moin Onkel Taro 🙂
    Sowas ähnliches wie den Poncho, hab' ich auch bei der Pariser Fashion-Week gesehen… damit liegt man also voll im trend!^^
    Prima Gebrauchsmöglichkeiten hast du uns da vorgestellt,
    besten Dank für's zeigen und lass' es dir gut gehen!
    lG Rüdi

  • ビニール袋を使った色々な方法参考になりました。特にビニール袋に空気を入れてイカダで川を渡ったのは驚きましたね。

  • good video I hope to have one may be two videos of the Rocky Mountains this winter but hope to see more videos have a good day

  • Hi Taro,
    fine uses of plastic bags, thanks a lot for the demonstration!
    I guess there are endless uses, always worth of having some of these bags in the rucksack.
    Now I am waiting to see You flying with these bags … any hot air ballon trick or so ;-)))
    btw: no idea why I missed Your video so far … but now I found it 😉
    thanks and best regards,

  • Awesome Taro!!  I've been quite busy as of late but I finlly got a chance to watch this one.  Great ideas and good job on the video! Two thumbs up!
    ATB Josh

  • Some nice ideas on bag use there and some different versions of old ideas too.
    Always a pleasure watching your videos Taro.
    Kind regards, Jack & Karen.

  • Hi Taro,
    I see you are with a network.  How do you find their services and do you think it is a good thing you joined?
    Also how long have you been with them?

    All the best,

  • Ja, ganz meine Meinung! Müllsäcke müssen immer dabei sein… auch wenn ich sie meist nur für´s Einsammeln verwende: aber dafür sind sie ja da. Dake für die nette Vorstellung, liebe Grüße, Oliver.

  • Excellent ideas mate, especially with this raft or float. Need to remind that and try on my own! Greetings from Poland 🙂

  • Great video, I am going to attempt to cross a lake this summer with trash bags.
     Subscribed 🙂

  • Those big contractor bags are awesome!  I carry 4 with me in my bag when I go hiking too.  Thanks for sharing!  

  • With watching all these videos you make you inspir me to get into wildlife and have fun. thank you! keep up with all the good work.

  • Good to see some low-budget bushcraft tips. The plasticbag raft looked really tempting, maybe a rubbishbag river expedition will be the next video?

  • I just have to say this another time. YOU ARE SO AMAZING! I find other bushcraft channels on youtube doesn't teach you anything but you do! Love your vids and keep up the great work!

  • Hi taro, It took me awhile to send your dumo patch in the mail, There was lots os maik from Valentiens day.  I dont want a reviews on thinis.  I just wanted to say thay you

    [email protected]
    512-590-1618 cell

    Thanks for the help!

  • …with a cutting tool like a knife or scissors … you can cut it into long double sided strips and then weave them into cordage too

  • Versatile, though not appealing, garbage bags will save your life. Once, I flipped a canoe and without an improvised garbage bag "poncho", I'd have gone into hypothermia.

  • Very nice video my friend, now I can be ready to survive the wild with the smallest of items (rubbish bag)

  • So many uses for black garbage bags:

    Stream waders on each leg/foot,
    Put snow in bag, put "near" to fire, creating snow melt water,
    Put snow on flat bag on ground with little catchment area, creating sunshine heated snow melt water,
    Rain catchment ground liner,
    Bag tied to down corner of tarp shelter, for rain catchment,
    If the bag is truly water leak proof, filling bag with water from creek, put "near" the fire, creates hot/warm water bag, for making rope up, and standing warm water bags in tent,
    Bags put under tarp bed or tarp-hammock, semi-space blanket heat retaining ability,
    2 garbage bags.  1 whole, other cut on the bottom edge, put together in line (overlapping, w/, w/o duct taping) makes a tube tent, can use with tied-up walking poles for triangle entrance and sloping tent shape,
    Same 2 garbage bags, same cut and taping into tube, makes long poncho and skirt down to feet for extreme snow/wind/rain/wet brush travel,
    Same 2 garbage bags, cut and tape into poncho tube, candles at feet for warmth, other bags for further head/shoulder/arms covering,
    Garbage bags for plastic leg gaiters in snow, rain, or travel in wet brush,
    Stuffed ground duff mattress pad, pillow, or sleeping bag,
    Clear or black bag tied around deciduous tree limbs for gathering leaf aspiration waters,
    Bag tied around sugar maple or sycamore trees for spring time sugar sap water bark tapping (nights freezing, daytime above freezing temperatures, best sugar water times),
    Body put into taped 2 bag tube poncho-skirt, and third bag covering feet/legs/lower body, making entire plastic coccoon, sitting near fire heat, gaining increased body heat and warmth, (whether wet or dry clothing), emergency warmth from water dunking, chill, frostbite, or extreme snow/wind/rain,  … use with black water bags for increased hot water bottle effects,
    Wet or humid clothes (wool, cotton, nylon) put into black bag, kept "near" fire heat, steam drying clothes,
    Bags temporarily on feet/socks, when boots get soaked,
    Wet boots and socks into black bag, kept "hear" fire heat, drying out.  Won't burn boots from excessive campfire heat,

