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Barrett 50 Cal Review | Special Forces Sniper Locker | Tactical Rifleman

Barrett 50 Cal Review | Special Forces Sniper Locker | Tactical Rifleman

all right we’re out here with Dave Davis
we’re going to talk about one of my personal favorites that the Barrett 50
Cal I love this gun I got a lot of time behind it overseas I’m here to tell you
this thing is it’s a work of art Dave, tell us about this break it down for me. First of all if you don’t have the market cornered there I love this gun I
fired the first one of these guns Mr. Ronnie Barrett standing over my shoulder
getting ready for Desert Storm and I’ve shot it many many times in many
different locations since then love this gun you know fighting in the Middle East
our vehicles our platforms we can’t venture too far from them but you can
take this gun run to the roof of a house and now you have basically anti-vehicle
and light skinned armored capability at your fingertips love this gun
a 50 Cal the ammo is all over the battlefield NATO standard as well as
ours you can always get it love this gun man portable we just spoke jumpable
collapse this thing down two pins drop it in a modified nicely come out of the
bird get my lower that sucker drop on the ground put it back together
two pins drop the magazines and you’re an operation I’ve actually seen guys
patrol and carry this thing the whole package deal loads under 40 pounds
that’s comparable to a machine gun but look at the capability gives you Definitely Excellent weapon system 50 Cal multitude of ammo is everything
from tracer to incinerator to armor-piercing and this is a
game-changer on a battlefield my personal favorite the raffis still
listed as API single single made comes individually stocked in the can it’s
easily the most accurate 50 Cal ammo I’ve ever run through it pet an
explosive in it does wonders on a little better when pickup truck. Speaking of the
Rothfuss rounds what other shoulder-fired weapons going to give you
this range? Your AT fours your laws your Carl Gustaf Definitely not your old 90s? The 57s? The
old old 106s you can take this thing carry it into battle Bedouin vehicles a
mile away you can have them for lunch Now not just Bedouin vehicles but
how about if we wanted to go not necessarily hard targets but expensive targets? How about a helicopters? How about sitting aircraft on the tarmac?
How about sitting a mile away with this in a position perceived outside the
security perimeter of an airbase somewhere overseas and how the vehicles
Karl: Outside the mine field Dave: through the outside the minefields and I have those little
aircraft whether it be fixed or jet and put me a couple rounds of that Rothfuss
round in each one that’s not only very devastating but very cost effective
very cost effective It’s what it’s designed for yes anti-materiel rifle but I’ll tell you what when it comes to pounding away at targets two kilometers
away you’re just not going to find a better weapon it’s over in the Horn of
Africa and we had a seal platoon attached to us they had their McMillan
single-shot 50 cals and they had some match grade ammo and they would pull
their bolt out hook it on the face put it in and yes they were shooting a much
more accurate weapon however we put the target out there and with this ten round
magazine I’m able to thump Rothfuss rounds as fast as I can pull the trigger
and by the end of our little demonstration our little competition
they were nodding their head saying you’re right we got to get us some
Barrett’s Dave: Same horn Africa you got aircraft flying around at that time you
have the choice of your door guns or rockets what do you got in between when
you have that little Toyota truck down there with a 14.5 88 against it in the
back so it physically mount these on the aircraft with straps and we would
effectively engage those vehicles that’s Dave: that which what we had available to us
Karl: now you’ve got time behind this in Somali Dave: absolutely Karl: just that I’m not
going to bust them out and tell them the story about the shell casing coming out
of your gun and going up into the rotor Karl: blades I’m not going to do that Dave: well it wasn’t rotor
blades it was a front windshield and there’s a Canadian aircraft but anyway we we up
the sales of Toyota vehicles at the dealership they’re in Somalia for a
while because this was very devastating on the very technical vehicles guys love
this weapon systems what you can do it Dave: day we can do at night there you go
Karl: the first uns is that came out the first generation they would not take the 50
Cal recoil it would tear them up but these new generations of them they can
handle recoil of 50 Cal just fine Dave: the newer generations as part of the
prerequisites for them to be able to capability to handle that recoil Karl: now
back I’m showing my age to again back in the Horn of Africa we didn’t have decent
night vision to run before that so I ran a thermal sight the old past 13 that was
made for the MA deuce and well it didn’t look too pretty at night crystal clear
and with Rothfuss rounds you’re actually seeing the little explosions in on
thermal it’s a beautiful thing you find mammals line up the crosshairs on it and
it’s to me it’s just the most beautiful thing in the world Rothfuss rounds going
off inside of even if it’s a four-legged goat it’s still a beautiful thing I’m gonna tell you right now on the today’s battlefield there’s nothing more
resourceful than a u.s. GI how about no night vision capability with a spotter behind you and shooting nothing but tracers out of this gun and then walking
