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Ep. 124: Rockport-Fulton, Texas | RV travel camping

Ep. 124: Rockport-Fulton, Texas | RV travel camping

Hey friends, welcome back to Grand
Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this
episode we are paying a quick visit to the bayfront towns of Rockport and Fulton, Texas. So stay tuned! So if you’re one of our Grand
Adventurers, you know that we don’t stay in RV parks very often, although on the
swing through Texas, by necessity we’ve definitely exceeded our average. However,
this may be one of the prettiest parks, definitely one of the best
maintained parks that we’ve stayed in. Look at this place, look at these
beautiful crooked oak trees! This is really kind of special. We’re in a place
called Drifters Resort RV park. Qe’re about midway between the towns of
Rockport and Aransas Pass along the Texas coastline north of Corpus Christi.
We’ll show you a little bit about the park ,and we’ll show you around the
Rockport and Fulton areas along this beautiful stretch of Texas coastline, so
stay with us, come along for the ride. There are seemingly countless RV parks
in the Rockport area and we’ve chosen Drifters Resort. We’re paying $35 per
night for our stay and all sites include 20, 30 and 50-amp electricity, water, sewer,
cable TV and Wi-Fi. Most sites are large enough to accommodate a boat trailer
along with your RV. Many folks seem to leave their rigs here during the week
and visit every weekend, so our midweek visit to this Rockport RV park is very,
very quiet. There’s plenty of room between sites, and the grounds are
meticulously manicured. There’s an extensive and reasonably
priced laundry facility, a beautiful swimming pool, and a spacious grassy dog
run all located on the grounds of Drifters Resort. Drifters Resort is only about a quarter
mile back from the shores of Aransas Bay on Texas’s Live Oak Peninsula. It’s
separated from the Gulf of Mexico by San José Island, also referred to as St.
Joseph’s Island. Resources such as shrimp, fish, oysters and oil are found in
or near the bay, and contribute mightily to the local economies. The Twin Cities of Rockport and Fulton
line the western shore line of Aransas Bay. Tourism is a prosperous industry,
with visitors arriving to fish, bird or sightsee. Given the location of Aransas
Bay, shipping has always been a major industry. Following the Civil War, the
meatpacking industry became a major source of income for ports on the bay,
especially Rockport and Fulton where numerous slaughterhouses were
constructed. On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall near the city as a
category 4 storm, causing one death in catastrophic damage. About 20% of
Rockport’s population was displaced by Hurricane Harvey. In 1867, George Fulton and his wife, Texas
heiress Harriet Smith Fulton, moved to her extensive land holdings on the Live
Aak Peninsula. Fulton also took an interest in the development of Rockport,
as well as creating the town of Fulton further up the coastline. When the couple
finished building their home in 1877, known today as the Fulton Mansion State
Historic Site, the residence dubbed “Oakhurst” by its owners featured the most
up-to-date conveniences for the time, such as indoor plumbing reaching sinks
in every bedroom, gas lighting and central heating, along with three
bathrooms and two built-in copper tubs. In the 1950s the grounds of Fulton
Mansion were actually an RV park, until the state of Texas purchased the
property in 1976. We’re disappointed to find the mansion
closed during our visit, although the state’s free visitor center and museum
remains open daily. Looking for some fresh seafood, we’re
visiting Moondog, a charming eatery right on the waterfront in Fulton. We can heartily recommend Moondog’s
cajun-style crab cakes and fresh fried Texas Gulf shrimp, as well as their house-smoked brat and brisket. Now, people say that we can’t come to Texas without at
least trying Whataburger, so we took a shot at this. Whataburger was founded in 1950 in
Corpus Christi, still owned by the family of founder Harmon Dobson. Most of the
company’s restaurants are still in Texas. We’ll probably take some heat for saying
this but after finally trying a Whataburger we were left somewhat unimpressed. So we truly hope that you’ve enjoyed
coming along with us to the Rockport area of Texas! Coming up next week we’re
going to be heading north to the Canyon Lake area outside of San Antonio, so if
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each and every episode. Until next week from Canyon Lake, remember please … life is
nothing but a Grand Adventure! We’ll see you then.

40 thoughts on “Ep. 124: Rockport-Fulton, Texas | RV travel camping

  • Great mini review of the area. I look forward to your presentation. I was looking online at the various RV parks around South Padre Island on the mainland side… and when I zoomed in on the satellite images they were nothing but industrial sites with the ability to accommodate some dry camping.

    There are many horrendous accommodations on the mainland around the Gulf Coast of South Texas. So your recommendations here are a great resource.


