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BEST CAMP EVER! Wild camping & landscape photography – Glyder Fach Snowdonia

BEST CAMP EVER! Wild camping & landscape photography – Glyder Fach Snowdonia

we’re not going up tryfan but made it to trifid I’m pretty happy with
that um um I’m close enough for one day oh where we go now we’re walking up to
Glyder Fach we’re going to do a wall camp and some
landscape photography Glyder Fach in Snowdonia I’m with Grant at the minute
who and we’re meeting a few with us hopefully later on I’ll say later on
they’re probably beating us to the top of the mountain so we’re going to meet
Eilir and another Gareth potentially and maybe even Nick that you’re on so as
a few of us hopefully going to make a night of it but absolutely epic epic
whether it’s just perfect really really tough climb coming up the yeah Pen Y Gwryd okay I love to write
that down and yeah it was a difficult walk but quite as maybe because of the
heat it was a really really nice walk but stunning stunning views get really
really warm so we’re pretty much got to we’ve done the difficult bit we’re gonna
head towards Glyder Fach now and find a camp spot I’m invested it
walk in pause I’ve actually saved me coming up the thing they do take the
pressure off your legs really really good investment but yeah now look at
that absolutely epic views around here insane so you’re gonna get set up and go
fair a few hours before before sunsets it’s about saying that seven o’clock now
is you’ve got two hours before sunset and it’s gonna be a good-un! castell y gwynt I’ve got it
right right I said it right I got it right and we beat earlier that was
pretty much as important to get as getting here was beating ideas at the
top foul Nick on the way up so that’s good and oh what an epic evening I’m so
excited to be here tonight because today I’ve never been to Glyder Fach before
always wanted to try it a few times to climb up I’m so chuffed!
I’m absolutely really really tough and look at the light I mean you probably
can’t see anything cuz it’s super super bright but the light is just epic on
we’re gonna gonna take a few snaps now and then we’re going to find but
probably just gonna be pitching the tent down there so not far at all
yeah make a mega chuffed to be here it’s gonna be an amazing evening the mist
coming over over this side is all insane really really tough climb but well worth
it superb right then some look at this look at that absolutely superb superb
and we want the best evenings I’ve ever had the light is just sort of yeah get
forget this get the camera out get a quick snap I think we’re about an hour
before sunset and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get some awesome light tonight
obviously it’s very big misty but yeah it’s gonna be awesome
there’s some nice nice cloud lighting up with the Sun Goes Down a bit more but
the side light on cast lovely Gwen is absolutely stunning
mega mega happy this is absolutely stunning the light is
finally catching the side of castle went and it’s unbelievable getting a bit of
mist over there as well so I’ve set the camera to a vertical pan oh just panning
across f-16 as well because I want a bit of a starburst over there the star the
Sun is coming around through there absolutely epic it’s just unbelievable
we really need to get a tent set up and I’ve got about 45 minutes before the
sun probably disappears beyond the mountain but it’s it’s unbelievable
Ilia and gaza I’ve turned up as well so yeah it’s gonna be an amazing evening as
far as settings go I’ve taken the polarizer off because I’ve decided not
to get the filters out just to do it with the pano just to get a bracketed
three stop bracket so taking three different exposures at f-16 focusing
about probably 10 15 metres into the scene yeah using the tripod level on the
top of the the midges are that time on top of the the tripod just to give us a
make sure the camera is perfectly steady it’s a it’s good is it I think it’s
really really the light was coming through really really nicely lighting up
the foreground so hopefully that will come out really really nice you never
you can never tell with a pano can yeah until you get back and
look at it why why did I crop that off no it’s gonna be good
anyway get set up on a scene set look at this sunset absolutely frigging
incredible the light is it but unbelievable I mean
it’s got well probably only got back 20 minutes before the Sun actually goes
down I’ve got this lovely mist forming down there absolutely incredible I’ve
just done a selfie on that rock over there had to be done okay looking at to
the Sun over there and you’ve got lovely cloud or fog wrap itself you see that
around the mountain there as well I’m a fantastic time I’m you set the tent up
yeah I need to get that done but that’s just too nice a lot is just absolutely
incredible yeah I’m gonna get a couple of shots
here wait for the Sun to go down just behind that mountain then and I think
we’ll get a few more photographs here layering over there that fantastic
unbelievable I’ve no words have no words unbelievable it starting to go a little bit cold
now so yeah you can come feel can feel the difference but thankfully no midges doing a little dance were you? haha
about a half hour before going to get the tent up I think sit here wait for this
light to go down a little bit more take it in because where the tents going to
be over down down the other side so we won’t off it’ll be in the shade down
there so before sunrise we probably have to leg it up and go the sooner I was
over that side in there all right okay so yeah sunrise is just over there Oh amazing this light is incredible the Sun is just
about to set over there but let’s get got some lovely mist moving around the
mountains now and it’s really really awesome sky starts to go orange it’s
absolutely fantastic so my tripod has just died on me unfortunately it’s just
flippin locked up it won’t move so I’m having to borrow grants tripod so I can
take this shot and I’ve got the camera with a 1655 lens on there f/8 focusing
on there at far mountain range there and it’s giving me ISO 200 s give me 8 80th
of a second so yeah make sure the body stabilizes it off yep okay bad a bit but
it’s absolutely breathtaking gorgeous gorgeous evening yeah just gonna crop
into that area there there was there was that cloud which is kind of dispersed
now but it was a bit of a cloud moving around there which was hoping was gonna
linger a little bit yeah yeah got some nice images here I think absolutely brilliant what an amazing
trip this has been first time camping on top of the glitter park and managed to
get some astrophotography in as well I’m with two were my three experts in a show
photography so we’re not my strongest subjects at all but it was really really
good managed to get the Milky Way my first-ever Milky Way photograph
absolutely really I’m delighted that see yeah just add the camera I tried with
the the manual focus some young lens folks F to aperture I’m now could excuse
me f/2 aperture just focus to infinity it
was difficult to make sure that was sharp but yeah really really good the
image seemed to come out well got all four of us on the cantilever stone so
take Steve only ever seen in photographs it was absolute amazing to see it myself
yeah we’re going to head over back over that way for sunrise tomorrow morning so
I’ll make that a separate video so this one isn’t like two hours long but yeah
thanks so much for watching hope you enjoy the photographs it’s been
absolutely amazing trip you never forget it really really good so well yeah
hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some more good good photography in as well but
till then I’ll see you all would say them put a link up there to the next no
up there up there to the next video but thanks so much for watching drop a
comment let me know what you think of the photographs any tips on our shoe
photography would be absolutely very much welcome and see you again soon
thanks for watching take it

