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Importance of Survival Skills


guys this is awesome and it’s so nice
out hey yo what’s going on guys this Pappa Jake here from Team Billy and we
are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing something very
awesome Logan what are we doing oh we’re trying to do the winter camping thing
again exactly but this time we’re doing it with a tent J that’s true we are
doing the tent if you guys don’t remember we tried to do the winter
arctic box for challenge a few weeks back maybe like three weeks ago now and
I have to have Nick gasps I know it’s hard it’s hard to say we failed we
failed you guys and you guys don’t during the summer during the fall all
over twenty-four our challenges were successful this one was the hardest
mainly because of how cold it was we got you know a decent amount through the
night and then we had to call it off it was just way too cold to do but this
time guys we’re doing it again we told you we would come back and try it and
that’s why we are tackling this with science Logan so we’ve got a head and
we’ve got a bunch of new tools a bunch of new survival gear that is gonna help
us survive the 24 hour Arctic box for challenge and guys if we do this if we
succeed that means we can do the video that we’ve been talking about for a long
time which is we will go out into the legitimate wild and do an Arctic box
sport ice fishing challenge whether or not we catch fish I don’t know I’m not a
great fisherman but nonetheless guys we will be doing that do not forget though
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this out so this is some of the cool stuff that we got through this challenge
very warm and comfy hats I gotta admit I didn’t buy this because it looked warm
at bot eggs it look cool it’s a night hat seems like you wear it and then it’s
got a little night thing like it’s like your knight in shining armor look all of
our you know warm clothes from the last time we did this challenge but we’ve got
some new tools up our sleeve we have thermal blankets this is what we’re
gonna use we use this a lot in the summer and these
be cool this is pure science guys so I know this looks like Oh Jake what is
this it’s just it’s just tinfoil this is something around my luncheon oh no this
is a piece of paper this will keep you as warm as a real blanket how cool is
that and we’re gonna line an exterior layer of our box force with this stuff
to keep the entire thing warm on top of that we have now we’re gonna use this as
the main base of the box work we’re gonna create the box word around this
tent so it’s not only gonna be structurally safe which last time we
realized in the cold and snow the box store just falls apart it’ll also add an
extra layer protection and warmth now if you’re thinking Jake how are you gonna
survive out there you’re gonna need water you’re gonna
need food well of course we have our handy dandy MREs but we also bought a
life straw because Logan there’s a lot of yellow snow out there
and if you have to drink yellow snow you’re gonna want one of the I’m not
drinking at Yellowstone hey you drink brown snow with this it does not matter
guys don’t drink brown snow or yellow snow the guy in the picture on the box
that guy was drinking out of a brown liquor no one’s gonna be drinking yellow
snow you know no one’s drinking yellow so poop regardless you know you won’t
have one of these when you go out and it’s a it’s a safety feature kills 99.9%
of germs and you can don’t drink your safe water that way we also have a brand
new table and a bunch of other cool stuff but before we get into that guys
we need to get the structure down all right we need to know exactly what we’re
building before we go outside because once we’re out there we’re out on the
cold if we need water or food we can’t just walk back inside our house because
if we’re doing this out in the forest there is no house before we go out there
we’re gonna build the tent in here and we’re also gonna build our thermal box
what layer once we have the design down then we’re gonna bring it outside and
survive for 24 hours all right so I’ve never exactly built a
tent before but it looks really cool so we’ll look at it Logan do you know to
build tents Jake of course I know how to be able to take this that’s good because
I’m a bit confused here so we’ve got these rods which are actually kind of
fun they snap together like so it’s a very very long rod and I’m playing
around this is important stuff that needs to somehow transform that into a
tent outside box for videos we have never once used a tent in fact that is
the first time I’ve ever made a tent and I think I did a good job it’s got this
door system here which you can go inside come on buddy
this is kind of cozy to be honest with you though us camping in our box sports
I can say I think we do a bit a bit of a better job man the tent is looking
pretty sweet right now as you can see it does it’s small but it does have enough
room for the both of us what we need to do is we need to do two
things one we’ve gotta line this thing with our mats because we need to sleep
in here but two we also have to make that thermal box fort layer that’s gonna
cover this and make it extra warm so I think we need to start working on that
and then once that’s ready we can bring this outside and start our survival it is very cool and very shiny but the
awesome thing about this guys is this is a solid piece of thermal layering which
means anything on the other side of this is gonna be very warm so we made it in a
way that can actually pull it up and we’re gonna probably have to make two of
these up hold over the tent and create almost like a box board egg glue don’t
secure from the wind from the snow and of course the coal number one thermal
layer a little bit more and we’ll definitely need to make one that goes
over this way but I’ll ruin that it seems like it’s
working we thought like a chrome box for that just like blinds birds flying by
probably wouldn’t make most sense so we’re gonna keep it on the inside and I
