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Can Evolution Make an Eye? – 12 Days of Evolution #4

Can Evolution Make an Eye? – 12 Days of Evolution #4

[MUSIC] [BIRD CHIRP] Your eyes are beautiful. They’re amazing bits of biological engineering. Just like a camera, remove one of their intricate parts, and the eye can’t do its job. For this reason, many people think eyes couldn’t
possibly arise from a blind process like natural selection. But that idea doesn’t hold vitreous
fluid. Light-sensitive cells first showed up in simple
single-celled creatures, helping them swim towards the sun.
Cup-shaped light spots then began to let creatures sense light’s direction.
Deeper pits eventually formed a pinhole iris, increasing the eye’s resolution.
Some animals developed a protective, crystalline covering over the iris, which later allowed
them to focus and control the light entering their eye.
This is essentially the eye we have today. Computer simulations have replayed this selective
process in just 350,000 generations, showing simple light patches can evolve into camera-like
eyes in tiny, adaptive steps, 1,829 to be precise. Nature took a little longer than that, but genes, biochemistry, fossils, and anatomy
all tell the same story. Eyes are pretty easy to evolve. So easy that nature has done it
independently 50 to 100 times. This kind of complexity, rather than overthrowing
Darwin’s theory, is proof of its power. So whether it’s an eagle observing ants
from atop a skyscraper, a mantis shrimp scanning circularly polarized light, or you watching
YouTube videos, there’s room for an eye in evolution. Stay Curious.

100 thoughts on “Can Evolution Make an Eye? – 12 Days of Evolution #4

  • Just throw in a million, no, let's say a billion, nah, let's work with a trillion years, and a little hokey pokey, and you have the diversity of life.

    – Pure cockamamie!!!

  • 1. Evolution is not a real theory from Science. It has never proven anything within scientific laws.
    2. Everything about nature and the world points to incredible intelligence, complexity, and creativity.
    3. Evolution, if the process existed, could never create an eyeball let alone a single-celled anything.
    4. Everything out of nothing = impossible.
    5. Mutation does not add data at the genetic level, it takes it away. There is no evolving up.
    6. DNA proves that evolution is impossible.
    7. People believe in evolution because they hate God and do not want to answer to a Creator for their sins.
    8. At some point, everyone decides whether or not they will acknowledge the only True and Living God in nature.
    9. People who deny God in nature do not find Him in the Bible. There is no more progressive revelation given to them.
    10. All the negative comments in response to this will unfortunately not change for you what is the truth about the universe.

  • One of the first episodes of Cosmos with NDT talks about how the eye probably evolved, but it said that the cells who could detect light would actually swim deeper. So was it a different organism?

  • we see that it took 1,829 steps to get our eyes… what about step 1,830?
    is there such thing as "computer-assisted genetics?"

    My biggest question is "when will eugenics be considered ethical?" we're not talking about making KHAN from star trek but altering genes to be less susceptible to types of cancers and diseases.

  • If so why hasn't the human eye evolved then?? Because it was designed not evolved. God designed everything with a purpose not by chance.

  • So many leaps, assumptions, and unproven speculation in this video…it's sad that this is what passes as "science" to the ignorant.

  • Eye hope that this video allows creationists to FOCUS on OBSERVABLE reality SEE what evolution is and that it makes perfect LENSE.

  • Before you can even stay talking about anything evolution the question has to be answered how life comes from non life.

  • The eye is not a case for evolution, it is simply MICRO evolution if evolution at all, they didn't change species or anything, and why do species have 1 type of eye, if it evolved they would have all different eyes

  • I don't get it? he mentioned how the eye could have evolved rather than would it and more importantly is their visual and document proof that the eye did evolve.

