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Importance of Survival Skills

Baby Survival GONE WRONG | MyCraft Family Minecraft Survival [Ep.2]

Baby Survival GONE WRONG | MyCraft Family Minecraft Survival [Ep.2]

Jess: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY- THEY’VE DONE SOMETHING CRAZY!!!!!! Jason: What… What happened? I’m kind of… like hanging… Jess: They- They made…
Jess here, and today I am joined by Jason!
HIII!!!! Jason: Honey! Honey! Honey!
It’s time to get the kids up Jess: What’s up? What? Jason:Come on! Come on! It’s time to get the kids up! Jess: Alright!
I’m coming! I’m coming! Jason: Wait, wait, wait,
We need to get them breakfast first though Ummm… Ummm… Ummm… We have a lot to give breakfast for them Uh…I’ve got a watermelon Okay, follow me, follow me Jess: Alright, alrighty Jason: So today, I have planned that were gonna go out, and teach the kids how to gather materials because, right now… we-we don’t have a bedroom so, we’re-we’re gonna need- Jess: yeah Jason: -materials to build a bedroom for us and-and then maybe fix up their room because right now it’s made out of fence and-and slabs and- Jess: I think they can hear us Jason: If thats gonna do- but I’m whispering. Jess: Yeah, but still. Jason: Anyways- what I’m thinking is I will make- Jess: There’s no wall… Jason: -We’ll make a couple of tools like axes and pickaxes and stuff Umm… Jess: *whispers* I think he heard us Jason: *whispers* Blue it’s not-uhh… Jason~Senpai: umm Jason~Senpai: Hi Blue.. Jason~Senpai: *wispers* Good morning, is your sister up? *Blue Kawaii nods his head no (eee!!)* Jess~sama: Oh, she’s not? Jason~Senpai: So, let’s go and see… Jason~Senpai: let’s get your sister up Jason~Senpai: Good morning Flower! Jess~Sama: Good morning! Jason~Senpai: Mommy and Daddy brought breakfast for you guys Jason~Senpai: so…so Jason~Senpai: unfortunately we don’t have a lot… Jason~Senpai: but we have some watermelon (these kids are living off of watermelon) Jason~Senpai: and it’s tasty so you guys can have that for your breakfast this morning Jess~sama: YAY! *Jess laughs* Jason: Uh, Blue…give the watermelon to your sister. Uh no.. don’t push, don’t push. There we go, and you guys can sit down and eat that Jess: Aww.. Jason: Okay, so today guys we’re gonna go and we’re gonna learn… how to cut down trees because Mommy and Daddy don’t have a bedroom, and Daddy had to sleep on the couch …so… so… we-we don’t want that anymore, we want you guys to have big bedroom and we wanna fix up the wall so that- so that-that you-you dont have to deal with fences anymore. So we’re gonna learn how cut down trees, so follow Daddy and Mommy Jess: come on! Whoops! I stepped on their bed *Jess laughs* Alrighty Oh, Wait where are you guys going? You gotta go downstairs, go follow Daddy. Go follow Daddy. Oh I see Okay, alright Blue. Oh, Good Boy, coming prepared. Alright, Go ahead step out. I got you from behind, there we go, alright. Here they are. Jason: Okay so Daddy has to make some tools cause I-I really don’t have anything in terms of like axes or pickaxes So Daddy’s gonna make some tools then we are gonna go outside, we’re gonna learn, so right now, Mommy can you watch the kids while Daddy does this. Jess: Yes, I can, and I will teach them things they need to know. Alright, so you two follow me really quick we’re gonna go up these stairs I wanna show you something that your gonna need to know. So this is a birch sapling… now what it does is it grows into a birch tree and it makes beautiful wood at-that you’ve never seen before and it’s really pretty. It’s actually a very nice plant. So, There we go So just to let you know that that is what your looking for we’re not looking for the sapling, but we’re looking for the big tree, they look like this kinda loggish thing right here. Alright were gonna chopping those down-not this one-but like the other ones that are outside so when we go outside will be chopping down those trees and we would show you how to do that yeah, don’t chop this one down I see that look NO No No We don’t do that okay? But remember if you see one of those trees-like-the bright light one with the pretty leaves those are really good.. okay? Okay. Alrighty, so we’re gonna go outside now umm… how’s it going? Jason: Umm… almost done almost done.. Jess: Alright.. so were gonna go outside and were gonna learn about a little…uuhhh…I’m gonna take down this sign mmmm…there we go alright so were gonna learn about chopping down tree… oh wait were did Blue go- oh there he is Jason: Alright, alright so I just finished and I have an iron axe but this is for Mommy and not for you two because, *(whispering) I don’t wanna give the kids anything that could hurt them* ok yeah so, did you get it? Jess: uuuuhhhhhh Blue? oh ok hahahaha that scared me… Jason: however, for the kids, I can give you guys instead of an axe because that’s super dangerous… I can give you guys a stick Jess:wow, oh- here-here you go there there’s a sti-uhhh Jason:there’s so many sticks ok everyone’s got a stick so with these we gotta remember safety… we don’t swing around we can use it to cut down the trees we don’t hit people with it ok? Jess: We don’t hit people OR animals Jason: Flower, Blue do you guys understand? ok Blue -.- oh, you’re looking at the wheat? I know though- it’s growing-oh, oh, oh oh well, well this is all grown I mean it is all grown but… we use wheat to make bread but right now where gonna farm the trees or gather the trees, farm trees… were gonna gather the trees and we get the wood to make the rest of the house ok? and we learn about gather later Come on Blue! Alright so were gonna go this way ’cause I saw some trees over here Jess: Okay. Alrighty. Jason: Alright watch out for the sheep and the animals ok? we don’t hit them because they might hurt you Jess:mhm and it will be really bad Jason: This is the infamous pink sheep one day Jess:(it’s purple)Jason: in many years ago it’s, it’s kind of pinkish-purple it’s like a magenta ok? Ok let’s not-(Jess:it is purple) Jason: Ok, one day many~ years ago Mommy went crazy and dyed lots of sheep, and then those sheep had babies that also were dyed, and then we got some crazy rainbow sheep everywhere. then that’s the end of the story Jess:it was really bad~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ha, ha, ha, ha Jason: Alright, so were gonna learn how to cut down a tree. Uh don’t- don’t- Blue be careful be careful Blue don’t-don’t please… Ok so.. so kids this is a tree we cut it down with the axe or our stick.. and we gather the logs and then when we’re done gathering the tree it disappears… Jess: *Gasp* Magic! Jason: And we gather all the random stuff that falls from the tree beacause you never know when your gonna need… an oak sappling or.. branch or.. I guess we didn’t get any apples this time. But sometimes they drop apples. Ok? Jess: Mmhm… Jason: Oh! You got one! Jess:*Gasp* Jason:And we can use the apple to eat And that’s a steak? Where did you get a steak? Blue where did you get a steak? Jess:UHH? I think he was in the fridge. Jason: Oh, okay, I was hoping that- that he- O-okay good, good. I was worried that you did something to one of the cows In front of the house. You didn’t -you didn’t do anything to the cow in front of the house? be- because that’s Daddy’s cow, ok? Ok? So now what we can do is we can go around this area and gather some wood OK?

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