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Camping Cooking Set Gear Ideas

Camping Cooking Set Gear Ideas

(down tempo electronic music) – Hello there, just a quick
video today to show you how our ultra light backpacking
cook system has evolved over the last few years. On the right here, we have the ultra light titanium Snow Peak range, and a bit of Trangia, and
some aluminium baking trays from thrift stores. And in the middle here the kind of thing that often just ends up in landfill. Just simple meat trays that
you get at the supermarket, that could obviously be
used as plastic plates and little bowls to eat out of. The entire three-piece set there
only weighs about 50 grams. And another use for these meat trays is just for fanning your fire. So when you need to blow a
bit of air onto your campfire. Lately we’ve also been using
these to keep our cook set off the snow when we
were camping in the snow. So, over to my favorite part
of the entire cook range. And that is the Snow Peak titanium. Here we have the very smallest
of the Snow Peak range, that’s the 300 mL cup, which pops inside the 450 mL cup, into the 600 mL, then into the 700 mL pot, 700 mL of course into the 900 mL, and then the largest of
all in the Snow Peak range, the 1400 mL pot, which we use for cooking
main meals and boiling water. Let’s just pull out the 600 mL with the two cups inside. So, if we were on a day hiking trip, we may only carry just
that part of the set, along with maybe just one
spoon for mixing up drinks. One thing I’ve mentioned in other videos is just this DIY lid that
I made out of a tin can, just cut off the top of
a tin can with a hacksaw, and put that wooden knob on top. And the aftermarket Four Dog lids. There’s the lid made by a company called
Four Dog in America. Very reasonably priced,
high quality titanium, made in the United States. It all stacks inside itself. And of course the Four Dog lids, also fit together. It’s definitely
the most compact system in ultralight cookware. Just pop that in the middle there. Unfortunately, I’ve
mentioned this also before, that is my DIY lid doesn’t
fit inside the Snow Peak set. Just pop that there for now. So, you may have noticed in
some of our recent videos, we’ve been using these baking trays. So, it’s just a three piece
set that we’ve put together, after a number of trips to thrift stores. We didn’t find the whole
set on the shelf together, but eventually just put this together after a number of trips
to various thrift stores. So these are the kind of trays that people use to bake small cakes. And here we have possibly
the largest aluminium pot made by ultralight backpacking companies. That is the 4 liter
Trangia, made in Sweden. With the lid, for the four liter Trangia, which of course, would you believe it, fits onto the largest of the baking cake trays. So often we use this
to, just as a camp oven, that is the larger of the cake baking trays, with a Trangia lid on top, we put that in the campfire to bake bread. Next thing I wanted to show you is just the way the entire cook set stacks together. So the second largest of the baking trays in the bottom of the Trangia. And the Snow Peak inside. Of course each of the Snow Peak lids also doubles as a fry pan or plate. So that pops in like so. All in all, with everything inside, we now have a 14 piece cook set that stacks inside itself. And the 14 piece cook set also fits into the larger of the baking trays. And we now have a complete
15 piece cook set. Now, I’ve tried many variations, but unfortunately the smaller of the baking trays will not fit. There is no way of fitting that in there with the lid on top. A couple of other items
that will fit inside. Just a little cleaning
pad that’s often useful to have when you’re out bush, ’cause that small piece of scrubbing pad only weighs about 5 grams. We also like to have just
highly flammable cubes, for getting the campfire going
when the conditions are wet. So, obviously a quite heavy cook system, with 15 pieces in there. But if you did have a large group, this could be quite useful. And we do keep this in the car when we’re on car camping trips, because there are many
variations possible. And I know a lot of people
are going to be wondering what’s the overall weight? So I’m just gonna switch on
my digital scales over here. Take the 15 piece cook set, maybe just remove those
2 items out of there. Lid back on top. As you can see the
scales are tared at zero. Put the 15 piece cook set on top, and hopefully the camera is
picking it up, yes it should be. 1,491 grams. So, it’s just under one and a half kilos. So for all you Americans out there, that’s probably three pounds. We’ll do a more accurate
conversion for you, and pop that information in
the bottom of the description. So, feel free to ask any
questions in the comments regarding this cook system. And feel free to check out our cooking videos on our channel, where you’ll see all of
this equipment in action. (calm electronic music)

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