  • Fascinating, easy to understand, and consise. Eye for one, love this series! I can't wait to see the next episode…
    – Ross

  • formed, developed, evolve, and adaptive steps all these words don't compensate for why, how and who? because even if you say that all around you just happened without any outside force without god then my friend you are truly blind and stupid. birds just happen to fly, fish just happen to swim, oceans just happen to exist, air just happens to exist, gravity just happens to help you to stick to the ground instead of you just floating around, earth just happens to be positioned in the perfect spot in our galaxy, and we just so happen to happen to have organs that are positioned in the right place to allow us to function. i know someone or some people will reply me with "explanations" with the words "developed, evolved, and adapted" but let me ask you one thing just take a good look in the mirror look at yourself your hands, your veins, your eyes, your hair, everything and tell yourself "this just happened no specific explanation it just did". and then take a glass of milk put it on a table before spilling it mark where you think it might spill and how big of a puddle it'll make let's see how many times it takes for that puddle to exactly spill the way you thought it would or should I say "just happen". it's impossible right, exactly.

  • A starting point of a light sensitive cell is ignorant to microbiology and physics. That's an enormous leap and is the point in the intelligent design camp's argument. Your starting point is invalid therefore, your conclusions are invalid.

  • a group of scientists decided our human creative possibilities are endless and we don't need God anymore so they send one messenger to talk to God and tell Him their decision. when God hears what the scientists decided He suggests a test: both of them start making a man like Adam from scratch and the scientist agrees. God bends over and takes some dirt into His hands and starts to make Adam and so does the scientist, but God stops him saying: "no, no, get your own dirt!"

  • This is very interesting and informative, as a researcher of optics and biological systems I find this video it is rather brief and misleading. It leaves a lot of mysteries of bio-optics unexplained; In fact it seems evolution may not be capable of explaining.

    What the video failed to uncover is what I would be curious to hear; how occipital-orbital fusion at the optic chiasm can occur even with the allocation of time and chance. Several million neurons synapsing with their exact counter-parts in a specific location perfectly with no use unless a synapse occurs.

    Even if ontogeny recapitulating phemogeny is used as a basis for mapping out possible occurrence of this unexplainable phenomenon, it would be an entirely too complex of a system to chalk up to evolution alone. Photo-receptors in primitive prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells do not even scratch the surface of explaining how evolution can account for the entire complex and not fully understood optical tract/system in humans… Much more the quadrachromatic mantis shrimp as mentioned in the video… "Proof" should not be used as a word in any legitimate science lesson. I look forward to learning more about what might be explained more in depth concerning evolutions role in bio-optics.

  • Gwen

    “Imagine that someone told you that there was an explosion at a printing plant and that the ink spattered onto the walls and ceilings and formed an unabridged dictionary. Would you believe it? How much more unbelievable is it that everything in the orderly universe came about as a result of a random big bang?”

    “Humans have qualities far beyond what is necessary for mere survival. In fact, we care for sick people and help those who are less fortunate. Why would we do that if evolution—with its ‘survival of the fittest’ motto—were true?”

    “If you were walking through the forest and discovered a beautiful log cabin, would you think: ‘How fascinating! The trees must have fallen in just the right way to make this house.’ Of course not! It’s just not reasonable. So why should we believe that everything in the universe just happened to come about?”

  • I was under the impression that the organisms swam away from the light to avoid its damage? I think I heard this from cosmos.

  • that was so poorly explain, it´s almost trash, you can´t just explain how light can go through a hole, you have to show example (and you can´t) about the muscles, how and why they were created, how what kind of light was determined to be absorb, many other thigs, this is just deniying for the sake of the nothing, this is complex design by someone or something,

    You just have to deal with it.

