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Backpacking Gear & Tips : Sun Protective Clothing for Camping & Backpacking

Talked a little bit about protecting yourself
in the sun, which is an important thing for us at Bill Jackson. Recently we lost a good
friend of ours, a general manager of the store, Chuck Owen, to skin cancer, and just want
to make sure people are thinking about it, keep that sun off of them, because it can
really do yourself some damage later on in life. When you’re thinking about sun protective
clothing, I know it seems odd, but long sleeves. You know, put–cover that skin up on your
arms. But even in hot weather, long sleeves is not necessarily something that’s completely
out of the question. If you use a fabric that is breathable, and wicks moisture and dries
quickly. I actually do my yard work in shirts very similar to this one, to keep the sun
off of me, and to stay relatively cool. Also, don’t forget your hat, and the places that
you can’t get, sunscreen with a high SPF. If you have any more questions about sun protective
clothing, contact your local outfitter, give them a holler.

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