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Exploring an Uninhabited Island | Wildlife Photography & Wild Camping | Nikon Z7 + 300mm f/2.8G VRII

right let’s see if I can get across
without dropping everything in the sea right hi folks welcome to the northwest
coast of Scotland and the Summer Isles not that it’s very summery today it is
windy and it is raining which is sad really because I’m up here for a week and
typically it was quite nice weather last week when I was at work and now I’m
on holiday and it’s pish hmm I’m just across from the Summer Isles and most of
the Summer Isles are only accessible by boat or sea kayak or whatever but this
one you can actually wade to at low tide and it’s just coming up to low tide now
so I’m going to try and wade across with my camera gear and my camping gear and
spend all of this afternoon and all of tomorrow morning pottering about on the
island and I’ll see if I can find anything interesting the photograph so
over to the island we go right let’s see if I can get across
without dropping everything in the sea so yeah made it across without getting
anything too wet and yeah it’s gorgeous over here it’s really really nice I’ve
already seen some seals and I’ve seen some eider but I think my first priority
needs to be getting my tent pitched because it’s dry just now I don’t know
if it’s gonna rain again later so I really ought to get my shelter made up
first and then go off and look for wildlife but I’m just going to sit here
and let my feet dry first before Iput my wellies on because you know it’s nice right so that’s camp set up and I’ve had
a cup of tea and the weather’s held off now it’s way way better than when I was
driving over here I’m really glad if it had stayed like that I think this would
have ended up being video in which I went to an island set up my tent went
inside it and drank whisky for the rest of the night I might do that later
anyway so it’s time to go and explore and see what life I can find I was here
last June and I photographed some seals and so I think what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna walk along there just now and see what I find if the seals are there then
I’ll try and creep up on them take some photos there also some eider out there
so I might try and get some photos of them I’ve got the 300mm f/2.8
lens on the Nikon Z7 and I’ve got the 1.4x teleconverter on as well now I
know that in the video where I compared the 300 2.8 to the 200-500 zoom I
concluded that for a kind of opportunistic wildlife adventure such as
this one I should probably take the 200-500 because it would be more
versatile but this is still new to me so I’m still learning it and really more to
the point it’s new to me and I want to play with it so I’ve brought this
instead of the 200-500 so let’s go and see what I can find so the first part of my plan
to go and see the eiders worked out quite nicely then I walked along further
around the coast towards where I’d seen the seals last year and I’ve encountered
a bit of a problem it’s a bit of a silly problem really I’ve only ever been here
at low tide and then I’ve spent a couple of hours here and then I’ve gone back
before the tide comes in and what I haven’t really realized I think is that
the place where the seals hang out is on a separate kind of peninsula that’s now
cut off by the tide so I can’t go over there so instead what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna try and get myself even closer down to the water edge here with a view
out over the bay and I’m gonna put the camouflage netting over myself and I’m
just gonna sit there for a little while and see what comes along there are
definitely a couple of seals here I can see one right now in fact
just looking out across the bay and I’m pretty sure I spotted a diver a minute
ago as well and that would be really nice too that came close enough to take
some pictures so yeah talk to you again if I see something so there wasn’t much going on in that
bay in the end I saw the seal a couple of times so there a couple of seals in
fact but the diver never made another appearance I think that might be a
better location for the morning so I’ll probably end up going there first thing
so now I’m just going to wander around a bit further on the coast this is a bit
of the island I’ve never been to before so it’s kind of a hill here I’m just
going to see what’s on the other side of it and then if I see something and talk
to you again and if not probably talk to you back at camp Ooh red-throated diver what a treat
I was just wandering down to that lochan to have a look at it because I
nearly camped there if there hadn’t been a water source where I have camped
that’s where I was going to come to but yeah when I was still above the lochan
I saw the diver on there and so yeah I put my stuff down and I crawled very
very carefully down to the water’s edge and yeah the lights not the best it’s
gone a bit cloudy now but still I think I’ve got some video and oh it was wonderful
just watching it for a bit there now I didn’t spend very long there and I
certainly didn’t do any vlogging down there because I would imagine the reason
that it’s on this little lochan this that it’s got a nest there and that
means it’ll have either eggs or chicks and it’ll be wanting to get to get back
to those so I wanted to minimize the length of time that I was there and so I
was there for a few minutes took a little bit of video a couple of pictures
but they’re really grainy and now I’ve backed well well away I’m completely out
of sight of the lochan now so the lights really start to fade now so I
think it’s time to go back down to that awesome beach where I’ve camped and make
myself some dinner and yeah I’ll continue this video tomorrow morning
because I’ll probably go back and see if I can find some seals hauled out on the
rocks so see you then well morning it’s beautiful here
absolutely gorgeous last night was great sitting here on the beach had my little
fire had my dinner actually watched an otter run across the
beach just as it was getting really dark I didn’t even try and pick up my camera
there was no point and yeah I had a comfortable night here it’s rained a
little bit in the night and the rain’s coming in every now and again today but
it’s still absolutely cracking it’s way better weather than yesterday morning
and I’m still really pleased that it’s changed like that so yeah my day started
with the opening the tent to see that female eider and her chicks just here
right in front of the tent in the surf yeah so then I made my coffee and
breakfast and I’ve just been sitting here and there’s actually quite a lot going
on in this bay there are mergansers there’s a diver there are a few seals
around there’s obviously that eider and her family so yeah pretty good just here
I’m going to sit here and finish my coffee and then I’m going to walk along
the coast again in a similar direction to yesterday and find somewhere to sit
and see if I can get some pictures of all this wildlife that I can see in the
bay oh what an excellent morning even before
I’d left camp and saw a merganser that came and sat on the beach for a bit and
then just as I was on my way round the coast that seal had hauled up really
quite close to where I was camping I was able to stalk along between the boulders
and actually get really quite close and spent a good few minutes watching it
there that was really great so I pottered further along the shore and
the tide receded enough that I could get out to this peninsula where I’d seen the
seals last year and that’s where I am just now but the seals aren’t here I
couldn’t find any I’m sort of tracked around for a bit I think maybe the tide
isn’t quite low enough yet and they’ll haul out in another hour or so when the when the water’s really low but by then I need to be back at camp and
sorting myself out to go back cross to the mainland and go across the campsite
where there are exciting things like showers I’ve been wild camping for three
nights now I hope you’ve enjoyed this video it’s been a cracking day out here
it’s lovely last night as well to be honest this bright sunshine isn’t as
good for photography it’s the bright overcast light that we had last night
but I’m in no position to complain it is fantastic out here so yeah if you
enjoyed the video please like it share it leave a comment and if you like what
I’m doing with the YouTube channel please consider subscribing if you
haven’t already and yeah I will see you on the next one thanks very much for
watching goodbye

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