  • Beautiful RV park in this video, with another side of some American historical facts. ??. Marc, I caught your story…. PLEASE be careful out there. Keep your head on a swivel. See ya next week. ??

  • Ok. We will go to Moondog on Nov. 9th. It is my 60th birthday. To bad your Whataburger was not great. It is hit or miss. Some of the cooks get sloppy and just throw them together. I have had fantastic ones and ones like yours…not impressive.

  • It will be interesting to hear your take on I use to go there before it was "discovered" by the newer generations.
    The Guadalupe river should be fun and not as crowded as during the season. It is a top destination for tubers, canoers and kayakers.

  • Marc & Patricia so glad to know you two are fine for a moment thought you were the RV couple that was

    murdered on our S Padre area that you just left such a tragedy they had their RV & Truck stolen and taken to

    Mexico. Enjoy the town area in Rockport they have lots of Antique stores and just fun places to visit. Looking forward to you coming to Canyon Lake my son and family live there. Enjoy!

  • Marc, slick flying by the trailer in the beginning. There are some Whataburger in NM and I agree with you assessment.

  • Mark do you ask for permission to fly your drone at an RV campground or do you check via website before you arrive?

  • Good Evening Marc ☕️! First, another great cinematic work of art! Second, on behalf of all Texans I apologize for your Whataburger experience, please give another location a try before you leave Texas and remember you can customize it anyway you like. I recommend caramelize onions with jalapeños add mayo! As a teen, I remember going to Rockport with my grandparents and getting fresh crab off the boats and having them BBQ which consisted of a rub of seasonings, then grilled. Thanks again and safe travels ☕️

  • Marc, we can always expect your honesty! Sometimes the results of what you review are good sometimes not so good. We know you are not patronizing anybody with your opinions. Continue to stay real!

  • Another great video presentation, Marc. The area is relatively classy. Really nice RV park. Glad you spent the time reviewing it.

    When I first came to Texas back in late 2008, I was in South Houston just after Hurricane Ike. Whataburger was Waterburger… Their logo with the wavey "W" said it all, based upon the local flooding and wind damage.


  • Mark,you truely do have a gift! I always enjoy your videos but not just for the camera work but your research that you put in them. All of that and you speak at a speed that my slow mind really appreciates. How are things in the cold north country? You are the only ones that I know that go north for the winter. If you see some people dressed in whites and carrying a big net RUN. Good luck to both of you.

  • So glad to see you got to Rockport. I went there to see Whooping Cranes in 1981 and stayed 15 years. 🙂 It took a grievous hit from Hurricane Harvey. I can tell from looking at the RV resort shots that the tree canopy is still piteously thin. Normally you would not be able to see much sky through the dense oak foliage. The leaning trees face away from the prevailing winds, which never seem to stop blowing.

  • Excellent as usual Marc. Got to make it to Corpus one of these days! Looks great. Awaiting your Canyon Lake episode, hopefully visiting the area soon ?

  • Very well produced video . . . AGAIN ? Marc . Being from N.Y. I never seen Oak trees like that before. Amazing . Thanks for the Adventure . Very Nice Views !

  • One additional comment. I don't know if you have been cautioned yet about fire ants. You may not have run into them in your northern travels but they are common in Texas. Do a search on them to find out more.

  • If you guys are ever in the area again you should check out Steerburger, it's right next to the RV resort you were staying at and has AMAZING burgers.

  • Makes me want to return to Rockport very soon! Thanks! If you pass through Abilene, try Mr. G's Burgers there, with a large shake. Split the shake, they were really big.

  • Born and raised in Texas, 65 years old. Been eating Whataburger all my life and they are not as good as they use to be. One reason I believe is the meat has gotten so thin. I once told a Whataburger manager that if this meat gets any thinner it will qualify as a vegiburger!

  • Surprising about your Whataburger experience. I find they are usually good but sometimes you might get a rogue. If you like burgers and your headed towards Galveston give “The Spot” a try.

  • I recall when I was about 12 or so visiting Rockport and Port Lavaca to see my Grandmother Betty's cousins who owned the Clegg House Shrimp boats down there. They took us on a tour of the boats and packing plant, and I feel like that was a real life visit to a "Bubbagump" story. :-). Love the video, brings back a lot of memories – Tabetha

  • I tend to agree about your assessment of Whataburger. When you come back through New Mexico you will need to try a green Chile cheeseburger. Buckhorn at I-25 and 380, Blakes Lotaburger is a New Mexico chain that is better than Whataburger. Enjoy your adventures.

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