  • Hmm, well Euglena, which are the earliest photosynthetic bacteria, have red eyespots to detect light. But according to the endosymbiosis theory, the earliest eukaryotic cells engulfed cyanobacteria which led to the origin of chloroplast. But if the evolution of eyes started with eyespots, then why don't plants have eyes? Why is it that these cyanobacteria with eyespots only led to the evolution of plants not eyes lol

  • But even the earliest eye spots may be too complex for evolution. They could have developed fluids in the brain to sense depth in ocean to find surface rather than go about developing eye spots. As a creationist I would like to say that this is incomplete but at the same time as of now there is no 100 percent proof for creationism or evolution

  • Utter conjecture ! A light sensitive patch to millions of photo-receptors, aiming and focusing musclature, an aperture, along with metabolic replenishment for the millions pigmented of cones, and the rods for high resolution, and glial cells to guide the photons to the receptors, and nerves to convey them to the Occipital Lobe and Parietal Lobe for image processing.

  • WOW I can't believe you said/believe that the human eye used to be a little fish swimming. That is the stupidest thing I've heard. wow…

  • Our eyes aren't that "perfectly" designed anyway. The lens gets stretched and contracted to focus which causes wear and tear as we age. If our lens moved forwards and backwards like in a reflex camera, or like in the eye of an octopus, we would have perfect vision for longer in our lives.

    And not only that, but our retina has a very basic and stupid "mistake" in its structure. The neurons that connect the light-sensitive cells to the brain are "in front" of the cells, blocking them. This is why we have blind spots in our field of view as that's the point in our retina were all the neurons coalesce into the optic nerve and go towards the brain. And this IS a mistake, not a feature or requirement for the eye's functionality. Cats have their neurons "behind" the light-sensitive cells, in what is arguably the most 'logical' place, and they don't have blind spots as we do.

    Perfectly designed my ass…

  • thanks for adding the resources in the description. I hope it will be informative to those battling on the comment thread. there's still plenty to explore and learn that has yet to be published though, I admit.

  • If blinf chance can create eyes so easy then why can't people(with eyes aplenty) heal eyes?? And if they did they would be called geniuses .!
    Its absurd to say eyes are easy to make with small steps.
    By the way why say that fossils, anatomy, genes, tell eyes were easy to make if the small steps concept is so obvious.
    Why is this guy wearing glasses? Whats so hard to fix a bit of sight?
    Eyes are so complex that to dent a brilliant thinking being made them in basuc form is to deny common sense. Thats how I see it!!

  • So let me get this straight, a man made computer model was able to evolve an eye, but have these stages been found anywhere in nature? Fossil records? I don't doubt the theory but its a stretch if all it is is supposition. Is there even circumstantial evidence?

  • Assertion is made that "Eyes are pretty easy to evolve" and "Simple light patches can evolve into camera like eyes in 1829 steps". When watching the video, it sounds quite convincing. But when compared to reality these ideas start to fall apart.

    Please consider:
    1) Is an eye really simple if no human can design, fabricate, or produce a real working eye? If you lose one of your eyes, where are you going to get another one?

    2) The video compares the eye to a camera. Modern cameras are quite complex and purposeful. How do we know the camera had a designer? Is an eye any less complex or less purposeful?

  • If you know anything about evolution you know that its based on the idea that random gene mutations occurred that happened to coincidentally be positive. Your saying that the eyeball evolved due to over 1,500 positive gene mutations coincidentally occurring in a row. Thats impossible. Pay attention when one minute and eight second mark comes into this video.

  • The light sensitive cell was actually a cell inside a cell like the mitochondria that was living inside, a none photon sensitive cell engulfed a photon sensitive cell and worked together now this is not rare this happened several times, for plants this happened several times for animals and humans this happened only once

  • the theory of evolution is for the herd to believe in, literally. It is the most Philistine approach to science, history and thinking. to me, it's just a philosophical ideal. i also understand how many are drawn into it, as an escape from the utter stupidity found in Western, Contemporary Christianity (all world religions)…both, the nonsensical evolution theory and world religion, should not be the only things available inside the box. to be offended by one should not cause you to run to the other. there are more options. first get out of the box.

  • Here is a lesson plan I put together using this video.  Feel free to use/ toss/ burn.

