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BABY BIGFOOT Found at 3AM Exploring ABANDONED Tunnel!! (Sasquatch)

BABY BIGFOOT Found at 3AM Exploring ABANDONED Tunnel!! (Sasquatch)

guys this might be the most insane thing
we have ever done slogan I’m uh see anything if I come back in okay keep it
on the cheap think Jake just left it’s been about 15
minutes since Jake was here and I’m pretty sure that was Bigfoot like I’m a
hundred percent sure something just hit Jake and then he went running after it
and now I’m alone in the middle of a snowstorm and it’s
really freaky like there’s a lot of noises in the woods
he left the iPad here which does have a tracking system to Bigfoot so like I
said Jake’s been out there for about 15 minutes and he could be in a lot of
trouble I replayed the footage on this camera and I just saw something hit him
I don’t think that was an animal space camp is now a mess and this operation is
now a complete mess I gotta go find Jake before it’s too late this is actually crazy I don’t know
anyone who’s ever done this before it’s almost 3:00 a.m. no sign of Jake
and we’re in as crazy blizzard right now so soon as I came out of the tent
I saw footprints like a lot of footprints I think in order to find Jake
we have to follow these footprints to wherever he is also being alone in the
woods at pretty much 3 a.m. is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done I
don’t think I’ve ever said this but I wish I was in the tent right now eating
an MRE and you guys know how gross MREs are the tents just over there and boy do
I wish I was in it you guys there’s footsteps over here let’s keep following
them and I’ll update you when I find Jake we’re getting closer it looks like
someone fell here wait guys Jake Jake I have never been happier to see
you oh I got completely lost in this blizzard man I couldn’t see a thing
wherever you going I was tracking looking I think that was a Bigfoot but
there’s nothing else that thing could have been who’s tracking him along here
I got this far and then got completely lost from the camp I’ve been trying to
make my way back you saw right you saw what was on here whatever that thing was
it was big and it was hairy if it is Bigfoot Logan this is our chance to
prove to the world and the viewers that Bigfoot is real
do you know what time it is no idea but it has to be getting close to 3:00 a.m.
now’s our chance all right we could we can find out where this thing’s nest is
we can we can follow it were this close to proving to the world that it’s real
keep it Jake even if we find Bigfoot or whatever that thing is what are we gonna
do I don’t know document it film it die my post I’m taking 100 forums okay and
get a bunch of credit on there but the point is Logan we are this close we’re
in the middle of a blizzard we have never been this far to proving Bigfoot’s
real and yeah I might suck right now yeah we’re gonna have to eat some snow
that’s okay that’s okay here passed the iPad look we can follow
him bring the iPod the iPad that’s fine I’m starving I need some food here we’ll
find our way back to camp we’ll grab the iPod and track where he is we’ll make
way from camp towards his last location if it is through a.m. we should be able
to find his nest there’s no time to be making snow angels
this is the opposite of time to be made in fact there was a better time it would
be any time but now alright guys I don’t know what the
symptoms of hypothermia are but Logan might in fact have some of them or he
just gets weird when he’s scared all right look we need to find our way back
Logan do you know our way back from here well I think we just need to follow the
footsteps alright let’s follow the footsteps maker
went home to camp and buddy I’m gonna be treating you to the best MRE we’ve ever
had well I’m glad to hear that oh my
goodness this is very deep you can kind of see how I got lost everything looks
like snow everything it snow and I have snow in places snow should not be like
in between your toes yeah keep an eye on the woods though I
don’t want this thing creeping behind us and following us back home I think I found the tunnel so that means
the camp should just be along there Oh No okay wait hold up Jake yeah what what
like was that on the camera look if that was a real sighs Bigfoot you wouldn’t
have attacked me like that I think the viewers might be right that might have
been a a juvenile a small not like a baby but a learning Bigfoot I mean an
aggressive full-sized Bigfoot that would have ended extremely bad I think we
might be in for a surprise when we find this nest if we do find in this storm
gee yeah how is it in there snowing camp should be just along here we’re
basically taking a major shortcut how’s it going probably watching this at home
drinking a hot cup of cocoa yeah maybe in bed maybe we got the blankets on
wouldn’t mind a little like on the video as I’m in the middle of a blizzard would
be awesome guys thanks very much okay hey come on let’s go never seen this
