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Importance of Survival Skills

Bushcraft Survival Raft Part 1- Day 27 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m Greg ovens
and this is the 30 day survival challenge canady rocky there’s only one
rule if you want to eat you got a catch and cook in the 30 day survival
challenge season two Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in part by
doctor Squatch soap hidden woodsmen gear go prepared survival outdoor vitals
wazoo survival gear simple shot shooting sports and grim workshop check out the
link in the description below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle
challenge good morning it is day 27 I’m gonna go
down to the water today and build a raft and bring one of the Terps of this that
we’re not using here over shelter and see if we can’t make a little sale on it
I’m screwed around the lake do some fishing from it give us a better
advantage it definitely helped me with a fly fishin without having a backdrop of
trees to get it stuck in and my stuff so maybe I can catch another big fish on my
fly rod which would be fun I was a blast last time let’s do it good morning another fine day in the
Rocky Mount yes sir yes sir little housecleaning just kidding
actually clean that for the fish right there
grab my meat lay here out of this smoker mmm nice she smoked a bunch yesterday
and looks good and last night during the night happy throw some on there 200 years ago
would have been like a valley like this would have been full of elk and moose
and deer yeah being back in time and that witchery of archery it was the same
thing as like you know the different mindset of you know we’re gonna go out
we had a hundred arrows I blew through 75 arrows and I got a great horned owl
and and a bald eagle and uh you know and and it’s like whole stuff that’s
protected yeah I don’t think yeah I don’t think they said they got a bald
eagle but but they had all kinds of protected stuff they were like down in
Florida and they go all over the place mm-hmm yep
this is gonna be tasty we got fish fillets we got fish kebabs we got fish
salad it’s like Henry Ford there you can have any color you want as long as it’s
fish it’s like off that Forrest Gump a wind the shrimp boat then it like I like
how the scene changes and it’s still going on shrimp yeah he just all through
the movie he’s just talking about shrimp at sea
ooh so greasy yeah that’s grease on my fingers smoke turned out good it’s gonna
be real it looks good it’s gonna be a really good really good huh it’s hot
lurid thank you for this food this fish in this adventure helped us to make it
to the end in one piece without more cut off body parts and Jesus name Amen
there we both been getting injuries I cut my thumb the other day and you just
won’t chopped your foot off yeah tripping on sticks and yeah you know
it’s near the end of the adventure when you’re just tripping on everything ah
tastes good it’s like um trout roast beef jerky right now I’m gonna have to
try this at home again get something bigger and take the time instead of just
eating it right away like I always do and and make a widow bow brine like I’ve
never tried that like you know cook it into the makeup like almost like a broth
let it cool off so that we get the flavors of all the adobo brine the fish
with it and then and then smoke it so that way it’s like the flavors are all
sealed right in mm-hmm not sick of fish yet ah I’m sick of the bones no I can’t
wait to have something without bones in it or something with a different type of
bone like chicken wings this will make your salad and honey Carol a fish bones
in it beautiful smoke color on it on that side flaky fish mm-hmm-hmm these silver ones always have
the nice pink meat mm-hmm you get the nice pink meat on the silver ones if
they’re silver spawners the meat is white hey I like these ones orange my favorite color and toast up my trout skin they’re from
the smoked one and it’s like a cracker now think cuz it’s all dried and toasted
in crockery I’m gonna pack this and bring it with me let me try one piece of
it mmm they’ll be good I’m gonna bring this as a snack so if I get hungry
before we get on to our next fish or something cooking well we’re working on
our raft looks like I got some little bits of basically fish beef Jerky’s fish
skin beef jerky to bring with me oh there we go
boots repaired that’ll keep water out for the most part and mud and stuff and
other things that could get at my bandaged up cut and yeah like I said
short cuts lead to cuts and I paid the price for it fortunately it wasn’t deep
and I was able to patch it up and it doesn’t seem like it’s hindered me all
that much greg’s already head down to the lake
we’re gonna head down there and join him see if we can catch some fish but mainly
to build a raft to catch fish from not because we need to but hey what else you
gonna do during a 30 day survival challenge when you’ve already made
yourself comfortable and you already got everything you need pretty much one
thing we’re short on is uh some sort of water storage in camp but at this point
