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Even makes up a game to be with Suji [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

Even makes up a game to be with Suji [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

(Meanwhile…) It smells like basil. – You should… / – Should I try it? Try it and see what it tastes like. (Lovey-dovey) It’s good. – Would you like to try it? / – No. I don’t want to. Try it. (They’re finding love properly) I like it. – It’s good. / – It’s good. Let’s make some more. (They’re getting along well) Jiho, you should bring one for her. (Right. There’s a way) (He pulls something out) This is… (You’re using that at last) Suji. – It’s the pie. / – That so-called mother’s hand pie? – Yes. / – That’s what I ordered before. He left me to run to buy those. (During the Mart Date earlier…) I like the so-called mother’s hand pie. (Running) Where is… (If she wants it, he finds it) I found it. I have to run back. (He got the snack just for Suji) Thank you. You have a small mouth. (When did he make such a cheap move?) – Why don’t we… / – Then… Play a game? – Just like that? / – I mean… We’ll play a game. The game of wit, begin! One. – 2. / – 3. – 4. / – But… 5. Nice. – 6. / – 6. (The two are chosen) (Wait. Is that…) You have to be apart now. What? You two made a mistake. Am I right? – He’s weird. / – We have no other choices. He’s being weird. He’s going to do what he wants. – Let’s go. / – That was good. Hurry up. Stop crying. Look at him. – This is… / – No. I’m the king. – I won’t move. / – You have to. – No! / – What kind of a game is this? You two made a mistake at the same time. So naturally… – What is this? / – Let’s go. No. It’s very natural. – Sit down. / – I don’t think this is right. I started it. It’s okay. Let’s give it up! Let’s go. (He’s working very hard for his friend’s sister) Welcome. Now… – Take a seat here. / – This is unusual. This is… Do we sit like this? Yes. Now… – Gyuha, you were chosen. / – Yes. You can continue with the game. – Just choose anything. / – What should I do? The purpose is to switch seats. – Really? / – As soon as we switch seats… We’re going to start eating. – Let’s play the initial… / – Initial consonant game? – Do you know how to play? / – Yes. – Yes. / – Yes. Korean “K” and “S.” – Master. / – Singer. That’s not how you play. Fake. I got it. Modesty. (Please…) I got it. Sue. You’re the last one. Come on out. Hey. Gyuha. You may choose who you want to sit in his seat. Who should I choose? (I trust you, Gyuha) (How dare you?) – Then… / – He’s pressuring him. I’m massaging his shoulders. They’re going to break. I’ll choose Sangwon. You… Wait. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. – It’s alright. / – Right. I’m sorry. So the game ends with no benefit for me. (They’re the victims of this game) (Don’t give up yet, Jiho) Shouldn’t David start? He switched seats. Right. (We’re playing one more game?) We call our body parts that are in one syllable. – One of our body parts. / – Right. – I like that. / – I like that. We can keep going around until it ends. – Brain. / – Brain. – Nose. / – Eye. – Mouth. / – Ear. Hurry up. – Wait a minute. / – In 3, 2, 1. There are so many! I’m so disappointed I couldn’t think of one. (You’re doing great) We have no choice. Does the loser choose the seat this time? (He chooses the penalty as he pleases) He made another rule. You’re going to bring it there? Where are you going? We have to try it since we made it. He’s looking at you. I’m crying. (What are you doing? Move) I’m crying. He went to the seat he wanted. It was cute. He was stubborn, but he was so persistent. I found that refreshing. We’ve played enough games. What? Now we can eat, and have a conversation. – You always have it your way. / – Is it over now? Wasn’t the host being too mean? Here. Try one. I put a lot of effort. You’ve caused chaos here, and you’re over there having a good time. I saw that this is how people do it. Wasn’t it? I used to always play fair. But someone was breaking the rules. So I became stubborn once. (He looks away) – I’m actually an introvert. / – Sure. I mean it. But if I had stayed in that seat before, it felt like it was going to end just like that. (Fluttering heart) (Have you noticed my feelings now?) (How will they turn out to be?)

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