81 thoughts on “BEST CAMP EVER! Wild camping & landscape photography – Glyder Fach Snowdonia

  • Great video Gareth this looked like an amazing camping trip. Stunning light as the sun was setting. I loved your shots, and images from the other lads were wonderful as well, cheers mate!

  • What an amazing experience Gareth, you had the perfect conditions for what must be one of the best photographic locations in Britain – I’m so Jealous! Really looking forward to part 2, your pics were top notch?

  • A wonderful camp , and those night shots just stunning . I keep trying for these shots but it always clouds up on me ! atb Dave

  • Hi Gareth. Sitting here watching your video on a very wet South Wales Sunday morning 🙁 Looks like you guys had a great time in the Glyders. Love your sunset images of Castell Y Gwynt. Really pleased you got the Cantilever Stone astro shot – it's a belter ! It's hard to describe how great wild camping in Snowdonia is but you've captured the exhilaration perfectly. Really enjoyed this Gareth. Looking forward to part two. Many thanks for sharing. P.S Did you get the tripod sorted?

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    You surely get the most of what mother nature gives you.Gorgeous and great idea for making the milky way photo very interesting with the headlamps and the 4 of you guys.Great vision

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  • Epic photo's. Paul Johnson a fellow Podiatrist of mine and a fellow You Tuber of yours, recommends Avon skin so soft for your problem with the midges. Or flying teeth as he alludes to them. You will smell wonderful, not sure what your camping mates will say!!!!!

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  • Amazing location! Wish I wasn’t terrified of heights! I’ve already commented on one of the shots you posted from this trip! I knocked my socks off!!! Stunning. Really enjoyed this episode. Great work, thanks Gareth. I’m getting chocked watching it. So so beautiful!

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  • Like a kid in a candy store you were – and I am jealous. Some great images and you had fun doing it, well done!

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  • Gareth, very nice video with the sunset and the night shots …
    Quite interesting images with the "noctilucent clouds" I have not see it before.

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    I've heard how important it is to get a person in the shot for perspective, and this really suits that shot well with the backpack, very nice!

    So how much do you reckon your pack weighed in total?

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  • Really enjoyed this and you have a new sub, I have been up on a morning and did get a good sunrise, think I’ll be going back to camp next time??
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  • Hi Gareth I love this vlog. I'm heading up to The Glyders this weekend for my first wild camp. I'll also be taking my Fuji (XT2) and was only going to take my Samyang (for Astro) and the 16-55 but you've convinced me to take the 50-140mm as well!! I've not decided where to park and walk from. Where did you park? Which route up did you take?

  • I love your enthusiasm for photography and coupled with wild camping and climbing what a fantastic set of photographs you have come back with. I trained in this area in 1981 before going to the Alps and it brings back many happy memories. Thanks.

  • Gareth,Awesome vid mate and fantastic phot's, I'm just trying to understand photography and these vid's are truly inspirational, I just got the Samyang f2 to try catch the Milky way next year plus Im only about 90mins away so defo a doer, Again well done,congratulations on some great work,love your enthusiasm man, Liked and subbed ,

  • Really enjoyed this video Gareth. I absolutely love the location and especially the astro shots. Not many spots like that in Australia where I come from. All the best. Richard

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