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Clickfunnels ONE FUNNEL AWAY 30 Day Challenge

Clickfunnels ONE FUNNEL AWAY 30 Day Challenge

hey there in this video I’m gonna share
with you everything that you need to know about the one funnel away challenge
the click funnels one funnel away challenge why is that why is there so
much hype about it why is everyone talking about it why are so many people
promoting it should you buy it what’s inside I’m gonna share with you
everything I’m gonna share with you what’s going on how they’re promoting it
what it comes with I bought it so we’re gonna go inside and see what’s in there
I’m gonna share with you the bonuses I have if you get it through my affiliate
link I’m gonna share with you how you can get your own affiliate link because
right now for this challenge it’s 100% Commission’s with back ends there’s back
end sale opportunities – I just want to show you everything just if you don’t
know me my name is Rachel Lee I’m Rachel Ashley and I click funnels – coma club
winner so that’s when you have a funnel that does over a million in sales that
was cool and then I wanted to be a click funnel super affiliate they pay good
commissions and pay for your dream car so then I got that too so I’m very
involved in this community and I want to share with you the facts and my thoughts
– if you go to one funnel the wacom or you click on someone’s affiliate link
you will go to this landing page if this landing page how would you like us to
hold you hand hold you by the hand as you launch your first or next funnel so
what this is Russell Brunson and the team at click funnels put this training
together it’s kind of like it’s kind of like a course but then there’s also
accountability so it’s kind of like coaching and it’s step by step so it’s a
more unique program then you may have it seen as a challenge where everyone’s in
it together the challenge starts January 14th if I still have this video up later
is because maybe they made an evergreen funnel of this where you can sign up
later but last time they did this they didn’t it when the doors closed the
doors closed they did kind of like rebrand and
relaunch but they don’t always want to release something
again because the information is so relevant and it’s not just the
information that’s on here it’s going through the actual program with everyone
else so maybe you’re watching it before it launches though anyway January 14th
is when it launches so then the last day to register is January 13th
it’s only hundred bucks and if you do buy it through an affiliate they get
100% Commission’s there is a video on this page I’m not gonna play this video
in my video but you should watch this video it’s just for Russell Brunson
working his magic sharing about why you need traffic and why you need leads and
why you need sales some people prefer long-form copy so you
know they got that great sales page this is everything that you get let me make
myself smaller for the $100 investment there’s the so it’s a challenge so it’s
like a mission so at 30 days every every day a video mission from Russell Brunson
and then 30 days of coaching from Stephen Larson and Julie stoian and they
are some of the best funnel builders out there they’re Russell Brenton Brenton’s
right hand people you also get a physical book so everything is digital
you get instant access to some things and then other things are locked and
gonna be released when the challenge is going but you also get mp3 player with
audios and the digital copies and then you can also access the membership
portal there’s the challenge workbook and then this hardcover book
clickfunnels is actually paying 100% commissions but then it also costs them
$50 to to ship out all this stuff but the reason that they’re doing it I mean
this is how funnels work you you’re willing to spend $40 because you know in
the backend you’ll make more then that’s how it goes I don’t know every single
part of the funnel because that wasn’t in the affiliate portal but I’m going to
share with you what I do know of it and things change and they probably are
split testing different pages and different o tos and upsells
and down sells and stuff but not too much time until January 14th anyway so
this is gonna get shipped to you and you’re gonna have all this training I
don’t want to read this to you you guys can go to this and check it out I want
to get into the content like when I go to a sales page I usually know that I
want to do it just based on the video and like the hype that’s around it and
then seeing the value stack I don’t need to read all the copy but some people
like to do that when you get in the membership portal if you’re gonna be
doing this challenge and you never done affiliate marketing before that is fine
just affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra money promoting things
that you like anyway software’s that you’re using anyway like click funnels
or trainings you’re taking them anyway like this training so I recommend if
you’re gonna buy this you should also be an affiliate try to make your money back
and if you’re an affiliate in your focus on being on click funnels affiliate to
be a better affiliate I suggest buying this because that’s how you can make
trainings like this and not just for your affiliate marketing but everything
that you’re gonna learn in this too okay so this is an intro video and then there
is also okay we got the welcome video this is the secret mission area and
there is a secret accountability group so I know some people for bonuses they
were offering group coaching or accountability I’m not really
necessarily doing that in mind for my bonus because already have elite group
coaching and accountability programs and groups and stuff and then sometimes
there’s all these Facebook groups so I like that this is like the official
group that everyone’s gonna be in because then the more people to network
with and do this with I love these bonuses these are the summit interviews
these you hear from – comma Club winners on what they would do if they lost it
all if the something happened to their business made to start over from scratch
