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Camping in Disney World For Christmas!!!

Camping in Disney World For Christmas!!!

good morning guys not exactly ideal
Disney World Florida weather but believe me if I was not greeted by rain in
Disneyworld on my very first day of my vacation stay they would not feel normal
for sure the only difference today is that we
have thunderstorms and the parks all four parks have already canceled turned
off all of their outdoor rides so not a great day to be going to a Disney park
today so we’re not going to and I say we because I’m actually joined I went to
the Orlando Airport and picked up someone special to spend the entire
Disney Christmas week with and I’m really happy she doesn’t want to be on
camera she’s not a blogger or a youtuber anything like that she’s just here to
spend time with me and we’re gonna respect your wishes
so she may help me with the camera to get some shots or something like that
but in the meantime you’re basically it’s just still stuck with me sharing
everything but if you need a vacation I’ve got some fantastic stuff planned
for this week leading up to Christmas guys new rides new tickets new shows two
new late-night extra tickets and stuff so it’ll be a fun little Disney vacation
if you want to go around with us for today it’s gonna be a Soaker and lots of
thunder and lightning so we’ve got some new restaurants to go eat at and a show
tonight so I’ll just take you along and we’ll try to stay dry and warm okay all
right all right we’re on the bus avoiding the rain
these Springs for the afternoon we’re here in Disney Springs and it’s
just pouring so I don’t know how much filming I’m gonna be doing every time I
take the camera out I gotta wipe the lens because of the humidity today it’s
going to be the warmest day of the entire week and 78 degrees today on the
rainy day so it’s just very very humid here in Disney I’ll show you what I can
at least they do have some cupboard area look at this Christmas tree in downtown
Springs it’s pretty and I’m really excited about lunch plans I’ve shared
with you guys several times that there was one place I
wanted to go yeah we got in so you can imagine it’s gonna be a
highly popular indoor shopping day apparently I feel like I’m more excited
to go to the Fort Wilderness they’re like to get more 2018 versions
of everything probably upstairs oligo smells were good so they came in for a
little snack here look at this gingerbread house look at that even the
bricks are made out of gingerbread I didn’t grow any coffee this morning did
get my coffee and we got some treats I got my first gingerbread it’s a Donald
gingerbread made fresh here with some frosting and what you get and an eggnog
macaroon Santa Mickey treats there it is we got lunch reservations go ahead
inside here get some grub kind of strange I think we’ve got the most lit
up table in the entire room but everybody’s dark and I’ve got a
spotlight coming down on me but we are eating inside t-rex this is my buddy okay then how you feel it’s awesome but the strawberry asaurus lemonade that’s cute you look at those nachos
holy cow I got the meatloaf mashed potatoes and veggies fuck them with lunch and the rain has
stopped I think it’s actually done for the day oh maybe it’s still sprinkling a
little bit but take what we can get yeah sunshine and Christmas trees we’re going
at the Christmas tree trimmer is the monorail tree going all the way up here we go a spiced winter ale oh yeah
all right it’s starting to look nice out here we’re gonna go check out sprinkles
for some sugar uh-huh cupcake ATM let’s try it it’s actually
too sunny for you to see the screen but I got sprinkles on here should be sprinkles let’s see here let’s
see so I’ve been in the coke store quite a few times but there’s something else
upstairs gonna go check it out and go all the way that’s top it’s awesome
hey buddy on the third floor above the Polar Bear they got this neat little
overlook of the entire Disney springs and the rains already drying up oh well
just got a text message on my phone from Disney they said they have a campsite
available for us so we’re gonna be heading back to the campground the bus
I’ll go park get all set up and comfy all right so it’s still sprinkling a
little bit outside but this is the last day of rain for sure hopefully for the
parks anyway I’m gonna go find our site is 1725 and get set up a little bit and
then go to our dinner plans tonight and by the way I do want to share Christmas
decorations later tonight when the Sun Goes Down you can already see some folks
have really gone all out and I think I think will be competing exists a little
