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Discover Gamping – Garden Camping

Discover Gamping – Garden Camping The best idea for camping this summer? to go to someone’s house. I wanted to go camping at someone’s house
because you have to realize that you aren’t always able to find space for your camper in traditional campgrounds! And if you want a bit of space and a bit of tranquility.
Well, you have to fall back on this type of camping and this kind of site. We can no longer go wilderness camping today knowing that we don’t always have modern conveniences, showers and toilets with wilderness camping. but at someone’s house we can have all of that
and more, activities that we might not necessarily have elsewhere! All you you have to do is go to the website (
and make your choice depending on your journey or your planned vacation site,
then telephone and very quickly, people are at your disposal. Conclusion? I only have to wait for my wife to arrive with my grandchildren and hope we will have a good stay at Sophie’s. It cost Roland 12 euros per night. He has use of the pool, tennis courts and the spa.
He can use the shower and the bathroom and he can use the barbecue to cook his supper or even his lunch! People like nature and peace
and they especially like the fact of being able to do what they want at
whatever time they want. The pool doesn’t close at 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm.
I was supposed to stay for two or three days But I might stay longer. Oh well, listen! It’s no problem?
No problem! The idea of camping at someone’s house is that each host can propose his land to campers or car campers for a day, a week or a month. If you are a property owner you can go directly to the website (, add a few photos, a description, different services offered and fix a price. The advertisement is then directly online. At the moment, insurance is not available on the site but in the coming months we will offer
insurance for hosts to protect them against any damages
that may be caused by campers. There are 200 members and 70 sites all over France
and around the world such as Kenya, Brazil and Mexico. Visit Visit

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