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This is my “draw my life” Or “dessine ma vie” in French But saying “dessine ma vie” is kina pointless First I’ll talk about my parents who were born right here- in Romania. Pay no attention to England which looks like a… um… So Romania wasn’t the greatest place on Earth at the time because there was the Communist dictatorship. My parents told me that in Romania the people were forced to vote but for only one candidate… the dictator! So that didn’t leave much room for hesitation. And my grandma thought that was stupid so she didn’t want to go vote. But when the police showed up, well… she changed her mind. In the end, she wanted to vote. So my grandparents fled the dictatorship to arrive in France where life was a lot better. And that’s where my parents met Do you… do you think that Romania looks a bit like… Nemo? Eh? Never mind… I was born on May 12, 1989 in Nice under the palm trees and all the old people getting sunburned. I have an older brother, a little sister, and a little brother who likes riding hot cars! No I’m kidding, I’m kidding… He loves playing Minecraft That’s true. I’ve always been close to my big brother Especially his fist in my face. We fought all the time. I pinched his shoulder, He knocked my teeth out… It was fair. My big brother and I were opposites in a way. He was a bit of a terror. I know this because when I started 6th grade, A school supervisor told me “Oh no… not another Iov…” Gee, that really made me want to go to school! So I know that in all of the “Draw my Life”s, you have to say that you hated school and all that. But honestly I enjoyed school, except for this one kid who bullied me in 6th grade. But I saw him again two years later, after we all had grown and… Oh wait! He didn’t grow at all… So that made things a lot nicer I never had a ton of friends. There were a few of them but we were all the same. We loved creating random things and I still see them to this day. We spent our weekends and our holidays making up stories for comic books, making audio sketches, making music, and making games on RPG Maker. We… we were really geeky but we didn’t care. At the age of 16 I got a summer job in a hardware store. I had to carry really heavy things for the customers. It really sucked. But whenever I had some spare time I took a pen, and I secretly drew on bags of cement. Sometimes the customers asked for the bags with the drawings. Probably to make me happy. But it was all good. All of these creations that I made by myself or with my buddies, I put them on my blog. Except for the bags of cement of course… and one day, in 2007 I decided to make a video with my parents’ camcorder and put it on the Internet. And then… It exploded! Oh wait… Actually not at all… But no worries. I just wanted to make simple things. And websites like Dailymotion or YouTube let me do just that. So I continued and I made hundreds of videos. Even with a C average in German I got my BAC (French diploma). I had decided to go to a preparatory school for economics and advertisements And they told me: “No!” So I… I went to an economics school in Aix-en-Provence. This gave me more time than I would’ve had at the prep school to make videos on my blog. And during the school year “Yes, hello?” “Shhh!” They offered me a job in Paris to make videos for a news website. I hesitated a bit for about… one second, and I accepted. My parents didn’t really know if this was good or bad news. So they told me “If your Paris job doesn’t work out, will you go back to school?” “Of course, mom and dad”. I never stepped foot in a college again. After arriving in Paris I was lucky because I found a 180 m2 duplex at the heart of the city. Nope, I’m kidding! I slept on my the floor at my friend’s house but that was cool too! And best of all, I met people who were doing the same thing as me, making Internet videos. There were tall people, short people, teenagers, hairy people, and more short people. And together we became an online sensation! Oh no! Actually still no. But no big deal. At the time there were no big Internet personalities and no one was even making a living off of it. We made videos just because we liked it. And over time, there have been more and more of you watching these videos. Good thing we didn’t give up. One day I was asked to make videos on a TV channel every day. I had spare time. I couldn’t refuse. And I even managed to hire my friend Maxi Musqua to help me. We had a lot of fun. But I missed making Internet videos And that was where I was more at ease. So I stopped the TV show So the channel had to start showing reality TV shows that didn’t do so hot. Today the camcorder has changed a bit. But I’m still on the Internet. The weekends that I used to spend with my friends making things, that has become my daily life. And that’s thanks to you. So I thank you sincerely. I have plenty of ideas and plenty of projects that I can’t wait to show to you. But those will be in my next videos.

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