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By the way, Can You Survive Jumanji?

By the way, Can You Survive Jumanji?

[DANIEL] Hey, I know exams got you really stressed, but, [EVERYONE] Happy birthday Hosuh! 😀 [DANIEL] I hope you have a good one. XD Thanks for being part of our lives, man. (yay) [STEPHEN] Try not to take too many of the drugs. -_- [DANIEL] Okay, that’s it. [DANIEL] Hi Grandma! [GRANDMA] Hello, child. *laughter* [HOSUH] H-hello Grandma. c: [DANIEL NARRATION] So you go to your Grandma’s house for the weekend, And you go to her basement (Spoopy) and in that basement you find a board game you open up the board game… and you’re sucked into it. [STEPHEN] Oh.. [HOSUH] Holy crap!? ;O; [HOSUH] What!? [DANIEL NARRATION] Next thing you know, you open your eyes And you’re in this forest… [DANIEL] Because today we’re going to be playing “Can you survive Jumanji?” [DANIEL] You guys ready? [HOSUH] Jumanji? :/ [HOSUH] Oh… [DANIEL] So the way you play this game, is You will have cards from 1 – 10 Which will challenge your abilities, How smart you are, How quick-witted you are, and basically, you have to win at least 5 of them. [DANIEL] But, if you die 3 times, [DANIEL] the game is over. (OOOOOF ) Stephen, Hosuh. You’re a team this time! (Yₐy!!!!) [STEPHEN] Let’s play. [HOSUH] So… [HOSUH] We’re not trying to kill each other this time? ;3 [STEPHEN] Aww, dammit! D: [DANIEL] No, no ;w; [HOSUH] Thank god..
[DANIEL] Stephen, put the knife down. [DANIEL] Stephen, put the knife down. [DANIEL] Put it dow- put it down.. [STEVEN] Ugh! [STEPHEN] Fine… ;-; [DANIEL] Alright, pick a card from 1 – 10 [HOSUH] I pick 3! [STEPHEN] Yeah, let’s go with 3. [DANIEL NARRATION] You flip card number 3 and it says, “Adding things make me elated, mathematics is complicated,” [STEPHEN] For you. -w- [DANIEL NARRATION] A genie pops out of nowhere and challenges you to a game. In this game, If you say the number 31, you lose. [DANIEL NARRATION] You start from one and then you add. [DANIEL NARRATION] You can only add from one to three and whoever says 31, loses! [HOSUH] Oh! [HOSUH] I know this one.
[STEPHEN] Can you take this one, Hosuh? [HOSUH] So, am I versing the genie? [DANIEL NARRATION] “Yes, you can go first,” says the genie [STEPHEN] I believe in you Hosuh. [HOSUH] Okay, 1 there we go [DANIEL GENIE] 2 [HOSUH] 3,4,5 [DANIEL genie] 6 [HOSUH] 7 [STEPHEN] He makes it even…
[HOSUH] 8,9 [DANIEL GENIE] 10 [STEPHEN] He makes it even… [HOSUH] 11… [DANIEL GENIE] 12,13,14 [HOSUH] Wow what a cheater.>:( [Laughter]
[HOSUH] I lose. [Laughter]
[HOSUH] 31! There we go! (w o t ?) [Laughter] [STEPHEN] Oh my god, Hosuh already given up! [Laughter] [DANIEL] Alright…! [DANIEL NARRATION] Well the genie kinda looks at you weirdly cause (be like wtf) [DANIEL] w-why you’d give up?|:c So for the rest of the video Hosuh will have a crown saying “dunce” on it (Poor Hosuh) [HOSUH] Oh! GG.
[DANIEL] You guys lose one life lets move on. [STEPHEN] Wait, okay, you’re not gonna explain how to win that game? [DANIEL] Basically as long as you have these numbers, (2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30) you win. [HOSUH] Ok, do we pick the next card?
[DANIEL] Pick your next card. [HOSUH] I DON’T WANT THIS HAT.>:c [DANIEL] That hat is going to be on you for the rest of the video Hosuh. [STEPHEN] Lets go with 1 cuz NO, ONE is better than Stephen!! 😉 [DANIEL] Ok… You flip the card 1. The card says:
“If your side is with luck then your life probably won’t suck.” Okay? This is really simple. [DANIEL] I’m gonna be thinking of a number
([STEPHEN] you’re simple) I’m thinking about… 1 or 2. [STEPHEN] I hate this already…>:/ [HOSUH] Is this 50/50? [DANIEL] It’s 50/50. -_- [STEPHEN] Yo i’m gonna go with 1 cuz the questions number is also one. *ding* *ding* *ding* (yey) [DANIEL] You got it right. [STEPHEN] Oh, get rekt! Get REKT! 😉 [STEPHEN] That was so stupid.
