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Importance of Survival Skills

Fine Motor Skills Therapy  Improves Activities of Daily Living

Fine Motor Skills Therapy Improves Activities of Daily Living

Therapist: So we are working on Diane’s fine motor skills, because with everything all her complications she lost the top part of her finger, so we’re just working on some of her dexterity and fine motor so we’ve got, its not just a plain old peg, it actually got a little lip to it so with her left hand only, she’s got to try to manipulate around to line it up right into the keyholes. Therapist: Good sticking with it. Take one line at a time but when you take them out, put them in your palm, okay because then when you go to put them away we’re going to try to break them you know separate them as we put them back in. Patient: Ok Therapist; Go ahead, three more. Good catch. That’s all right. Therapist: Take two and put them into your palm. Good and then, try to do one at a time, one, two Good, all right, one at a time for now. Okay so now what I want you to do, take one at a time and just make a tall stack. Therapist: We’re going to work on the left hand. Patient: Ok. Therapist: We’re going to continue to work on the coordination a little bit of compensatory strategies for the thumb. Could you push with this? Patient: Yeah, but lean it there. I’ll get it. Therapist: Beautiful, go ahead and load up the cup. Patient: I love these little pom poms. Therapist: Aren’t they great. Some of them are tighter than others. Nice you didn’t even spill them. Patient: I like these little guys. Therpist: That’s a my OCD coming out that it’s all color-coordinated. Laughter. Patient: I love it, it’s great you

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