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By the way, Can You Survive Attack on Titan?

By the way, Can You Survive Attack on Titan?

So today we’re gonna be playing can you survive attack on titans? I cannot wait for the day that Titans come to real life and destroy humanity and the only thing that we can do is shoot them in cannons and have Grappling hooks go all around our bodies and cut their necks or something. Okay Well first off, I don’t think you’ve actually seen the anime sir. So your argument is therefore invalid. How dare you speak? How dare you accuse me of not watching that very you speak of such sacrilege against attack on Titan The second Titan is the only anime I watch Except for Steven Stephen, Stephen All right, so what are we gonna do to survive the Titans other than eat them first Wait, wait, wait, wait, what would that taste like well know as soon as you cut off their meat it kind of evaporates Oh, yeah, which is why you bite them while they’re still alive Sizzling hot or something, but I mean, I like spicy food. So I mean like yeah, I think it’d be fine Shut up, Stephen. All right Fine. What are we gonna do to survive the Titans? So for the sake of the story imagine yourself? inside the castle walls You lived your life Not knowing how the outside World looks like now you’re at that time in your life or you have to choose what to do with your life you go and become a cadet and Join the training camps or do you go farm and help out the city? Okay you I will go farm because farming is fun. Well Steven you’re shunned from society You don’t have any friends anymore. You decide you change your mind. Enjoy your friends to the fray of cadet world Oh, yes, sir Hitler, sir, so we didn’t have any choice I know right Wow So you’re getting trained up and you fallen in love with Mikasa cuz everybody does but then during your training You see one of your most loved ones being chased by Titan Do you a kill the Titan B distract the Titan from them or C. Just walk away Okay, first off do we have the 3d maneuver gear? Yeah, you mean Fly-away, right? No, you’re still being trained up That’s why you’re on your two feet. Oh are we training? Okay, how the heck are we gonna kill the Titan if we’re just a train? Okay, okay Let’s say that Titan is a three meter Titan. Those are the scariest. Yeah, they’re pretty they’re pretty messed up Actually, do we have the main character bo? *Kewt laughing* Think attack on Titan is the only thing where you unless you’re Eren Yeager. You don’t know who’s gonna die next I know it’s like Game of Thrones up in here. Okay. So what do you guys choose you guys haven’t chosen anything? The one you love, it’s the one you love. Does. She love me back? No, so it’s a one-sided love. Okay, but it’s highly likely that if you save them they’ll love you back Hosuh! Okay. So love is fleeting, love is fleeting Hosuh! You don’t need it You only need me! come on Hosuh You know that life is about love and you gotta risk your life to get the love of your life Okay, I feel like in the enemy if the other person loves you back and then you try to save them That means that’s a dead leg, right? One-sided love usually lasts longer throughout the anime if the other person who you love says, I love you, too That means you’re gonna die the next Yeah, you’re gonna die the next episode! * Laughing and overlapped voices * No like, Usually in animes It works like that.. So since she doesn’t like me back, I will kill the Titan. Well you made the wrong choice Hosuh, are you should have ran away Wow. Ooh *Inaudible* OOoOooOoohhhoohohh Stephen doesn’t need love. He only loves himself How dare anyone else try to distract him the world screams at the top of her lungs? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! STEPHEN, HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Just like stabbed her so she stops talking she’s being eaten by the Titan she’ll stop talking pretty soon one point Alright, what’s the next terrible psychological torture? You’ll subject us to sir? finally you graduate at last you have a couple options to choose from you can either join the scouting Legion and go outside and explore the world that you have never seen before you can join the military police and Serve the Royal Guards or you can be part of the stationary guard in which they protect the walls basically I mean if we’re skilled enough to Be on the Royal Guard. All right, you have to get in the top 10% of the graph. It’s that year Let’s say let’s say you are in the top ten Okay, I kind of want to explore in the outside. Well, that’s just freaking stupid I would like to go into the military police All right you know the whole movie if you look at it from the Protagonists side of you heat goes to the military police just so he can kill Titans because that’s his life goal but if you look at it from more of a philosophical point of view This is actually a really common trait that happens during the war young adults are more than happy to die for a cause It’s actually surprising how many people who just started to learn to think for themselves get persuaded by this Concept of yes die for the country die for the cause and it’s kind of fun to see how people really try to go into The scouting Legion even though they know the death rate is like 99 percent and people make dumb decisions Jose you’re one of them. Mm-hmm. Stephen. Good job. Yes. Oh my god. Why would you ever not do that? Hello death, I would like to enlist in your army But if you stay in the town, you won’t ever find out if you’re ever gonna turn into a Titan Yes, okay So what happens basically what’s gonna happen is Hosuh goes into the scouting Legion. Stephen goes to the military police Stephen lives the rest of his life as a corrupt, Military Policemen– Men.. The most corrupt! hahhahaaahhaah!!! Hosuh in this first exploration camp. Yes with that being said if tomorrow you wake up you look outside and there are huge Titans these things are Unbeatable with our own skills not like zombies. You can’t beat these things. What would you do? Like what would be your solution to survival? I don’t know cuz like you literally can’t do anything without the 3d maneuver gear You can’t shoot them unless you get like a lucky shot behind their necks So you’re pretty much just a human with literally no powers if I wasn’t the ant attack on Titan world Instead of going to survey Corps doing stuff with 3d maneuver gear. I would probably go into research route and make a scientist route and actually try to figure out ways to counter Titans and learn more about Titans instead of Going out and flying around and doing all that, right? Do you think in face of pure terror? When people know for a fact that they can’t win do you think people can actually still run into that battle? Hmm? Yes, if the reason why they’re fighting is stronger than their fear then yeah They’ll go you gotta protect your loved ones as cliche as it sounds yeah Does that mean the only way to actually survive attacking Titans is to have a goal that’s stronger than death. Yes Hmm cool, I guess we’ll be dead. Mikasa? where is she? Mikasa * Laughing * You let her die the first question! I didn’t, I– I tried to save her! *Laughing* I don’t know what You’re talking about! Stephen was– *Inaudible* So was it stephen the one who actually lost? *Giggling* Thank you guys so much for watching and thanks to Nord VPN for sponsoring this video if you guys want a stress-free Private secure internet access check them out in the link below, you know If you ever use a public Wi-Fi like McDonald’s Wi-Fi people apparently can track what you do on your phone or your laptop And you can risk exposing your passwords or bank accounts and stuff like that for me personally I’ve used a couple other VPNs before but this one lets you actually Access Netflix Verve and Pandora by changing the IP address to different countries Which I love and also if you get one nord VPN account, you can connect up to six devices with one account So that’s pretty cool as well. And for a limited time. They’re offering a 75% off a three-year plan Plus you can also get your first month free by using my code So if you guys ever thought about getting a VPN click the link in the description to use it. Thanks again, bye-bye

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