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Can These Exes Recover From This HUGE Betrayal? | MTV’s Ghosted

Can These Exes Recover From This HUGE Betrayal? | MTV’s Ghosted

– [Jordan] I trusted you. You broke that trust. So, the real reason I
ghosted you was because. (suspenseful music) – [Ross] Uhm, wha, what? – [Narrator] On this episode
of Ghosted Love Gone Missing, Travis and Rachael are helping Ross figure out why his
girlfriend of six months, up and left with no warning. – You met at this event, Tinderella. What is that? – It’s a millennial dating game. They play all of our
profiles on the projector and there’s like me, this
other nondescript dude, and then a really hot guy. So you know, she picked him. His name’s Brian. I didn’t get a chance to get her number. We did lock eyes so I
said, like in my head, like I’m not giving up. I did get in touch with
the guy who runs Tinderella and has the email list. So yeah I got her email. – What did the email say? – [Ross] Hey Jordan, I don’t
know if you remember me, but do you think that
we could go get coffee? – And what was her response? – Her response was yes! – What happens on the first date? – I wine and dine her.
– Okay. – Yes, yes. – How long were you dating? – About six months. – All right, so after the first date, you guys were hanging out constantly. – It felt like the first
date just continued. She was just like really special. She’s the first girl I’ve
ever fell in love with. ♪ You keep taking ♪ ♪ More and more ♪ – So when you said it, she said it back? – [Ross] Yeah. – It was reciprocated? – [Ross] Yeah, it was. – [Narrator] So things
seem to be going well but Ross kept a big part
of his life from Jordan. – Did she ever go to one
of your stand-up shows? – [Ross] No. – Why? – She’s never been to one
of your stand-up shows? – Because it’s kind of like
emasculating when you bomb. I mean I always do have this complex of, yeah she said she was cool
with like me being a comedian but it’s also not a steady job. – [Narrator] Anything
else you want to add Ross? – [Ross] She’s kind of experienced. Jordan is actually openly bisexual and I’m kind of just half a virgin still, I’m just like kind of plain, no one really calls me daddy. – Did she called you daddy? – She did yeah., yeah, yeah. – How did you respond to that? – I said, yeah I’m your daddy? – I just lost my train of thought. (laughing) – [Narrator] We all did Travis. We all did. Anyway, back to the
ghosting, what happened? – It was a normal day. She was getting out of class around six. I texted her and she usually
texts me back right away and I noticed she still hasn’t text back and then I called her and it
went straight to voicemail. And then I look on her social media. I realized she blocked me. And so then I started
racking my brain of like– – Did you guys get in a fight
or anything before that? – No. No, if we did, I wouldn’t
have called you guys. – How else have you tried
to reach out to her? What about mutual friends? – It’s kind of weird to say though like, I didn’t really meet many of her friends. I’m always, you know,
working or doing comedy and the time that we had
together was basically just us alone and talking
about our friends and family. She was like really private
about that stuff too cause her dad abandoned
her when she was young. – [Narrator] With little
info and a lot of questions, Travis and Rachael dig into
Jordan’s social media for clues. – Hold on, there’s this girl
Holly, that keeps tagging, August 27th, which is three
days after she ghosted Ross. – Yeah. – [Travis] Tagged herself with Jordan. She lives in New York City. – They do seem like they’re good friends, maybe Holly can tell us something. – If she was with her on the 27th, she had to know what
she was going through. – Yup. We should message her. – Hi guys, I’m no longer
friends with Jordan. We had a falling out. – [Narrator] And once they
get Holly on the phone, she raises way more
questions then she answers. – How long have you
guys been best friends? – Since like the beginning of college. – Okay.
– Okay. – [Holly] For like, two, three years. – So you’ve known her
while she dated Ross? – Who’s Ross? (gasp) – Wow. – Okay that says a lot.
– Wow. – You’ve never heard of Ross? – No. Who is that? – So let me ask you about
another name he mentions since you’ve never heard of a Ross, he mentioned a Makena? Who’s Makena? – It was the girl that Jordan
was seeing for a little bit. – [Rachael] Do you know– – I mean, I don’t know if
they’re still together. Like I said, I haven’t talked
to them in a while but yeah. – When did they start dating? – Probably like a month or
two before our falling out. – Was that this year? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Finally Travis
and Rachael get in touch with Jordan herself who keeps the reason for her disappearance, vague. – [Jordan] I had a really
good reason for ghosting him. So, that’s really all I
have to say about that. – Look you don’t need to tell us, that can be totally between you two, we just, we just want to know if you’re open to sitting down with him? – [Jordan] Uh, I, I. – Ross has kind of been
left in the dark it’s been– – [Jordan] Okay, okay. Fine. Fine. – [Narrator] Now it’s time for these ex’s to come face to face. (ominous music) – Okay Jordan, so it’s,
it’s a weird situation but I was desperate, obviously, and the way that I felt
about you was pretty clear. I love you. You know, you were like the one girl that I actually wanted to
grow old with, whatever. You have flaws like I like
them like the most (mumbles). In my heart I still feel for you obviously but then like I hear that yet you were in another relationship already
with a girl named Makena. And then I heard you have
another friend named Holly. You had a best friend
that I didn’t know about. Why were you hiding me? Were you like embarrassed
of me or something? – I, I just wanna like
