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Camping next to Elephants in Botswana – Worldtravel by Bicycle

Camping next to Elephants in Botswana – Worldtravel by Bicycle

Awesome at least it’s not a lion! We had a lot
of crazy stories while camping during our cycling trip, but the one I’m gonna talk to you about today is maybe one of the most memorable ones. So we were
in Botswana, cycling the Elephant Highway, which is a road of a
few hundred kilometers that is next to a big National Park. And there we were
always careful that we always sleep next to a communication antenna or a petrol
station or a village or with people around where it’s guarded and a little bit safe. After that we took a road to the West from Nata to Maun there we thought that wildlife is not a problem anymore we even saw cows during the day and more humans so we thought it’s all good I see
that the sun is getting a bit low so I tell Martin okay I think we should stop because I don’t think we should still cycle after sunset because it can still be dangerous. We don’t find much, it’s a lot of bush and vegetation we
see this little track off the main road a bit going into the bush. And as we walk
we already see a few elephant footprints and elephant shit we think mmm okay
that looks a bit like an elephant area but never mind we’ve got to sleep now So I put up the tent, Martin makes a fire and we lay down inside, ready to sleep that’s when we hear a little “roar”. First we think it’s a lion, it really
sounds like a lion we are a bit scared, no, we are a lot scared. After a few minutes we hear some more noises and then you look at each other
and we’re like okay we know what that is: that’s elephants. So you can hear the
branches cracking, the heavy footsteps. So we think wow awesome at least it’s not a lion! Martin goes open a bit the tent to see what’s happening outside I just stay in
my sleeping bag because I’m terrified and I think if I see what’s happening
then I would just freak out, panic, maybe I do something stupid, so I better not. Martin tells me that there are three elephants a few meters away from
the tent eating grass. And I just picture the scene from above us with our
little green tent in the middle of nowhere and those big elephants around just eating. Maybe the attack us so we’ve got to be really
careful. They are peacefully eating for some
minutes maybe 10 or 15 I don’t know but it feels really long because it’s very
stressful for us. After a while Martin finally tells me that
they are walking away I’m like yes yes we’re gonna survive this night it’s not much that
we could have done for getting away because what would you do
anyway? Just get out of the tent and run? Which chances do you have? I don’t know about Martin I think he had a really bad night after this I was also
terrified but I sleep really well That’s crazy Botswana
and now it’s like one hell of a story but thank God it has a good end! There will some more videos coming
with other stories from Africa, and cycling. I hope you enjoy
them and you will watch some more. See you next time!

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