[DANIEL] It’s a simple game. But it got you a point.
[STEPHEN] Oh my God, oh shoot. Ahhh. [STEPHEN] I think I just tripped on something. Oh my God. I think I tripped on Daniel’s stupidity! D::c There was a fisherman named Fisher who fished for some fish in a fissure. Till a fish with a grin pulled the fisherman in. Now, they’re fishing the fisher for Fisher. [DANIEL] Nope. Start over.
[STEPHEN]: Shit. ;( There is fisherman named Fisher who fished for some fish in a fissure. Till a fish with a grin pulled the fisherman in. Now they’re fishing the fissure for Fisher. Hosuh. [HOSUH]: T-there was a fish-. There was a fisherman named Fisher- who fishe- ;-; There was a fisherman who fished [DANIEL] Time’s up
[HOSUH]: Who fished for some fish- [STEPHEN] F**k Daniel, I did it right the first time. ;-; *fake buzzer* *fake buzzer* [DANIEL] You guys lose another life. (𝘯𝘜𝘶𝘶 :𝘊) [HOSUH] Once we get out of
this board game, I k-know what I’m gonna do. [DANIEL] What?
[HOSUH] I’m gonna burn it! That’s what I’m gonna do. [DANIEL] Oh geez. No. Please. I’m sorry. ;c (Daniel being cute) I’ll go easier on you with the next questions. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. ;-; [STEPHEN] Alright, lets go with 5. [DANIEL] So you flip number 5 and it says: “Answer the question in different expression or feel the aggression of your transgression.” [DANIEL] Ok. Who’s the person
that’s going to be playing this one? [STEPHEN] Stephen. [DANIEL] I will ask you three questions and you must answer them completely irrelevant to the question. [STEPHEN] Oh I love this! Ok. [DANIEL] If I say “What time is it?”. You’ll say
“Fish in a boat!”. Something like that. Get it? [STEPHEN] Ok. So as long as it doesn’t pertain to the whatever you said? [DANIEL] And if you don’t answer
quickly you’ll also lose the game. [DANIEL] You ready?
[STEPHEN] Ok yeah. [DANIEL] What do you want to be when you grow up? [STEPHEN] Yes, I have a lot
of credit card debt right now. [DANIEL] What do you want to tell your fans? [STEPHEN] Oh! Uh… Yeah! So… UwU [STEPHEN]: Wait what? :/
[DANIEL] *fake buzzer* S… DAMN IT! (Laughter) [STEPHEN] Let me try again Daniel! [STEPHEN] Let me try again! That was just practice round! PRACTICE ROUND! UWU [DANIEL] Alright alright. [DANIEL]: Fine… [STEPHEN]: What do I want to tell the fans?
There’s literally ;-; nothing I can say that won’t- [HOSUH] 7:30.
[DANIEL] Yeah would be ok. [STEPHEN] Ok. [DANIEL] Well, now I need to come with more questions. [DANIEL] (Inaudible) [STEPHEN] Ok, love you.
[DANIEL] It’s me going easy on ya. [DANIEL] You see this? Look at Daniel being GOOD. and NICE. ^ω^
[HOSUH] He put us in this situation and is like: “Look at Daniel being all NICE” ( Cute Laughter)
[DANIEL]: 3… 2…1
What do you do as a hobby?
[STEPHEN] Glasses. [DANIEL] What’s in your phone wallpaper?
[STEPHEN] Eye doctors. UwU [DANIEL] *fake buzzer* Wrong! [STEPHEN] Uhh WHAT whats on my phone right now? Eye doctors. What??? How does that g-
[DANIEL] it makes sense right like it makes sense. You-Your phone wallpaper can be… an eye doctor. [HOSUH] No, but then… (Yeah…)
[STEPHEN] So there’s literally nothing I can say [DANIEL] So you would have to say… “Man, I wanna go fishing” [H+S] Ohhhhh
[DANIEL] *fake buzzer* Stephen you lose a life. [STEPHEN] Fine you-you and your (sounds) (more sounds) LET’S SEE WHO LOSES A LIFE TODAY DANIEL!!!! [DANIEL] Woah… [DANIEL] Oh, alright I’m sorry. [STEPHEN] I know where you sleep!
(Laughter) [DANIEL] So what’s your hobby? (Laughter) [HOSUH] Glasses. I’m pretty sure it’s broken glasses. [DANIEL] Hosuh, do you wanna try for the heck of it? [HOSUH] Sure.