start out by saying, I really, really loved you. I mean you were like,
my first real boyfriend. You were like funny and I
mean you always made me laugh. I was really in it like, I was ready to be in it for the long haul. Yeah, I dated a girl named Makena, months after you and I ended, so it didn’t have anything to do with you, we’re not together anymore and Holly, drama always kinda follows her, and I didn’t want it to like, mess with our relationship at all. I mean I connected with
you and I shared with you more then I literally told anyone. I told you about my dad and
you knew about all that stuff that he wasn’t in my life and
he walked out when I was four and I don’t really like
talking about that. It really is hard for me so I just, the fact that I was even able
to talk to you about that was really, a huge step for me. I mean I was falling so hard for you but I trusted you. You broke that trust. The real reason I ghosted you was because the stuff you were saying about me was honestly so disrespectful. – Uhm, wha, what? I don’t recall ever disrespecting you. – Are you kidding me?! – Why would you ever think that? – I mean I have proof so… – What do you mean you have proof like? – You wouldn’t show me any
of your comedy stuff at all so I found out about one of your shows and I snuck in. The stuff you were saying
about me was so just, not okay at all to put
in a stand-up routine. I, I have, I took a video so. I mean if you really want me
to be specific I have that. – I guess I would because I might have had like
a few jokes about you but I never put your
personal life on blast or anything like that, like. – Can I please show him the video? – [Travis] Yeah, you can show, yup. We’re gonna come over there,
we want to watch it as well. – Okay. – I just want to say though,
I have this new girlfriend, man, and she’s like crazy. She’s like teaching me
all this stuff, like 71. Like 69 with two fingers and stuff. (audience laughing) Yeah, man, like she’s
gonna be the branch manager of my spank bank forever. The only thing is , ah she calls me daddy. It’s like, that’s a lot
of responsibility, I mean, I’m gonna wear my jean
shorts and go to some PTA and get the girls I really want. Like, thank you for teaching
me all these things. – I mean, so what because of
these like three jokes like, you could have just told me not
to say those jokes because– – No, no because it was not okay for you to ever say those jokes. You refereed to my daddy issues, which is really (bleep) not okay. Growing up without a dad. My whole life. And you just want to make
a little joke about it. I have to live with that. With all that (beep) that
you’re saying about me, comes from all this deep
baggage that I have to live with and yeah you can just make jokes about it but I don’t get to do that. – You could have just
sat me down instead of just pretending that like
I don’t exist anymore? I don’t know it’s just like kind of, kind of ridiculous to me. – Are you (beep) serious? – This is it, this is
why the past nine months I’ve been sitting like
racking my brain wondering what am I missing, am I an idiot, and it’s about this, my
(beep) stand-up, like. – You were making jokes
about how our sex life is really crazy and
I’m really experienced. – Oh my god, it’s a joke though. – Our sex life is absolutely
no one else’s business. It’s embarrassing, honestly. And the really (beep) thing is, is I don’t know how many
(beep) times you did that. I don’t know how many clubs you went to and said those jokes. I. I trusted you, you broke that trust, and instead of just being
like, oh yeah, I messed up, that was really bad of me to do, you’re just making excuses and being like, oh it’s just a joke. (Jordan crying) – It’s okay. I wanna give her a hug right now? ♪ I thought we would never ♪ – [Narrator] It’s all out on the table and it’s time for the moment of truth. Will they make up or will they ghost? – [Ross] Jordan? I basically want to say
sorry for ruining our trust and disrespecting you in the process. – Jordan do you have
any last words for Ross? – I just wished you’d asked
me first before doing that. That’s it. – [Travis] I’m gonna have
you each send a final text. Will you decide to make up or ghost? (suspenseful music) (text notification) – [Rachael] Ross, what was your decision? – I decided to ghost. After hearing the reason
why you ghosted me, kinda changed the way I felt
for the past nine months, like I said I’m sorry for what I did but I thought that we had pretty
open line of communication. I would rather have a relationship where, if I do mess up like that
we could talk about it. – Jordan what did you decide? – I decided to ghost. – [Travis] Jordan can you
please explain your decision? – I trusted you and after
you broke that trust I don’t think that that’s something that I can ever get back. You broke my heart. (somber music) – Okay. – [Narrator] Now that
some time has passed, any chance these two have reconnected? – What’s up Ross!
– Ross! – Hey! – How are you man?
– How’re you doing? – I’m pretty good. – Nice man. Well what’s been going on in Ross’ life? – Yeah we just want to check in with you. – Still trying to be funny. – Have you seen or spoke to Jordan since the last time that
you guys came face to face? – No, I’m pretty sure that’s the last time I’ll ever see her. – And how do you feel about that? – In my scrapbook, Jordan, is
a sad thing in general for me. Thank you guys! – Yeah take care.
– All right, thanks Ross, bye. – Now let’s check in
with Jordan, our ghost. – [Travis] Jordan! – Hi, Jordan! – That whole thing just made me realize that I just need to make
sure I can trust the person, I’m with, before disclosing
all that personal stuff. – Thank you, Jordan,
it’s great to see you! – So good to see you guys! – [Travis] Yeah, have a good summer. – Aw, thank you! Bye. – Bye.
– Bye. – Job well done. – I know right!

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