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EFL Video I: Essential for Living — What It’s All About

EFL Video I: Essential for Living — What It’s All About

well let’s talk a little bit about what this curriculum means and what it’s about it’s about people with all sorts of disabilities it’s about children and adults it’s about people that have severe problem behavior and those who don’t it’s about people who don’t have a method of speaking or they have a method of speaking but it’s not going to last them a lifetime and they’re constantly away from it and it doesn’t fit the CAFE criterion — remember that — Continuously Available, Frequently used, and Effortless that’s very easy to remember… if it doesn’t pass that muster, it doesn’t have much chance of getting
to the rest of your life, or to last, or to occur in circumstances other than
circumstances in which it was taught so Essential for Living is about a
Method of Speaking, it’s about the importance of having a Method of Speaking and then teaching those listener responses that make a difference in your life that would have permit you as an adult to be able to be in and about the community first off to make your family life better, then to make your life in the community better, and then to give you a sense of personal accomplishment, satisfaction and fulfillment and that starts with a
speaking repertoire but it also includes other listener skills — you have to wait, you have to accept ‘no’, and, you have to share, you have to take turns, and you have to transition, and you have to learn to do things you don’t want to do. And, to the extent that you don’t learn those kind of things, your life will be restricted that’s why we designated them the Essential Eight, because if you don’t learn those skills, then your life as an adult is
severely restricted. In fact, you don’t have to wait for it to be
restricted as an adult; it’s restricted right now… it’s restricted right now and then we put all these accommodations and all these supports in that we don’t fade well…what happens… you have to have those accommodations maybe the rest of your life…you know… then… what do you do…what do you do when you go someplace and the accommodations aren’t there and people will not provide them… then what happens… and then where are you… you know… and so we’ve just got to teach stuff like ‘waiting’ and ‘no’ we have to teach it or we’re ending up a place we don’t want to be as hard as it is and
we can start in and teach it gently and teach it easily and do our best to avoid
the tantrums; but we won’t avoid them we can just lessen the frequency of them and make sure people are safe and
Essential for Living tries to make sure that it reaches out to people who have
that level of behavior, who need that sort of teaching, they need to be taught those skills, but above all above all is the Mand
and always will be. We have little shirts that we had
made up years ago and it says on the front of the shirt ‘it’s all about Mands’;
it says it very simply ‘it’s all about Mands’ because it is… ‘it is all about Mands’ ‘no’ is terribly hard without Mands, ‘waiting’ is terribly hard without Mands,
‘transitioning’ is terribly hard without Mands, but, when you can control a small
portion of your life, accepting someone else’s control of other portions becomes
a whole lot easier, a whole lot simpler and so that’s what we try to do; and, of course, you can’t have a Mand without a Method of Speaking you have to have a way to exhibit your Mand and that’s the other part of Essential for Living that’s really, really, really important so, whenever somebody asks you… they say “what’s different about Essential for Living?” [other than it looks complicated] “what’s different about it” First, I’d like to hear people say “it’s about a Method of Speaking and it’s about the Essential Eight skills that will get you
to a happy and fulfilling adult life. That’s what I’d like people to say and then, if you want to add in this little piece — “and besides that it will measure small increments of learner progress” that would be nice too… I love to hear that too because I’d love that to be a part of what people value in it

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