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Importance of Survival Skills

CLC Occupational Skills Program

CLC Occupational Skills Program

Central Lakes College is very special
just because of the great education that students can get here and I feel like
the students are part of a big giant family. I chose Central Lakes College because I thought it would be the right place for
me and I thought I would really enjoy it up here and I really do. I chose to come to Central Lakes College because it would offer a great opportunity to, you
know, start sprouting out on my own and giving me a chance to, you know, learn
some of the stuff that I would need in the future.
My instructors at both helpful and kind people. We teach independent living
skills and job seeking and job keeping skills, and the goal for our program is
entry-level employment. Our students get a lot of worksite experience
volunteering in the community. They’re prepared to go out and get that paid job
when they’re done with the program. We do have cooking classes. We do have laundry labs and we sometimes go on field trips as well. I got to know a lot of new
friends from this program and we got to do like a lot of activities. The Occupational Skills Program is getting me ready for my future plans and my path. We have a great Accessibility Services Coordinator here on campus. They’re
really helpful in making sure that students get the accommodations they
need, because we all want the students to be successful. I would recommend Central Lakes College. It has many different career paths and classes
and opportunities for anyone. It’s just a really nice college, like I like it.

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