them onto your target absolutely you do what you got to do you do what you got
to do in tracers also baby such a little fire downrange Karl: that they will that they will Dave: absolutely
Karl: all right now Dave this scopes not as sexy as a lot of the new scopes like
you’re running on a PSR they got the tremor too and as far as dialing in data
on this I heard you came up with a really really sexy new way to do it with
the reticle and I want you to break it down for us because this is freaking
ingenius Dave: well let’s first talk about what you just talked about this is a
four and a half by 14 mil dot scope second focal plane therefore the reticle
stays the same size and the target Rises and shrinks as you go through the power
so they’re not correspondent in size and all power and it has a quarter inch
click we’re talking a 50 Cal gun it’s going to go out there past a mile plus
with quarter clicks come on the reason Karl: Spin that thing all day long Dave: the reason is
then you’re going to run out of Traverse the reason is this would come with a
little ballistic computer put out by barrett that manufacture your gun the BORS
Barrett Optical Ranging System but the army and their infinite wisdom purchased
the guns without it so I was forced to kind of come up with a concept so what
we did was I let you keep that one for your personal records what I come up
with is old-school battle sight zero Karl: okay Dave: looking at the mil dot reticle a
total of 10 mils in there plus with a build a little dolly
capability and Battlefield zeros and same guns same scope same mounting
system is all gun so it works across so I zero the gun and then I come up with
amount of clicks and everything it tooks to battle fight to zero so I can walk up
any one of these standard-issue guns with the standard scope and everything
bottom it all the way out go up exactly three and a half revolutions go to my
windage go all the way to my left come back exactly three revolutions easy to
remember three and a half by three and that gives me my top mil dot in exactly
a 500 meter zero then I use the remaining nine mil dots is hold off and
the unique thing about the ammo in our inventory from the Rothfuss to the
standard m33 ball they’re all within 15 grains of each other and very very
similar to Karl: trajectory is the same Dave: they’re almost exactly with exception only exception is
is the black tip 750 round and extremely rare to get and you got to be on the
other side of fence to see that definitely but now I’m able to take this
gun walk up do my battle sight zero have a
gun it’s effective out to 1250 meters Karl: now Dave we know we want to shoot this
thing way past 1200 meters Dave: I had a feeling you’re going to say that what if
I took this indexed additional revolutions and able to get me some
additional data Karl: ahh I like how you think Dave: and I go up two revolutions that’s a total of thirty
minutes but it lands on my zero again so I added two minutes so when I crank that
up two revolutions plus two minutes it’s 32 minutes I see two index and two to me
tells the operator you’re on your second revolution and now I can go out to a
mile away Karl: all right now you just listening to him talk real fast for the
last 90 seconds about how to do that sounds complicated trust me from the guy
who’s had his brain rattled around from this muzzle break for hundreds and
hundreds of rounds that’s very very easy to do and now you’re able to reach all
the way out to 1500 meters that’s insane that we can do this as simple as Dave’s
little cheat sheet that he dialed up and what you put on a gun that’s crazy now
you just make this up for us to use here or have other people actually checked it
and said this really works and if they adopted it Dave: how does it work
number of years ago got a phone call presented with this problem which
facilitated me to go find us a curious area in a secure phone to talk to these
individuals that were over the pond and they presented a series of problems to
me i sat down with every ballistic program I had available to me taking a
good hard look at the system come up with several different tried and trued
ways and going out on a range and physically doing it this is what we come
out with it was so simplistic it was easy and it was very effective and this
has been used overseas many many times and been adopted by several DoD entities
as putting after their students as well Karl: good enough for these schools good
enough for these units that are competing because there are units
competing using this system this ain’t Billy Bob making this stuff up to just
use in his backyard this is sound sound guidance sound techniques that you can
use to reach out there with your Barrett Dave what else what are we missing on
this thing Dave: get one you got to have one Karl:definitely Dave: this is an overlooked weapon system you
can take this thing out under 40 pounds you can run up to the roof and you got
anti-vehicle capability at your population can pull choke point your
checkpoints you can this is a good good good system night vision capability long
range capability ammo and inventory 10-round magazines this is a very very
valuable weapon system on a current battlefield Karl: all right now you got the
bottomless checkbook you can go out buy these things all day long you’re not
gonna hit nothing with them what it takes is the knowledge knowing all this
learning from subject matter experts like Dave knowledge is power knowledge
is that tool that’s going to push you above all the rest of your peers
knowledge is the best weapon Dave thanks man I’m here for you here for you

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