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Cute Animal Barn | MyCraft Minecraft Survival | Part 8

Cute Animal Barn | MyCraft Minecraft Survival | Part 8

*Music Playing* *Chuckles with laughter* Jess: Why are you looking?! I can— *more laughter* Jess: I love you but you– but I– I’m sorry, I swear. *still laughing* *Intro Music Jess: Do you ever feel like we need more sheep? Jason: NO. Jess: Why? Jason: Because look how big the pen is! Jason: I mean listen. If we breed like a couple more sheep, they’re not gonna be able to move at all. Jess: I mean they look happy. Jess: Look at them. Jason: Do they? Jason: I mean look, they have hardly any grass to eat. Like they’re all sniffing each others butts. Jason: And their like, man I’m gonna look less— Oh my goodness. Is that the manticore? Jess: What. WHAT. Jason: Um, we– is it— a skeleton is riding the manticore? Jess: Um what, what, what, WHAT? Jason: He’s coming, he’s coming. Jess: No, no, no he’s– they’re going. It’s a black manticore. Jason: What does that mean? What does this mean?! Jess: I don’t know I think it’s super powerful. Jason: Is it a manticore? Jess: I’m not sure it might be a skelecore. Jason: Should we try to fight it? Jess: Can– can we? I think we can take them. There’s two of us and— Jason: I– I don’t think we can honestly. I think he’s gonna destroy us. Jess: Well let’s… I mean you never know. I mean with the power of friendship and you know and all the— Jason: He’s burning in the sun though. Jess: No the skeleton is burning in the sun. Jess: The manticore on the other hand is perfectly fine. Jess: But I think he’s super powerful. Jason: Well he’s not shooting arrows at me yet… Jason: Oh he’s shooting arrows at you. Jess: WHHHHYYY MEEEE!? Jason: I think he’s like afraid. He’s like, “Oh no my master, he’s dead!” Jess: My friend! My— Jason: Where you going? Come back here! Jason: You were so— you were so like mean to us in the beginning! Let me kill you. Jess: Can you get him? Jason: He’s not even attacking me. *Jess screams* Jess: Can we ride him? Awwww…. Jason: He’s dead. You picked up something. Jess: I have a cave scorpion stinger. Here you take one cause you helped kill him so… Jason: Was that a cave scorpion? Jess: I mean that was kinda like a cat. Wasn’t that like a caticore? Jess: So I feel like, you know, we need more animals. Don’t you think? Jason: Yeah but we kinda need like a space for them. Jess: Well you’re done with our space for our– you know, the human people. Jason:I know, I know, I’ve already thought ahead here, Jess. I’ve already thought ahead so… Jason: So I saw the sheep were like, dying and like pooping on each other. It was really disgusting. Jason: So what I decided to do was make a space for us to build a barn. Jess: Awww! Jason: And there’s a little zombie. There’s a little zombie. There is a little zombie. Jess: Ahhh! He loves me, he’s so cute! Why is he not dying oh my gosh! Jason: Yeah why is he not burning in the sun? Jess: Because small things don’t burn in the sun! *Jess screams* Jason: I–I don’t believe that. Jess: Why is everything after me today? Jason: Yeah this morning is very strange. But like I was saying. I’ve already like built the foundation for a barn. Jason: So we can put like animals and stuff in it. Jess: Perfect, perfect. So…. Jason: I’m gonna need to build a lot more dirt. Jason: It’s been like a pain in the butt to build all this dirt but I’m gonna need to do more. Jason: Um, but I mean this is where the barn’s going to go. Jess: Sorry, I was taking all the strawberries Jess: Uh, yeah. That looks amazing. Like I can see you already have it laid out and everything. Jess: I’m excited to see where this barn goes because if it looks as good as what you did to our place, Jess: I mean the animals are gonna be living like a life of luxury. This is gonna be like– Jason: Yeah, don’t get your hopes up because I– I have no guarantees here okay? Jess: Alright so I’ll— I’ll— You know what, this will probably be the worst thing ever I’m just. Jason: There we go, there we go. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do more of that. Jess: That’s to motivate you. Jason: No, no just keep putting me down. Jess: Yeah, your– your houses are so bad that I wouldn’t live in them…. B-but I would. Cause I do. *laughing from Jess* Jess: I thought of a great idea. Um, so, uh, I, you know… The barn and everything. That’s a good idea. Jess: But what if we set the sheep free like right now. Jason: Why, but then we have to bring them back. Jason: Look they don’t even want to go. Except for those two. *laughter from Jess* Jason: The rest of them are like, “No this is where we live, don’t— don’t let us go.” Jason: Aww look, see now? Now peer pressure is letting them all get to them— Jess: There’s another baby zombie, Jason! Jason: I’m coming. *Jess screams* Babe, don’t die. Don’t die. Jason: We just started. We just started today, please. Jess: But their tiny little legs really bother me when I see them. They’re kinda scary. Jess: And there’s a snail here. Do you realize there’s a snail here? Jason: He’s been there for a couple episodes now. Jess: He’s… I like him. Let’s name him Snaily. Jason: He’s… You see now that you named him, he’s gonna die. Jess: It’s raining. Jason: Oh no. Welp, I guess you can go inside and do whatever you want and I’ll be out here in the rain. Jess: Ok, I’m gonna go sit by the fireplace and just… Jason: Yep, yep I’ll just do what I always do. Jess: *laughs* Oh I’ll be here with you in the rain don’t worry. I’ll just sit down and watch you build. How about that? Jason: Wow thanks… You know I really appreciate that. I have no idea what I’m doing right now by the way. Jess: I love this moral support system we got going. It’s– it’s— I mean it’s rough on me cause I just sit here in the rain Jess: watching you but, you know, it’s pretty good in my opinion. Jason: That looks like a door right? Jess: It looks like a cool door. I would— I would— knock on that door. *laughter from Jess* Jess: We don’t have doors that big though Jason: No. So it’s not night time so I Jason: Can’t, like, wait through the rain so we’re gonna have to like figure something Jason: Else to do, while it’s raining. Jason: You can’t just sit here and watch me cause– Jason: Cause that’s not productive. Jason: And letting the sheep loose is not productive. *laughter from Jess* Jason: And naming the snail is not productive. Jason: Like– Like everything you’ve done so far, Jason: Has not furthered the cause of building the barn. Jess: Alright you know what? Jess: I’m gonna go get you some wood

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