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24 thoughts on “Expedition: Endurance Final Thoughts

  • our group just played The Marcy Case last week and now we're selling the game. The first one was difficult and puzzley which we enjoyed for a while but felt it ended up over staying its welcome. The second was simple and quick with really no choices so we're done. It's interesting but not really that great of a game figuring in that you've got to pay to play every time. I'm glad to see that this story isn't going to change my mind and make me regret getting rid of it.

  • I have enjoyed No Pun Included's videos so good to see them in this final thoughts. You had a great dynamic in your discussion of the game. (I have yet to play any TIME stories games – will need to rectify that some day!)

  • I like Rahdo when he does his runthroughs, but, heck, let your guests finish talking! 🙁
    Love no pun included as well! Very nice guys!

  • Enjoying it aside, do you believe part of the less enthusiastic reception is because the wow factor is finally wearing off for you? I'd like to know your opinion of Asylum or even Marcy Case after you've run through them a second time.

  • What could have helped, is play the game with 3-4 people. LIKE THE BOX SAYS! No way this scenario can be completed in 1 run ,with correct rules …

  • Whoa. This is not my style of game at all, but glad I checked into the Final Thoughts… great conversation, would listen to all these people forever.
    Also, Rahdo looks mildly gigantic.

  • We finished the case in our second run today. With two players and with some luck in the dice roles we were not able to discover the twists the "red" cards might have to offer. I think I never said this about any of my numerous games or any other game I played but – at least with two players – it is kinda broken…. really disappointed and sad about the lack of excitement and tension… I might try the next scenario but if this is not an improvement again- I am out of Time stories…

  • This was actually my favorite expansion. I loved the theme and the 'twist' was a nice surprise. However, Asylum is still my favorite scenario. Really looking forward to future expansions.

  • You can to each other even with the dog. The rules state that your receptacles are linked to each other. So it doesn't matter if you are a dog

  • The "shtick" as you put it was great in this one, but I still think the one at the end of The Marcy Case is still my favorite.

  • Sad to see they aren't learning from their mistakes. I wonder if they shortened the completion/complexity in order to accommodate a single session (I've found that most groups don't have time to do more than 2 runs in one sitting).

  • Hi! I've enjoyed all your reviews of the various Time Stories scenarios, and I want to know, how important is it that the scenarios are played in order? If I play a later scenario will it spoil the earlier scenarios? I want to try these games, but I'd prefer to play the more interesting (to me) scenarios first. Also, how would you say Time Stories as a whole compares to other "Escape Room" games, like Unlock or the Exit Series?

  • The whole insanity quirk thing really shines with 4 players, but also still works well with three but I can see how it falls short with just two characters. We had played it with our usual 3 player set up (husband, bestie & me) when it came out but never got around to finishing it after our first play and started over with another friend a few weeks ago and even the difference between 3 and 4 was already big. We had to be SO careful with our insanity stuff going on, I even had an awesome combo of stuff happening that felt amazingly thematic. From now on we'll continue playing with 4, the game really is at its best at that player count. 🙂

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