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Community Living Durham North Provides Job Skills to People with Disabilities

Community Living Durham North Provides Job Skills to People with Disabilities

[Upbeat music. Tracy walks through Scugog Memorial Library doors] Community Living Durham North operates the coffee kiosk here at the Scugog Memorial Library. [Tracy McGarry, Manager of Community Development, Community Living Durham North. Tracy approaches coffee kiosk] So the coffee kiosk is an opportunity to learn the skills that they need to be successful in a paid employment opportunity. So the kiosk is one-to-one individualized support to develop skills in the area of customer service, money management, interpersonal skills and all the skills that go along with the responsibility of having a job. [Carol working in the coffee kiosk] Carol is one of the first people that started work. She has been amazing. And has now secured employment with the Scugog Chamber of Commerce, and a big part of it is through her exposure to the community through the kiosk. [Michelle Parker, Support Worker, Living Durham North] Michelle: She’s grown quite a bit. Her customer service skills have improved greatly. She will do anything for the customer, she will do anything for the staff. Carol’s willing, she comes in with a great outlook. She’s always happy, cheerful and she comes in ready to work. And I think it’s been really successful. And we’ve really reached exactly what we wanted to do. And I always said, if even one person leaves and gets a job, a full-time job outside, then we’ve done our job. [Carol Hunt, Employee Trainee, Coffee Kiosk] Carol: Talking to people, it’s nice. And half the people I know who comes in here. And I ask them what do you want, what kind of coffee do you want? [Carol working behind the coffee kiosk] Like there’s flavoured coffees, there’s different sizes of coffees. I have a new job at the Chamber of Commerce. I like it, so you have to give the other person a chance to work at the coffee shop, right, so they will get a job too. [Carol puts on her apron] Employment is very big for people. Employment provides opportunities for relationships, it provides value. And that’s what it’s all about. [Carol smiles at the camera] [Ontario logo.]

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