much snow high camp should be just up here and it looks like the storm is not
letting up at all well there’s the tent it’s just up there well it’s not exactly drying you we
ain’t made it back into base camp welcome to base camp it’s a luxurious
billionaire fort in the middle of a blizzard in the middle of forest well
hunting Bigfoot I think right now we are gonna try and warm up get a little bit
warmer relax and once it gets closer to 3:00 a.m. that’s when we’re gonna track
down where Bigfoot’s nest is but we do have some dinner so for today we’re
gonna make it an MRE it is pork sausage like I said guys I’ve
never really been into MREs but in times like these they taste amazing our
appetizer tonight is grape jelly on bread you guys have never seen all again
this ain’t no oh man I’ve never been so happy so you can keep hearing things
outside yeah I did too we up some hash brown with bacon so I’m
gonna cook that up if you guys have never seen how an MRE works before it’s
really cool essentially you have this package here and when you pour water in
it it activates a special chemical that makes this as hot as an oven so these
hash browns and bacon will essentially cook in an oven outside and we’ll have a
nice warm meal in the middle of a forest in the middle of a blizzard let’s pour
the water in and get this thing cooking I’m excited for a nice warm dinner you
guys are brand new and I’ve never seen this eat one of these before they’re
actually pretty tasty and convenient and it can last for over a hundred years so
these things are really great rations cozy cozy for it and outside if I put
that out there while it cooks is an icy cold wind chill storm while that cooks
up I said we take a look at the iPad see if we can figure out where Bigfoot is so
the track could we put on Bigfoot was actually a really good tracker the app
that came with the tracker not so good basically it says we’re on top of
Bigfoot on top of that the iPad is for and over and is not working yeah we
don’t have an iPad everything in this tent is freezing in fact you guys are on
a new camera because our other camera froze Bigfoot is somewhere here we have
seen something I think at this point we just chill here until 3:00 a.m. and go
out exploring that’s about all we can do because all of our gear is frozen
the tracker app that I’m using is barely even working I mean we’re running on
fumes here guys dinner is cooked up it’s all nice and toasty and warm see the
steam coming off of it oh you know what it looks awful but it actually smells
pretty good I’m not gonna lie when you’re in the middle of the forest
surviving in a blizzard you’re a Bigfoot might be out there God
do what you gotta do we finished dinner and I just took a look at the clock and
it is currently 302 a.m. this is the hour all of you told us it was time to
go looking for Bigfoot and finding out where his nest is let’s gear up get
ready to brace the storm and go find ourselves Bigfoot check this out guys this logs Paul over
here but look it almost looks like like a palm print or something like someone
grabs on to this log extremely tall I mean it’s almost 7 feet tall the last
known location of where we spot a Bigfoot you hear that what was that I don’t know
satella girls come this way that’s that’s where’s the great we found with
the tunnel entrance with the bars that were mangled Jake out I don’t know about
this maybe maybe we go back we’re too close it started 3 a.m.
look the noise came from down here come on follow me this is by far the craziest
thing we have ever done check this out check this help we got
footprints here these are you see they’re going under the log here can’t
follow them do you know I think I see the creature we’ve been seeing I think
he’s sleeping right over there Thank You Silas yeah what is that try
again focus I can’t Logan what I think are you getting this
what is that what is that there’s another one it’s another one of those
things I don’t know them take me babies this this could be the nest this might
be the nest so what is that what are these things guys what are these things I’m trying to focus the storm ends so I
think this might be the nest if these are Bigfoot this this could be the nest
I don’t know Jake are the gorillas or something the gorillas are around here
guys what are these things I don’t know I don’t think say we get
closer I don’t think we there’s three of them just just be quiet keep your voice
down we don’t want to wake them wait this doesn’t make sense everyone in the
comments was saying that Bigfoot gets active at 3:00 a.m. this thing’s just
sleeping what are they to do not wolves they they don’t look
you hear that I think that might be the mom we should go we should go come on we
gotta go we gotta go right now listen will you guys figure that out I don’t
know what they are we need to go right now we gotta go right now we just
explore a bit more you take me just found these things we need to go if
that’s the mom it’s bigger than those things and it’ll be coming after us

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