    much more …

  • Taro my friend, I carry about six 55 gallons contractor bags with me just about everywhere I go, Have them in all of my backpacks, Kits and car and truck, I figured I had seen and used them for just about everything, The raft my friend, BLEW MY MIND, Never even thought of that, Great videos and thanks for sharing, God Bless and stay safe, Jason

  • Such a versatile bit of kit!!! Many applications I never even thought of. Taro u are a LEGEND!! Gonna have to rethink my light weight kit for sure now!😀 many thanks dom

  • hi taro….thank you for sharing those great wonderful and helpful ideas…i watched lot of survival video and i found ur the best….thanks taro!!

  • this is like motivating to explore nature in a whole new way. would like to see a video for an extended stay like a week or something

  • Mit einfachen Mitteln überleben, einfach genial. Der Shelter zu Beginn des Video´s gefällt mir sehr gut, insbesondere die Sitzbank! Genau mein Ding : ) LG Manfred

  • you and sepp are really good people. you love to share valuable information with the world of bushcraft, and for that, mein herr, i am very appreciative and very grateful that your are a part of the ever expanding you tube universe. vielen dank mit meinem herz. sorry if my german is poor. i only took it for 3 years in school and never speak it.

  • Simple yet brilliant, I always carry at least 2 bin liners as well as plenty of duct tape, so many uses to mention, thanks for sharing, ATB, Damian

    Thanks so much to your all for watching the video, all the very kind comments and your wonderful support to my channel. You'll find some more information about the video in the description box below. If you have some more questions to this video, please post it on my latest one or send me a message, so i can give you a response. all the best, Taro

  • Excellent, bravo!!!! This video goes to my "Most important survival videos" collection!!! 🙂

  • you remind me of Lonnie & Connie , far north bushcraft & survival , south central Alaska ; you show what you talk about . Good work .& thanx

  • Hi Taro. How are you doing my friend? : ) I am doing better at the video editing and just added a link to this Four Trash Bags To Survive video. I put the link in my Personal Survival Kit video. Credit where credit is due : ) Hope to see some more of your great videos soon bro. All the best. Dave

  • Great information and demonstrations on how to use trash bags for survival! Also great video as usual. Thanks David.

  • Your subtitles (auto-generated) are set for German. You will want to switch to English, as you speak in English.
    Subtitles are useful for people who want to learn English. Like me !… 🙂

  • 1:58 Show us another method of inflating a (big) bag, without
    the effort of respiration (hyperventilation => hypocapnia; it is
    normally well tolerated. However, hypocapnia causes cerebral
    vasoconstriction, leading to cerebral hypoxia and this can cause
    transient dizziness, visual disturbances, and anxiety.)
    For example, inflating a bag with the aid of another bag.
    Compare with the number of breaths necessary to inflate it.
    In fact, you have already suggested it, here : 4:06 ! 🙂

  • in Northern California, we have heavy duty/(3-Mil.?), black CONTRACTOR BAGS for construction jobs. Black 'Gorilla Tape' the sleeve & head holes made in a bag for a HOMELESS raincoat! (darn! i spent some time making mine & now i've misplaced it!!!)…… i use heavy silver/black tarps, so i've never thought of some of your uses! thank you!!

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