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Importance of Survival Skills

Black Survival: Eternal Return Game Rule guide (English Subtitles)

Black Survival: Eternal Return Game Rule guide (English Subtitles)

Your goal in Black Survival: Eternal Return is to become the last one standing. Here is a guide to your survival and to try to remain the last one! You can choose your starting weapon at the loading screen. Your recommended areas change depending on the starting weapon you choose. You can choose any starting area you want. The first restricted areas are set 3 minutes after the match starts. You can check the next restricted areas on the map. If you stay in a restricted area, a 30 seconds timer starts. If the timer reaches 0, you immediately die. A temporary safe zone is designated in the last restricted area. The timer is not activated inside the temporary safe zone. Starting from the second wave of restricted areas, one air supply box will arrive in each area. You can check the location of the air supplies on the minimap and whole map. You can find various items necessary for your survival inside the air supplies. A notice appears on the minimap for actions such as searching, crafting, or fighting. Be careful, enemies close to you can also see this notice. This was the guide for Black Survival: Eternal Return game rule. Get acquainted with the rules and become the last one standing! Good luck! -Let there be glory to the pawns who reach the end of despair-

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