bit once I get my inflatables all set up around here here’s a pretty big one off
to the left right here don’t worry I wanted to show more of these tonight
though Wow all right well back I’m all set up got them all out here displayed
already got a few people stopped by at the motorcycle out all hooked up full
hookups don’t quite reach the dream but that’s okay I’m gonna drain on the way
out when we leave in a week and oh let’s go eat those cupcakes getting some
outside time Jax man all right buddy well don’t fall all right cupcake time
before dinner yeah I’m gonna spoil it all right look at that delicious Beast
y’all some do you bet oh you wouldn’t like it anyway it’s
delicious this delicious we’re gonna go try to catch one of the buses to the
settlement for nightly activities we’re here at the settlement and we got our
tickets for the hoop duty revue which is in here which is an all-you-can
a buffet style food type thing Anna show looking forward to I’ve never seen it
before so I will fill them as much as I can when we get in there but also one
enjoys season while we’re waiting for our chance to get in there they have a
Christmas tree here at the settlement you also have horse driven carriages
it’ll take you around to your campsite and they have a trading post at this end
too I do need a magnet so let’s go inside and see if they have any 2018
magnets that I have to have believe it or not that’s the magnet I picked guys
it’s a three-dimensional kind of rubber material magnet and it says Walt Disney
World on the bottom didn’t that cool I like that one that’s really good lot of food barbecue
ribs chicken mashed potatoes baked beans and Ford and we got a table before so really good show lots of fun let’s pump
back to the campground now let’s see if we can find some neat Christmas
decorations like mine clearly my decorations are not the best in the park
some people bring an entire cargo trailer to set up their Christmas
decorations and everything is Mickey that is a lot of Disney stuff I think the first one we stopped out
here might be the best in the entire park we’re gonna actually take this loop
and go look that’s pretty epic look at all this do this that’s like a 12-foot
Mickey they’re a big Mickey Nutcracker look at their windshield oh that is
impressive guys this looks like the Christmas loop to be in for Disney huh
another semi truck with a bunch of figurines in the windshield look at this one snow slide and the
entrance Wow and something on the RV screen Olaf yep
everybody’s competing with everybody on this loop look at this look at their
cart it’s got Rudolph on the front not lit up
right now it would be cool to see them driving down the road and that is the
biggest Mickey icon I’ve seen yet those ones are a little more three-dimensional
I feel like that would be harder to travel with but some people just bring
their trailer like you can see they’ve got a trailer full of Christmas
decorations there’s two sites here next to each other looks a little cold here
huh yeah all right one last loop to look at before we get home and the winner
goes to this guy we get to walk through look at this amazing setup guys he’s
built a paths people walk around his RV and look at everything so we start over
here Oh cookies and milk awesome he’s also got a lot of the monorail system
here as you can see Cinderella’s castle the Polynesian the Contemporary Resort
over there and going into Epcot Santa gettin ready to go into the jacuzzi
there with the polar bear Santa’s pets oh and the entire North Pole
reindeer stable of reindeer jeez frosty snow globe a bunch of happy
Penguins playing keep-away oh very nice and some ginormous polar bears and teddy
bears of some sort I mean there’s got to be three trailers full of decorations
just at this campsite how could I possibly compete with this ferris wheel Santa and Rudolph on a teeter totter
oh my gosh look at all those nutcrackers ginger
Star Wars db8 r2d2 c-3po Chewie Yoda oh man the naughty or nice slide with the
minions and Minnie’s Bowtique that’s
Cinderella’s carriage all right Merry Christmas Santa well we recognize this
spot don’t we I say third best in the campground looking good music over there is Stan I’m gonna pop
out and make an appearance oh oh oh alright well we’re back day one is in
the books officially settled at Walt Disney World and next we’ll be going to
the parks the weather is looking good for at least the next three to four days
so should be fun see you all on Tuesday with another video from Walt Disney
World good night guys have a magical night

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