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Importance of Survival Skills

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Collect Rain Water

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Collect Rain Water

Now I’ve showed you all different types of
ways to find water and distill water. But in a lot of survival situations sometimes
you can’t find water. So one good thing is to rely on the elements. Now if it’s really
cloudy and it’s looking like there’s a storm, I’ve Jerry rigged right here a tarp that I’m
going to catch water in. So that I can drink this for later. So the way that I’ve done
this is I’ve got my tarp that I keep in my survival pack and I’ve had some of this para
chord that I’ve rigged up here to a tree ok. Now I’m going to do the same knots as my bow
and arrow and snare lessons. So go look at that and it will show you how to make the
knots that I have right here. Now the concept of this is when the rain falls it’s going
to catch in here andI brought up two ends so it all comes down to one central point.
Now at the bottom here I have my little pan ok. This is where I’m going to be catching
the water in ok. Now so that I don’t have to worry about this, I got a rock right here,
lets put that right there and that’s going to allow for all the water to fall in and
be trapped right here and then later I can put it into water bottles and stuff like that,
for when I actually need a bunch of water. So that’s how you make a tarp to catch all
your water, there’s many different ways that you can do this, let’s move on to the next

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