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Balance of Power (Improving on History) | WoW Achievement Guide

Hello everyone! My name is Gandalin and welcome to another World of Warcraft guide. Today I’ll be showing you how to complete the Legion artifact achievement called “Improving on History.” This achievement asks you to complete the “Balance of Power” quest line to unlock a new appearance for your artifact. Let me start by saying that this video will include spoilers for this quest line, so if you want to experience it on your own, then please stop the video here. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started. Earning this achievement and artifact appearance will require you to complete a long quest line that sends you into several Mythic dungeons as well as the Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold raids on Normal difficulty or higher. The first chunk of quests deals with an ancient elven artifact and the Emerald Nightmare. The first quest is called “The Power Within” and can be picked up from an Image of Kalec in your order hall. He will show up at some point after you have finished your order hall campaign and ask you to complete the “Defending Azurewing Repose” storyline in Azsuna. If you’ve already completed this story, he will simply ask you to meet him at the Azurewing Repose. Once you talk to him there, he’ll send you into Mythic Eye of Azshara to obtain the Heart of Zin-Azshari, the artifact you will use to help empower your weapon. Return to Kalec at the Azurewing Repose with the Heart, and you will get three more quests to complete. The first asks you to recover a Corrupted Essence from Mythic Darkheart Thicket. The second asks you to get a Vainglorious Draught from Veridis Fallon, the Court of Farondis quartermaster in Azsuna. And the third asks you to accumulate 30 Blood of Sargeras. Bloods can be acquired from most content in the game: gathering professions with rank 2 skills, disenchanting Legion gear, some World Quests, Emissary Caches, and Heroic and Mythic dungeons all have chances to give you Bloods. If you’re Revered with the Wardens, you can get the Boon of the Bloodhunter, a shoulder enchant that gives you a chance to loot a bag of Blood from mobs. This quest may take a little while, but if you keep at it you’ll have enough Bloods in no time. Once you acquire these items, you’ll perform a ritual to absorb the power of these objects into your artifact. Next up you’ll be heading to the Emerald Nightmare raid. Kalec gives you two quests to acquire some items from the raid bosses. These quests must be completed on Normal difficulty or higher, so you won’t be able to use LFR. One of the quests wants you to collect 30 Corrupted Essences from the bosses, which means you’ll have to run the raid over the course of several weeks. Originally the Essences were not guaranteed drops, but as a February 14th, Blizzard changed it so that each boss will drop at least one, if not more Essences. Once you get all the items from Emerald Nightmare, you’ll again channel their power into your artifact. The next part of the quest line deals with the Moon Guard of Suramar. Kalec will ask you to save them by completing the “Moon Guard Stronghold” quest line. This is part of Good Suramaritan, so if you need help finding the beginning of it, head over to my guide for that achievement. If you’ve already completed this story, by the time you finish the Nightmare quests, then Kalec will simply ask to see you in Shal’Aran, where the surviving Moon Guard are staying. After you talk to Kalec in Shal’Aran, you’ll get a quest from the Moon Guard that asks you to obtain an ancient scroll from the Nightfallen. Thalyssra has the item, which she will sell to you once you are Revered with her faction. The scroll will cost 127 gold and 50 silver at Revered, or 120 gold at Exalted. Once you return the scroll to them, the Moon Guard will give three quests to complete. They each need an item to help them empower your artifact. These items are obtained by completing the Vault of the Wardens, the Arcway, and the Court of Stars on Mythic difficulty. Return to the Moon Guard in Shal’Aran with the items they need and they will ask you to do one more thing before they perform the ritual. They want you to go to Faronaar in Azsuna, collect portal fragments, summon and defeat an Eredar, and bring his bindings back to them. The Eredar you summon is quite tough, so you’ll probably need a group to deal with him. When you return to Shal’Aran and hand over the bindings, the Moon Guard will attempt to empower your artifact, but something goes wrong, and the ritual fails, nearly killing you, and almost destroying the Heart in the process. To try and protect the Heart from fel magic, Kalec suggests obtaining Odyn’s blessing, which is the next chunk of the quest line. He asks you to meet him at the Vault of Eyir, in Stormheim. When you arrive, you’ll have to prove your worth to the Valarjar, meaning that you’ll need to reach Revered refutation with them. Doing all the story quests in Stormheim will get you to Honored. From there, do World Quests in Stormheim and Valarjar Emissary Quests to reach Revered. Once that’s done, Ashildir will ask you to retrieve Odyn’s shield from Mythic Maw of Souls. Return to her once you have it, and she will give you two more quests to prepare a feast to offer Odyn. For the feast you’ll need to collect meat from three specific mobs: Thunderhorn in Stormheim, Spinesever in Highmountain, and Leytusk in Azsuna. You’ll also need to venture into Mythic Neltharion’s Lair to collect some Adamantium Casing Scraps to use as a dish. After you give the items to Ashildir, she’ll prepare the feast for you, and send you into Mythic Halls of Valor. Place the feast at the beginning of the instance, and Odyn will grant you his blessing at the end. From here, Kalec will ask you to meet him back at Shal’Aran. The Heart is ready to withstand the power of the Legion, and you’ll be heading into the Nighthold for the final part of the quest line. After you arrive in Shal’Aran, you’ll pick up the first two Nighthold quests. One will ask you to select 20 Nightshards from the raid bosses on Normal difficulty or higher. These have a fairly high drop rate, so it shouldn’t take too many runs to get them. The second quest asks you to obtain items from defeating Trilliax and Grand Magistrix Elisande. After you return with those items, Kalec will send you after Gul’dan himself. Again, you must defeat him on Normal difficulty or higher. Once that’s done, Kalec will give you the quest “Balance of Power” and ask you to meet him at the Lunar Crucible, atop Moon Guard Stronghold. Take the portal from Shal’Aran to get there quicker. When you arrive, you will infuse your artifact for the final time. Hand in the quest back in Shal’Aran and you will unlock your new artifact appearance, along with the achievement “Improving on History.” Completing this quest line will unlock the Valorous appearance for all the artifacts on your character. However, at the moment, the unlock is not account-wide, so you would have to complete the entire quest line again if you want the artifact appearances on another character. Hopefully Blizzard will change this in the future, but there is no way to know for certain. So that’s it for this video! If this guide helped you, leave a comment down below, and give it a big thumbs up! Share this video with your friends, and let me know if there’s something you need help with. 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