[DANIEL] 3… 2… 1… What do you want to tell your fans? [HOSUH] Computer Mouse. [DANIEL] How old are you? [HOSUH] A picture frame. [DANIEL] What’s your favourite colo(u)r? [HOSUH] Cows. [DANIEL] There you go. (Laughter) [STEPHEN] His were so much easier.
It’s like you’re so biased. OMG. ‘^’ [DANIEL] Man, Stephen. You’re such an idiot. (Laughter) [STEPHEN] Fine, ok. (sounds) Hosuh, do you want to pick the next card? [HOSUH] Alright! I’ll pick 7. [DANIEL] 7. By the way, you only have 1 life now. [HOSUH] Oh crap! Punishment for Stephen, please! [STEPHEN] Wait! Sir, I’m pretty sure that Hosuh getting the last one actually got us through that one, sir. [DANIEL] You flip card number 7. And it says:
“Teamwork is a virtue, too bad it may hurt you” [STEPHEN] I feel I have to sacrifice Hosuh for this one.
[HOSUH] NO! (Laughter) [DANIEL] Again, it’s a very simple game. You two only need to say
the same thing when I say it. For example, if I say: Stephen or Hosuh? 1, 2, 3. And you guys will have to say Stephen or Hosuh. But you two need to say the same thing. [HOSUH] Ohhhhh… [STEPHEN] This is stupid. [HOSUH] How many questions do we have? [DANIEL] You only have get through 2. [HOSUH] Ok… Stephen… (S – Yeah?) Here’s a plan. [STEPHEN] Just say the first one. ( adorable Laughter) [DANIEL] No… [STEPHEN] I broke your system. (Inaudible) [DANIEL] Fine. [DANIEL] Coke or Pepsi? 1, 2, 3. [BOTH] Pepsi. [DANIEL] Summer or Winter? 1, 2, 3. [BOTH] Winter. [DANIEL] Fine… Whatever. Pick another number. [STEPHEN] Ok. Let’s go with 2. You flip number 2 and it says: “Laughter is cure to all bewitched,
those who do will be up the pitch” [STEPHEN] What? [DANIEL] Every time you laugh,
your audio pitch will be increased by 5%. [HOSUH] Thank God, this is at the
end of the video, not in the beginning of the video. Daniel, did you just laughed. [DANIEL] No, expect me. [HOSUH] What the heck how is this fair?>:c
[STEPHEN] No, no, no. [STEPHEN] Your audio has to go up, that’s not fair. The god of this game is still subject to its rules! [DANIEL] LAUGHS [DANIEL] I can laugh all I want. It doesn’t matter. [STEPHEN] Ok, fine! Let’s go with 4. [DANIEL] Number 4. You flip and it says: “Sing me a melody,
sing me a song,
sing it to me all day long” I’ll name a Disney movie and you
must sing a song from the movie within 3 seconds. [HOSUH] I have not watched any Disney movies. [STEPHEN] I actually haven’t watched all of them. [DANIEL] I’ll go Stephen then I’ll go Hosuh and go back to Stephen and I’ll go to Hosuh It’ll be 4 times and you guys have 3 seconds to sing the song.
[STEPHEN] How many times? Ok… [HOSUH] This is so not fair. [STEPHEN] I agree. [DANIEL] Stephen – Mulan! 3, 2, 1. [STEPHEN] When will my reflection ([DANIEL] Laughter) show who I am inside~ [DANIEL] Hosuh – Tangled! 3, 2, 1. [HOSUH] I-I have not watched Tangled. [DANIEL] *fake buzzer* You lose. [STEPHEN] Well, Hosuh guess your (Inaudible) [HOSUH] This is so not fair! I don’t watch movies! [+5%] [STEPHEN] I agree with Hosuh. H-He’s too much of a weeb to watch anything mainstream. [DANIEL] Disney movies are like iconic. How do you not know any Disney movie music? How do you not know Tangled? [HOSUH] I have no one to go with. [DANIEL] Oh, I’m sorry. [HOSUH’s audio pitch – +10%] [HOSUH] OMG, I can’t stop laughing. [DANIEL] *Laughs* [STEPHEN] I agree. Your cynicism
is way too… way too low. [DANIEL] You know, you guys already lost. [STEPHEN] Suck a d**k [HOSUH] Oh crap. Did we die?
[DANIEL] *clap* *clap* Bonus Question [STEPHEN] Alright, let’s do 6. [DANIEL] Number 6 says: “Every man is unjust so find one man who you trust” So you will call or you
Discord Voice Chat anyone you know. And you have to make them answer 2 questions You got 30 seconds and there’s no time to explain. As soon they pick up the phone the game begins! *User Join Discord Voice Chat* [STEPHEN] Go! [HART] Hello.
