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Importance of Survival Skills


Hello everyone, this is Billy Rioux. Today, I’m in the biggest lake around Montreal Which is called “Lac des Deux Montagnes”. It’s beautiful! But it’s cold! It’s about minus 20 (Celsius) With the windchill is about minus 25 My goal will be to get all the way to the middle of the lake and spend the night there. There is several little island like this on this lake. This is one of them. I’m gonna stop here, gathering some woods and I’m gonna make a fire in the middle… To warm myself tonight. There is one thing I’ve learned in winter camping. Is do not sweat! That’s why I open my jacket and make sure the sweat goes out. I’ve been hiking now for an hour There is at least 2 hours and a half of sunlight. before it gets too dark. So I’ve got to hurry up. Ok, I’m right now in the middle. The wind is coming from the east. So I don’t want my door facing east. This is from climbing equipment. Ice screw. And this is a good anchor for my tarp. Make a knot and tight it just here. So this is one and I’m gonna do the same thing with each corner. It’s important is to keep a very low ceiling to keep the heat. I’m gonna put snow all around so it will be windproof. Because the wind is a killer here. Just perfect! I feel inside the heat coming out my body. There is at least 8 feet long (to stretch yourself). It took me about a hour to do it. Very easy to do. I can’t wait to spend the night here. I’m gonna make a small fire to warm up a bit myself, do some cooking and mostly just watch the beautiful sunset. I just got some ice, I’m gonna make some water, boil it and I will had some moose meat and vegetables. That will be a good stew for tonight. There is not a lot of heat coming inside, because the fire is very small, but still, it’s peace for the soul. Hey everyone, it’s cold! The worst when you do winter camping is to wake up, get up and dress yourself and get out. This is no easy thing… Ok, one step at the time! I’m on the lake, waking up!, 7 o’clock, beautiful morning. It was cold, I slept and woke up, my feet cold very cold, but I spent the night! I had a good time, I’m happy now. I’m ready for a coffee! That was Billy Rioux, spending the night on the lake. Thanks for watching, see you next time.

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