think the outside makes it cool like boxford igloo looking effect so now
we’re gonna secure this get the second layer built once we have everything in
order then we can fold it all up bring it outside and start this challenge
before we head out I’m making ourselves some hot cocoa
got us a nice 24 hour lasting thermos for the 24 hour challenge so we’re gonna
make some nice hot cocoa because that’s gonna keep us warm on this cold night
when we’re outside so let’s get this filled up once we’ve got this we’ve got
all of our other stuff packs so we’re gonna head out let’s start setting up
camp tonight definitely have a good we definitely have a good window looking
out on this Arctic tundra that we have here but I think the first things first
it’s really freezing there’s a lot of leafy it’s very windy and yeah we’ve
never shoveled back here so there’s just the lots and lots of snow so we’re gonna
set this thing up get our thermal layer out and get inside quickly alright guys check it out welcome to our
Arctic box welcome inside guys how sweet is this
we’ve got the entire place decked out I went ahead and I set up our mats from
the snow but it is so warm in here with the extra layer of the box for it on top
it basically cuts out all the wind it cuts out a ton of the cold and makes it
that much more homey and not much more cozy in here and I’ve got all of our
supplies I’ve got a radio here which I’ve already got some tunes going but
anyway we got the radio we’ve got extra flashlights for when it gets dark I’ve
got our bag here our thermos over there with all of our stuff it even has a
hanging thing here so you can actually hang our light up here if we want to you
know chill and relax tonight maybe read a book and just add some extra light to
the box for it we just have to bring in a sleeping bag shut the door and we’re
good to go but honestly I at first I was like when we get in here we’re gonna
have to close everything down and huddle up it’s warm in here like it’s genuinely
warm I don’t think there’s gonna be an issue like that it is warm I don’t even
need to zip it up so I might leave that open so I can enjoy some of the nature
outside and just kind of you know how fun and relaxed but I went for Logan
he’s grabbing this last bit of gear he’s gonna jump in here as well and then it’s
survival time guys you ready to come in dude we almost
oh I forgot about these dzv super-comfy all right come on in man this place is
so sweet yeah shoes off it is so cozy in here we grab the sleeping bag so now
it’s even more comfy so you come on inside we even have lights that show
them you can hang a lantern from here so I see we closed it up let it get a
little bit warm in here and chill out for a bit all right
closer up like this guys and there you go we have the tent layer we have the
secondary tent layer and the box fort thermal layer that was modified with
thermal blankets to keep us warm from both the wind snow and of course the
cold here do our last one man our last one we were like huddled up like in our
sleeping bags in snow pants in my jacket this I don’t have my shoes on I don’t
have snow pants on and I’m not even that cold also since we’re on so much snow it
feels like we’re lying on a pillow or like a nice bed yeah it’s so comfy and
check out my head you look interesting awesome honestly guys I know we say this
a lot but I think this is the most comfortable box word I’ve been in in a
long time I love listening to the cold wind outside but I’m like Oh warm and
here I’m like oh it’s so cold out there you guys can probably hear it and like
see it flapping but it’s just all nice and cozy inside all right guys so we’ve
been in the box for for a little while now just kind of hanging out chilling
relaxin since the sun’s going down you know it’s getting close to dinner but
it’s not dinner yet I thought I have some hot cocoa originally I was like
y’all I’m gonna save this for tomorrow morning but already I’m like I really
want some hot cocoa so we’re gonna have some of this and just kind of hang out
for a little bit longer and then we’re gonna start dinner pretty soon I’m
actually starving like I’m ready for dinner now the coal takes a lot out of
you guys like if if you don’t know this if you’re out in the cold you get hungry
fast because you burn so many more calories so we probably didn’t bring
enough food but we do have a lot of hot cocoa and the MREs are pretty good so
that’s gonna be good mmm I cannot tell you how good it is so good
all right so still daytime you only the only thing I’m a little bit worried
about is the Sun still going down and as soon as it gets dark it’s gonna get a
lot colder I’m still a little bit worried once it gets to night time how
cold it will be because you know during the day the sun’s out it is a lot warmer
but once it gets that cold nights especially like late night where we
failed a last challenge like 2:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m. kind of mark that’s the worst
time for cold so luckily we do over sleeping bags we ever coat on this place
is way warm I think we’re good agree we might be a little cold but it’s a lot
better than last time I guess so update for you we’ve been in
the box for a while now and we’re kind of chilling like not napping but
snoozing and there’s a massive gust of wind right now but we had to put the box
for a part back on and the weird thing is guys the second it flew off it got
really cold in here like more noticeably cold than before so
I’m putting the roof back on it looks crazy so the temperature definitely has
dropped you can kind of see I guess you can’t really see my breath but it
definitely got a lot colder when that fell off and of course when we open the
door so I hope once we get this back on and we just reseal the door it will be
warm but it is starting to get pretty cold in here the cocoa is still warm oh that’s good that’s really good man all
the heats gone out now if I get the heat back in here but I guess I guess I think
now we’re gonna start making dinner hopefully that will also warm us up we
got some snacks and stuff I’m gonna break up the MRE let’s see what’s for