that would be really silly because just like I can’t even say with a straight
face we’re just doing stuff for the fun of it just because it’s fun silly has
nothing to do with it shoo
there he is catch anything oh the one that got away it was this bit oh it was
regular regular we fish for a little bit or build the raft let me see
there’s the Sun and one two three four five six seven 10 12 12 it’s 12 o’clock while Greg’s checking out the situation
see if we can get something I’m gonna take some slingshot ammo and my
slingshot I’m gonna head over to the Gopher Hill and where I found him the
other day you know all the rocks see if I can’t catch us something there to eat
Oh looks like why they look out the spa to me on the edge of the colony here as
a guard I think the rest of Merc just beyond those trees right there yes I
could take out their sentry so they didn’t let the rest of them knowing
scare them off moved off could have taken a longer shot
but that would have been a riskier so what I like to do even if it means it
scare some awesome times is you walk backwards or side-to-side not looking at
them get closer and they’ll let you get pretty close sometimes that way and get
a shot off at 20 feet is a lot better than a shot at 40 feet
yo this is where we want to be right there right there in the middle the
camera this one doesn’t zoom too too far so it’s about 40 feet off so close it’s
like an insane game of whack Amole but I’m losing we should show it they just
be dodge or I miss mostly they dodged mosquitoes so bad right now I can’t sit
here dude I’m trying to do it’s insane not complaining just explaining time to
build a raft go for enging didn’t work I was getting chewed alive by mosquitoes I
only got two shots off and then they disappeared I don’t have time to wait
for him to reset and pop back up I’m just getting chewed on I’m assuming I
mean that’s not a guarantee it’s a bear but usually bear are kind of round with
deer elk and the other animals they’ll usually lie their head and you can see
like we’re their neck and head go you know I’m saying yeah got another log there they got a couple
logs over there we got a few I kind of want to build one
long enough that we can both ride on it at the same time one could paddle the
other person into a spot where we’re fishing we’ll see if that’s possible so I guess we’re gonna launch half of
our rap we’re not sure if this is one third of it or half of it yet you know
it floats yeah if we can even move it I think so hey three go away we forgot to christen it
oh we don’t have anything to smash on the front of it yeah yeah I got a bottle
of champagne were used to right here well i mean it’s it’s imaginary anyways
so it’s only digital so it’s not like we could drink it what are we gonna
christen it what should we call it the SS drought effort MSS effort I gotta get
there we go laughter make sure we don’t lose it just
floats away just hop on it and paddle it over there well I don’t know if it
floats yeah I’ll find out when you step on I’m pretty sure it doesn’t float if
you step on the end of it no of course not watch it roll here hand me a stick so you think a bullet float will it
float or it is chlorine it’s loading but will it float if I step on well right now all its gonna do is tip
over that’s for sure I don’t know seems like with to one
person could do it oh I almost wonder that we shouldn’t keep him separated by
two and then leave a gap in the middle three sticks together that you can stand
on in the middle and separate them like maybe four feet apart hey did they get
academy yeah trimaran no yeah catamaran crime is three three our brain faculties
they’re diminishing that’s brash sometime in the last two
days wasn’t there before the rain cool bear in for the night my socks hung up with
care with thoughts of sugarplums dance that sugarplums any any kind of food but
sugarplums pizza wings other foods just any foods that aren’t fish right now ed
but the fish is so good oh it’s so good every time it just it’s not enough it’s
not it’s not enough it doesn’t it tastes good fills you up but it’s not
everything you need I think it’s too much protein is the problem just like
lots and lots of protein not the combination you need but we only got 2
more days left and we got plenty of adventure to have finished our boat that
took a little longer than we thought so maybe we can uh pedal or a little sail
around the lake tomorrow hit some other little spots that we haven’t gotten to
yet and yeah ha see you guys next time thanks for watching Fowler out I do love
pie for breakfast cold apple crumble pie oh I like caramel my mom makes an apple
crumble pizza pie so she lays it all flat and then lays out the apples all
flat and then puts the crumble topping on the hook and so you can eat them like
a pizza slice and it is Oh amazing it’s like the best thing ever and I like to
make that for like dinner parties and people are like oh my goodness is so
awesome that sound good well yeah like should tell that story
later in about two days yeah two days ago we’re eating other stuff

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