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Can You Survive the Navy SEAL Workout? | Outside

Can You Survive the Navy SEAL Workout? | Outside

(steady piano playing) – You can expect whatever you
want to have in your head, but when we showed up,
reported at 10 a.m. on Friday and they rolled out on us I think at 12. It was… whoa. (police sirens blaring) (loud indistinctive yelling) – Even team guys that know the buttons to push they spot it, they grab it, they push. – Spraying hard for 45 minutes. (yelling and shouting) (fast pase intense music) – That was what really set the
stage was actually that PT. They came out with a vendetta and that really set the tone. (Intense music) (water crashing) (man grunting) – Come on you’re almost,
there two more steps! – I saw the camp as something to enhance my training and
it totally did just that. (Waves crashing) – What can take me to
another level that I’m not going to access? There’s a method in all that. – [Woman’s Voice] Nothing
is done out of punishment. It’s done to learn and to
draw better out of yourself. – Maybe I’ll just slide right through this without them noticing me. Maybe my technique really
is as good as it is, and of course it’s not. – We pay to get brutalized. And that’s kind of the
motivation you need. We completely disregard your
own pain and discomfort, through the goals. Get to the goal because it’s the only way it’s going to stop. – You can read about it and
you can understand what it is. Until you’re in it you can’t appreciate it and truly understand what it is, and what it’s doing to you. – Quitting was not an option. There were definitely
times that I just wanted it to be over but I was never going to quit. It hurt. – That’s the plan is to
fool you into ways of being. It’s just one of the remotely possible. (violin music) That’s what makes these guys so great. Don’t let up and they pull out
from you your absolute best. I mean his is just like wasting us and totally depleting whatever possibly be in our reserves at the time. – 10 miles straight up
and running on no sleep. You just find yourself
in a really dark spot. You look over at the other guys and you kind of find your comfort in them. – I actually prayed a lot. I was like “hey man, give me something”. Right as we came around the corner there was a water truck. I was like “oh my gosh this is a miracle”. I’m getting things that I
need along the way here. At least getting a little farther, which I appreciate. – You start learning
things that are greater than yourself and this just
really puts you in a place where you have to draw
on your teammates for encouragement, light, and warmth
in every sense of the word. Because you don’t get through this alone. I learned a lot about myself
that I didn’t know existed. Or that I didn’t even know
that I was going to tap into. – What pushed me through most was the teammates I had with me. Maybe I don’t see them or
talk to them down the road, but if we ever run into each other, (piano music descending)

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