    What Good is Half an Eye?
    Describe the conditions required for natural selection, including: overproduction of offspring, inherited variation, and the struggle to survive, which result in differential reproductive success.

    Prior Knowledge from CIS lesson “Clues to the Past” and/ or Youtube video “Can Evolution Make an Eye?”

    • Thick blindfolds (no eyes)
    • Thin Blindfolds
    • Pin-holed dixie cups (hold against face like binoculars)
    • Snacks (1 per student)
    • Room with windows, preferably on only one side

    • Assign #'s to students randomly from 1 to 4 (4 groups of ~6)
    o Group 1 – Thick blindfolds
    o Group 2 – Thin blindfolds
    o Group 3 – Pin-holed dixie cups (hold against face like binoculars)
    o Group 4 – Regular sight
    • Food "grows" near light so place snacks on back windowsill
    • How successful is each group?  Members must spin 6x with noted vision and begin 1 minute quest for food
    • Students then complete:
    o Class data table of success (Y/N)
    o Have students Graph results (attached)
    o Discussion questions (attached)
    • Safety – No running, make sure space is clear, spectators should make sure participants do not bump into anything

    Data Table: (student success/ students in group.  Ex: 4/ 6 students successful in obtaining snack)

    1. Label your X & Y axis accordingly.X = _____________________________ – Circle one: Dependent or Independent VariableY = _____________________________ – Circle one: Dependent or Independent Variable2. Label and complete the graph below based on the above Data Table
    Graph Title: Student Success per Type of Eye

    3. Which group was the most “Fit” (also called successful) 4. Which group best represented having No Eyes at all? 5. Was there a trend between types of eyes and fitness?  EXPLAIN:
    6. Is having “half an eye” like photosensitive cells more useful than no eye at all?  EXPLAIN: 
    7. Do humans have the best vision on earth?   Circle:  YES  /   NO8. What animal has better vision? 9. Thinking about “Fitness,” what else does an organism need to do to truly be considered “Fit?”
    10. In what environment would eyes evolving NOT have a benefit?

  • This is pure fantasy. How did the optic nerve evolve? And hook itself up the the retina? How about the visual cortex evolve? The light sensitive spot saw nothing. It wasn''t a precursor to any eye. We are no different than the ancients. We make up tales for entities we have absolutely no idea about. Just like they did. Only ours SOUND better.

  • Evolution, as described, requires a moral agency. How did the universe decide that life is good and death is bad? Who determined that survival and passing on genes is good? A universe without a Creator simply doesn't care. There is no advantage or disadvantage. It doesn't distinguish between life and death, they are both perfectly valid. All arrangements of atoms and molecules are equally valid. On the other hand, a moral agent can define good and bad and these can be discerned by the things created (see Gen 1:11,12,21,25,31).

  • Hi, I just wanted to thank everyone who makes It’s Okay To Be Smart possible! Always didactic, fun, interesting, well informed and with lots of references an reading material. Undoubtedly one of the best science outreach channels on youtube!

  • lol "darwins theory so powerful" No its not its a joke. Selection creates nothing and has little to do with evolution. Selection literally evolves nothing as it can only work on thins that have ALREADY EVOLVED. Modern biology has disproved darwinian evolution 100 times over people are just too stupid to figure it out. MUTATIONS ARE NOT RANDOM AND BLIND THE CELLS CONTROL MUTATIONS WITH COMPLEX PROCESSES BECAUSE THEY ARE ALIVE AND INTELLIGENT. Darwinian evolution is just the modern religion for the materialist atheist fanatics and the whole world is drinking the kool aid!

    100% proof that evolution is an islamic theory, do prove me wrong if you are a critic ;p

  • If it is so simple then why can't anyone program a computer simulation? Simulation showing formation of new components without pre-programming their structures and dimensions.

  • The complexity of the eye can be explained by the fact that mutations that drive evolution aren't mostly random but have a purpose. That's what latest studies show.
    Look it up.

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