dinner though this is what we have for dinner if you guys have seen our box for
survival videos before you’ll recognize this but this is our MRE the cool thing
about this is all you need is a little bit of water
you don’t need fire you don’t need anything like that and it will cook a
meal for you plus it comes with all the essentials you need to survive out in
the wilderness so let’s open this up and see what we have for tonight alright
here we go looks like we have cheese tortellini
this will last year’s like you literally you can put this on your shelf it’ll
last years but this is it this is a bag of
cheese tortellini and this is gonna get heated up we have some crackers too to
snack on napkins rice and beans oh we have one more thing it’s a pop-tart
it’s my favorite snack comes in these we got a strawberry pop-tart okay now I’m
happy now I’m happy but right so this is our heater so I’m
gonna get everything set up this will take about 10 minutes to cook nice warm
meal inside our box board in the middle of an Arctic winter wonderland all right
guys I’m all bundled up pretty cozy cozy oh my and again this is a million times
better than our last one outside we got to eat so we need to set up to dinner
which means making the table all right guys check it out we’ve got
ourselves a nice little camping table here so we can put our food on it we can
enjoy our dinner you know put water down guess we’ll know don’t leave it there
and we don’t worry about it getting all messy around the the actual court itself
but are you pretty nice thank you dinner is served it comes in a bag and
dessert comes in a bag but least it’s warm that’s good so let’s
open this up guys and see what we got all right here we go I know you’re
thinking Papa Jake this does not look like a five-star restaurant cheese
tortellini a– but don’t get me wrong this is five stars in its own way warm
food out in the middle of a freezing Arctic tundra is five stars of my books
take a look at that it probably looks pretty gross but it smells amazing amazing
as its Jeff boy he’s really good awesome this is exactly what you need when
you’re cold just a nice warm oh now it’s time for dessert
Logan has his crackers but I have my pop-tart I’m so excited for this
normally only get these in the breakfast meals we got ourselves a pop is done dinner is done so I think it’s
time now I don’t think we go to bed yet cuz we’re you know still awake it’s
actually no idea what time it is I don’t know if the radio has a clock on it but
it is dark out and one of the good things that what I was a little
concerned about was warming back up it is definitely warm back up in the air
like you can’t see my breath anymore it also feels great I don’t know that’s
because the food or make sure just like when the box we put it back on and
closed it up again but feel a lot better and I know if you guys remember our last
attempt at this it was definitely nowhere near as happy as this it was a
very cold hard night I’m actually excited to kind of cozy up and just
relax a little bit so we’re gonna tear down our table and get ready for bed
Jake’s pretty much asleep alright guys well I think it is time for us to hit
the hay it is getting very late so far
everything is going as it was planned to go it’s warm I mean I should says warm
it’s bearable in here from what we’re learning from this I think we could
definitely do box for ice fishing and guys don’t forget if you want more of
these videos and especially for us to do box for ice fishing don’t forget to
smash the like button down below I’m trying to get 50,000 likes on this video
I think we can do it but like you said guys I think it’s time to hit the hay so
we’re gonna turn off your lights we will update you it’ll either be the morning
which is the optimal waking up or we might wake up in the middle of the night
something happens so we’ll see you guys next time hello again we have just woken up in the
box for it there is daylight outside which means
this challenge was a success we successfully completed the 24 hour
arctic box for I’m just so comfortable this was a very comfy box for it to be
in at night it was way better than last one we did and by far much warmer we
brought more supplies this time we learned from our last thing you know
that’s what it’s all about you learn from your failures so you can succeed
the next time and that’s exactly what we did we still have a lot to learn about
ice fishing them that’s true like other than knowing that we can survive out in
the wilderness I don’t know how to ice fish in fact I’m not exactly a good
fisherman there so maybe we should start with that but anyway guys if you do
wants to do that don’t forget to hit the like button down below we’re trying to
get 50,000 likes to do an ice fishing box for it it wasn’t too bad admit like
there is a few times I woke up during the night but we did not have that like
final wake-up like we did the last time when we failed oh the Box did fly off
during the night I heard that there was like a mass of the flume and then the
whole thing fell off it did get colder it did get a little bit less some I
guess cozy in here when the Box did fly off but nonetheless we did survive and I
think it’s snowing or raining it’s so tired Wow knowing yo that’s a lot of snow it’s
like a winter wonderland out there that is so sweet
guys this is awesome it is so nice out oh you’re kind of adjusting we are we
are Zig tundra when this thing flew off it was pretty early on the night look at
what snow was on this been crazy well I still held up which is good thing
to know for out in the middle of the wilderness I think this proves a point
we successfully completed the challenge which means our survival videos are
gonna get a whole lot more epic of course guys if you enjoyed this video be
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button and if you do click the bell button so you never miss one of Pappa
Jake’s plays and videos and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome

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