[DANIEL] Yeah. You’re being recorded I hope that’s ok. [HART] Nah, it’s cool, yeah. [DANIEL] Ok, start now! [HOSUH] What mythical creature is a horse with ‘horns’? [HART] Horse with horns? Uhh… I don’t know, a horror horse? [STEPHEN] Ok, next question. [HOSUH] How many continents are there? [HART] Ahh! Like… Wait… 7! I feel… [HOSUH] Who’s famous for the word: “I have a dream.” [HART] Martin Luther King. I know that one. [DANIEL] Uh…
[HART] It’s Martin Luther King, right? He had the “I have a dream speech.
Am I wrong? [DANIEL] Jr. Jr.
[HOSUH] Yeah. [HART] King Jr. Martin Luther King- [HART] Excuse you. [HOSUH] Ok, I guess we lose. [HART] What is this, bruh. Come on. [DANIEL] You lose. [HART] They all say MLKJ! [+5%] [STEPHEN] He’s got you there, Daniel. [DANIEL] He’s got me there. I’m sorry, no, wrong answers are wrong answers. I can’t believe you didn’t get the unicorns. [HOSUH] Horse with horns. [HART] OMG! The head has a ‘horn’ not ‘horns’! [HOSUH] Oh, yeah. [STEPHEN] OMG Hosuh you threw the game. [HOSUH] No, no, no. Here’s a thing.
Daniel gave me: “What mythical creature is a horse with HORNS?” [DANIEL] I was just typing quickly. (S – Oh really?) Hart shouldn’t got it either way. [HOSUH] Dan, this is your fault.
You got to give us a point. [DANIEL] We’ll give you guys one more chance.
[HOSUH] Ok. [DANIEL] Hart, thank you so much for joining. [HART] Yeah.
[DANIEL] Go check out his channel everybody. [HOSUH] Alright, see you soon.
[HART] Alright, see you. [DANIEL] So the same questions
Hosuh, pick another person. [HOSUH] Heyyyy. [DANIEL] Hello. Can you talk? [MEMBER] Hi, yeah why you guys down here? [DANIEL] Ok, ready Hosuh? 3, 2, [DANIEL] 1. Start!
[HOSUH] Wait! [HOSUH] What mythical creature is a horse with horn. [MEMBER] A-a unicorn. [HOSUH] How many continents are there? [MEMBER] There’re 7. [HOSUH] Who’s famous for the word: “I have a dream.” [MEMBER] Um… Martin Luther King. [STEPHEN] God d**mit, everyone doesn’t get that, ok fine. [STEPHEN] Close enough though. [DANIEL] Can we use your voice? [MEMBER] Uh, of course,
I’m perfectly fine with that, go a- [DANIEL] Thanks man.
[MEMBER] Wait, I f***ed up. Wait. (…) [DANIEL] Ok. [+5%] [HOSUH] Alright, so… Was that good? (D – Yeah!)
Did we have to have all 3 right? [DANIEL] Well, you only had to get 2 right. So that’s fine. Congratulations!
But, you guys did already die 3 times. [STEPHEN] Butthole.
[HOSUH] Was there a point… Ok, was there a point to us being in a forest? [DANIEL] No, there’s 0 point to it at all. [HOSUH] Then whoever is drawing
this is gonna have to draw a forest And drawing a forest is actually pretty hard. [DANIEL] And that’s why you can go to to learn how. [+10%] But for real, I’m not sure Skillshare has a drawing class. Oh look, they do. [+5%] So, Skillshare decided to sponser our video. Which let us access unlimited high quality classes. So of course, I had to browser Skillshare myself. And see if it’s actually worth sponsering. And I personally, would actually loved to have found this website, before I started YouTube. I had no idea how to manage
people or how to edit videos, and how to create stories and well… Just to have everything I need
to make a video in one website is awesome. And so if you ever thought about making a YouTube video this might be a great way to start. And if you ever want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. They have that as well. You can get an Annual Subscription,
which is like less than $10/month. Much, much cheaper than the university, that I go to. And to the first 500 people to
sign up will get their first 2 months for free. So you ever want to start
to teaching yourself how to make a YouTube video… And if basically if you want to learn to do anything. Use the link in the description. Check it out! Anyway, you guys lost. You are stuck in Jumanji forever. What are you gonna do now? [HOSUH] We’re got to be able to self-sustain. Oh! Next episode: “Can you survive on a forest?” [STEPHEN] I guess, this is ok. Uh… Nothing really changed except
for when that “Subscribe” button. Don’t forget to hit that “Like” and “Subscribe” button! And get us to 1 million subscribers! So we can go to Disneyland! Stephen out! [DANIEL] Comment below, if you guys can be better than Hosuh and Stephen, in this stupid games that are stupidly-easy. BYE! (Laughter)

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