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Boundless tv show – Austria: Mountain Bike Endurance At It’s Toughest the part №2.Subtitles

Boundless tv show – Austria: Mountain Bike Endurance At It’s Toughest the part №2.Subtitles

to climb into soccer go straight up for
another 34 kilometres you know you got a hell of a long way to go we’re not even
halfway through their ACN have been relentless so far a chance it was a constant climb and descend
climb and descent tried to distance will my weight room and I seem to do well on
the nearly 2 cents we ran into some trail but once we hit the nearly junk
and stuff they all got after thanks is there to walk and bike race free right
amount by it was a little frustrating at first you wanna be moving but because
the long line of people with learning so you’re just waiting their turn in the
line to walk through this bike trail which I was kind of sad about it lets
riders will write these things high above the tunnel you looking ahead
where there’s a little bit a day like coming out but the tunnel bands and try
not to get the walls body 30 degrees together in such a short period of time
and you think I would have been able to just settle into this place where you
have to deal with all the emotions all the uncertainty all the beauty inside of
you I was starting to question myself just have to tell yourself the only
solution is just to keep spending your legs field gear and stuff so I decided to
give mellow sound of music from the Canadian I don’t know where I was
somewhere for him to win this race I knew that pressure it’s not about you
I had the energy my legs to cross that finish line this is about time now this whole reason just amazing it’s just
a beautiful country when you’re racing erases tough as this to be able to look
at the scenery and take your mind off the pain and the suffering just help but
I’m not gonna finish few times I was hoping that I would make
the time cut off at the next aid station so I can be pulled out of the race
there’s so many times during these long races where you have these peaks and
valleys there so many times retail way down just don’t want to be there racing these law arduous raises does to
you I was pushing the time but I realize I’m
so close I’m getting there this is what happened at that point but I just
heard ago it could push I just wanted to finish the race so I
just carried on and just kept plugging away touching off so guys through it just
crack 16 hours before nine o’clock so I’ll be waiting by the storyline for
glass of wine because and mental and physical battle
to get through these hills is just so top the finish line about 10 minutes before
that and 10 minutes five minutes still no terrible I don’t know where it
came from but this inner power just came out and my whole attitude changed this
is it finish in this race just making all the time off by the skin
of your team for whatever reason the wheels fall off arrange that would be very very
difficult to take will come through and literally race a blessing and a curse right back into the heart of it you
relive all those emotions that you have to deal with European and now I think
we’re better set up for the challenge by a few minutes and they don’t count

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