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Camping: Create Less Mess

Camping: Create Less Mess

Today we’re going to show you 5 tips and tricks
to create less mess around the campsite. First off we have waffle bowls. You can eat
out of them, and you can even eat them as dessert once you’re done. Second, you can reuse water bottles and then
also bring reusable cups. It creates a lot less waste around the campsite. Third, bring a bunch of different utensils,
so whenever you’re done with them you can put them in a bag, take them home, clean them
up there. Next up, you can also pre-make meals at home,
so then you can just bring them with you, heat them up in a dutch oven, and the mess
stays at home as well where water is more accessible. You can use a water keg. Fill it up with water
a and use it as a hand washing station. And, you can also use it to fill up your water
bottles, as well, to take out on the trail and do whatever you want. Or you can also
use like an empty dish washing detergent container, but you probably don’t want to drink out of
that. If you like this camping tip, be sure to give
us a thumbs up below, and if you want to see more camping tips and tricks, be sure to click
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