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Basic Exercise Plans : How to Build Exercise Endurance

Hi I’m Les Whitley. I’d like to take a few
moments to talk to you about improving your exercise endurance. Most people when they
start off you’ll find that it takes a little while for you to build up that level of endurance
for you to complete the same level of intensity from the start of your exercise session to
the end. Time is of the essence when you are starting an exercise routine as you want to
get the most out of the time that you put into it. By improving your endurance levels
you can go harder for a longer amount of time and improve the level of your results. Exercise
endurance comes in frequency, intensity and time. The general principle. Frequency many
days as possible. Ideally three, five up to seven days depending on the intensity of the
exercise. Intensity level, starting off where you feel comfortable, gradually pushing those
limits for improving. Don’t over do it too soon as that can cost you a big set back.
Time, when improving endurance levels, time is important. Shoot for your exercise sessions
and go for time. You can take a normal strength training routine or exercise and add a time
component so that you are doing it for seconds as opposed to repetition. The normal bench
press is done for thirty seconds as opposed to eight to ten repetitions can mean a huge
difference in your level of endurance. A body weight squat instead of repetitions, think
about doing it for a set amount of time. Gradually adding these things into your training routine
will not only improve your endurance but improve your ability to maintain this long term.

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