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Building a Survival Lean-To Shelter : Selecting a Lean-To Shelter Area

Hi this is John Stewart and this is how to
select an area for building a lean to shelter. Lean to shelters are very easy to build, they
don’t require a lot, but you do need to find the right area, okay. You’re going to want
to look for some flat areas, not on hills or anything. It will make it much easier to
build it, plus if it rains or anything water flows not going to wash away your lean to
shelter, okay. You want to find an area where there’s quite a few trees, trees are going
to be good because that’s going to be your main anchor. You’re going to have to prop
something up against a tree for the lean to shelter. So you want to find some good sturdy
trees. Try to find it in a covered area, that’s just because you can’t get your shelter completely
waterproof. So the more stuff and vegetation that’s above you, and is going to wash away
the water and block it from you is better. So you want to try to find a thick covered
area, plus it will make your shelter a little bit cooler, okay. So when searching for an
area look for flat spots, places with a lot of trees, and then spots that are well covered
by vegetation and trees. And this is how to select an area for building a lean to shelter.

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