how would they build back up again and make their money I don’t want to like
just read all these names and I obviously haven’t gone through them all
but I’m definitely going to check out Dan Henry’s you should check out Julie’s
you should check out Rachel Peterson’s I’m gonna definitely check out to Steve
Larson’s I want to check them all out because they’re all too common clip
winners but you guys have to remember to watch some stuff and then implement some
stuff that’s why was broken down into 30 days and then this is really cool this
is traffic secret and this is a course and like russell brunson ultimate
traffic course I didn’t buy it on here because I honestly already have it
because I got it through funnel builder secrets but I recommend getting it it’s
a good deal but but you can you guys can check it out and watch all that okay
what’s next I want to share with you there’s there gonna be so much to go
through in here but a lot of it’s locked until it gets started on the 14th but
you want to get to set up now and get acquainted as soon as possible
okay I just want to show you a few more things I did this I’ve been sending up
some emails about this challenge so you guys can go and watch a video for
yourself go to the page and make sure that this is something that’s for you
but then for Molly bonuses I put on Facebook I’m gonna give you guys
lifetime access to my email survival kit which has I think you know it’s over 25
different affiliate offers to promote ones that I promote and the email swipes
that I use to promote them and it’s good you can copy the email swipes exactly or
you can customize them so as you guys are building your lists and using this
challenge to grow your list and have a more of an audience sometimes you might
want to take a break from promoting selling your own product and smell like
a JV partner so we’re an affiliate offer or maybe you don’t even have your own
product yet these are a bunch of products I like to promote digital
marketing things online marketing tools software’s courses things that are
relevant to people like us and then and there’s also email marketing training
and they’re like how to set everything up so even if you don’t have
email lists yet with all the tech trainings in there and there’s gonna be
some tech training too I think in the 30-day challenge but mine’s like you
it’s right there it’s really easy to find and then also I’m gonna give you
guys my traffic survival kit so my traffic survival kit this I will admit
is not as good as Russell Brunson traffic secrets course but again mines
is a great overview of all the different ways to drive traffic organic and paid
Instagram YouTube SEO Google SEO YouTube ads Google Ads Facebook Ads
solo ads other traffic methods so I wanted to show you that I wanted to show
you oh and this this is actually what it looks like when you’re in the this is my
membership area I have a bunch of courses and stuff but you guys would get
unlock to the email survival kit and the traffic survival kit and a few things
are getting published right now too so one last thing I want to share in this
video is if you want to be an affiliate for this do you make $100 for every
person that signs up because you get 100% Commission’s so to promote it you
go to your click funnels affiliate portal I’m not going to teach you how to
create and click funnels affiliate account in this video but I have other
videos that share that but there’s a section that says one funnel away so you
click that and it’s going to open up this page and this is where you can grab
your affiliate link and if you’re really advanced like me you would add sub IDs
for your tracking but honestly I don’t want you guys to get overwhelmed
everyone can make money from this I’ve been making money from this without even
doing anything because of all the sticky cookies making this video right now is
actually kind of like the only time I’m putting effort into it and that just
goes to show how highly of a converting offer this is like you just focus on
traffic you can make videos to send traffic you can post on Facebook to get
traffic you can send to your existing list and audience if you have a Facebook
group if you have Instagram in the affiliate portal that comes with images
it comes with samples swipe copy and get creative and create your own copy
too for social media and for emails and for box alright so I hope you have now
more of a clear picture of what the one funnel of a challenge is all about I
can’t learn it for you so the next step is for you to dive in and start watching
the trainings that are already in there and be ready for when the challenge
starts on the 14th if you do want to sign up with my link and get my bonuses
I will have the link somewhere on this video or in the description and then
please email me at rachel at rachel Esley comm or you can DM me on Facebook
and I’ll get the bonuses unlocked for you oh and for more videos about how to
make money online and affiliate marketing and funnels and all that kind
of stuff be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel or if you’re on Facebook
there’s a bunch of more videos on my Facebook pages and groups too

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  • I am definitely trying this out, Rachel! I always love challenges like this. What you do and share to us makes us more motivated and determined to be in the same success that you are in now. The day you coached me, I knew that I will enjoy affiliate marketing because of the opportunities and ways to earn passive income. Keep rockin' it!!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Love love love this! Jam-packed of information. I have been following you and your channel as well. You give hope, courage, and motivation to your audiences. Thank you for inspiring and helping us to understand this community more. Keep up the good work, Rachel!

  • so that's what this OFA challenge is all about! lol, I was wondering why the people in the facebook group that I'm at is so hyped about it! thanks for letting us know Rachel ^_^

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